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<gilesw> anyone here run linux in vmware?
<gilesw> i'm having a right borleg getting cut and paste to work
<Glombrg> gilesw i have...
<gilesw> heya
<gilesw> i've got 5.5 installed
<gilesw> it says c n paste is enabled
<gilesw> i'm not running desktop or anything
<Glombrg> not running what?
<gilesw> it's in text mode
<Glombrg> did you install the tools for the guest?
<gilesw> nopez thats what i'm looking at now
<gilesw> i didn't get it with my caugh copy
<Glombrg> without tools it will not work period
<Crazy|One> if I wanna install a game on wine, do the contents on cd have to be copied onto hd?
<Glombrg> there is an iso in the dir

<gilesw> :)
<Glombrg> that is tools
<gilesw> the other thing i saw the other day is those guys who are running osx on pc's
<gilesw> looks like they actually beat the protection
<dragonk> i have an image if osx tiger. havent tried it yet, but it's cracked
<gilesw> people have got it to work native
<dragonk> thats old news :)
<gilesw> yea i know that i just didn't know how many had
<gilesw> it works on a lot of different hardware
<dragonk> well you can torrent it easily enough. you need sse3 for some programs, i believe
<gilesw> and most of the main osx are becoming universal
<gilesw> it emulates sse3 now
<gilesw> aparently
<dragonk> oh?
<dragonk> well thats new info :)
<gilesw> there's a new leak a few days ago too
<gilesw> not cracked yet
<dragonk> i think apple want this. taking a page out of m$'s book.
<steg> ffs
<steg> did we become #warez ?
<dragonk> naa, osx/intel is just interesting to see.
<gilesw> ya
<dragonk> now, if i were handing it out i'd expect a spank
<atreju> my processor get's to 100% usage while clients are trafficing throug it's ethernet cards, is that normal? I have this problem since 4 days ago and before that same traffic was going through it and everything was good, now what could have gone bad?
<gilesw> *chuckles
<gilesw> last time i had 100% it was because some dodgy peeps were using sendmail to spam paypal emails
<hiritek> i have googled everywhere and cant find how to purge a mailq. I have tonnes in there that i dont want
<hiritek> any ideas?
<hiritek> oh, sendmail :)
<Redragon> hiritek you want to purge the mail queue on sendmail?
<hiritek> yes please
<Redragon> shut sendmail down
<hiritek> done
<Redragon> then remove the files from /var/spool/mqueue
<c13> how do i mount a hd already
<c13> mount -t ?
<Redragon> then start it up
<hiritek> too easy
<hiritek> thanks man
<Redragon> what kind of hard drive, what partition, what file system
<hiritek> !
<c13> Redragon, nfts and a 40gig, hdb
<Redragon> !ntfs
<LadyByte> well, ntfs is Microsoft's "modern" filesystem. for kernel drivers which only support reading and writing to files inplace (no size modifications, either), or for a way to write to NTFS
<Redragon> you probably have to add filesystem support for ntfs
<Viking667> c13: you realise it won't be read-write unless you use "captivefs?"
<c13> and how
<dragonk> and it probably wont be'll most likely be hdb1. please man fdisk on how to scan your drives, and ...dont come crying back here if you break your ntfs drive :)
<Viking667> Anyone know what I can use aside from gnomemeeting and vlc to access my webcam? Gtkam doesn't "see" it, and I only get a white screen on Xsane.
<purplin> not a clue
<c13> and why dosent konsole settings work
<c13> when y try to change the background
<c13> Viking667, mandrake supports it al the way
<c13> why wouldent fedora core 4
<JGWK> Hi:) Desktop-PC with wireless PCI-card freezing completely, but only when NFS'ing or SSH'ing. Mandriva 2006.0
<JGWK> I can surf the web, use IRC. I can mount a NFS-partion, but when I start a file-transfer, the PC with the wireless-card freezes.
<dragonk> JGWK: never heard of that, sorry. any log files at all?
<c13> aint there no root password for ubuntu
<Katdragon> Hello. I need some help with Knoppix. My windows PC has died and I can only load up Knoppix. I urgently need to backup my outlook express files - does anyone know how to do this?
<mwilson> Is it supposed to be hard?

<mwilson> MS's Knowledge Base will tell you where the files are... it's not something I memorize.
<gilesw> profile\localsettings\identities ...
<gilesw> why anyone in this day and age would use oe is beyond me
<Katdragon> Because we're slaves to the Microsoft revolution?
<mwilson> Because it works?
<mwilson> Remember, you might be using... Thunderbird! <shudder>
<Katdragon> Hrm, I've found some *.dbx files but they're old and small...
<mwilson> Yes, it's certainly better to explore at random vs actually looking at the reference that tells you what to copy.
<Penguin_> how do I change the channels in *****x? :P
<Katdragon> Well I can't right now because my brother's taken the hard-drive out of the computer
<mwilson> So you come here and ask for help, but you're not actually in any position to ACT on it? Further, what does whether or not the HD is in the computer have to do with learning what you have to back up?
<mwilson> Oh, wait... that's right. Forgot about the random exploration being better.
<Katdragon> Well I was, he just took the HD out now. Give me a break here
<Katdragon> My brother also did try the path given, and it didn't work.
<mwilson> I'm sure there must be *something* that requires you to have the HD in order to use a web browser or something...
<operas> hy
<operas> pls help ..
<ScoT> !ask
<LadyByte> If you have a question, please just *ask it*. And don't address specific people - ask the channel. If somebody knows, they'll answer :) To get help quicker, don't ask "can I ask a question," "can anyone help," or "does anybody use/know about foo". Be as specific as you can. Specific, Informative, Complete, Concise, and On-topic. Don't be demanding or insulting; ...
<operas> i what to make a bot .. on my root .
<operas> /tmp/m # ./lover
<operas> ./lover: 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected
<operas> why
<ScoT> we dont do bots we dont do root(s)
<operas> sorry my english
<operas> ok . you do sistems
<ScoT> no i do construction ask me how to build a house
<operas> uname -a
<operas> Linux multivan 2.4.20 #2 Thu Apr 21 19:40:17 CEST 2005 mips unknown
<operas> why . can . a execut . a file .?
<operas> ./start don`t orc .. whz _
<operas> ./start don`t orc .. whz _
<operas> ?
<madbovine> ok listen closely.
<kodon> ScoT: how much?
<madbovine> operas: **** off and die.
<operas> madbovine stupid
<madbovine> no, just mad.
<ScoT> kodon ?
<kodon> for a house
<ScoT> ;P
<madbovine> operas: so, were you abused as a child?
<madbovine> I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude. But were you?
<thesefirah> hello, can i set up bind to run using a subdomain instead of a ?
<whitewabbit> Greetingsm
<whitewabbit> Greetings,
<kodon> salutation
<whitewabbit> hey kodon :*
<kodon> =b
<whitewabbit> heh, :* is a kiss :P
<whitewabbit> i just kissed you, lol
<kodon> umm...
<whitewabbit> i'm installing stuff, you ?
<whitewabbit> relaxing ?
<kodon> wondering what decade it is
<whitewabbit> heh
<EL_KERO> Im running Mandrake 10.1 in "mvware" but it starts in shell , what can i do to go to kde?
<kodon> whatcha installing?
<whitewabbit> who, me?
<kodon> yup
<whitewabbit> everything from scratch
<kodon> lfs?
<whitewabbit> winblows, apps and then pqmagic and linux.
<kodon> oh
<whitewabbit> excuse me, what's lfs ?
<whitewabbit> i don't know it
<EL_KERO> hey ajo
<EL_KERO> help
<whitewabbit> !lfs
<LadyByte> methinks lfs is Linux from Scratch -, or, or check out or long filename support
<whitewabbit> filesystem ?
<whitewabbit> oh, silly me :P
<kodon> !whitewabbit



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