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<Jemand> LadyByte, distro war?
<PureEVIL> gcbirzan, te pricepi la rrdtool?
<Jemand> pitty
<longword> ladybyte, start a distro war
<LadyByte> Progeny 0wns!
<gcbirzan> PureEVIL: English, please. Or, try #linuxro.
<Jemand> haha
<gcbirzan> LadyByte: start an editor war
<LadyByte> ae blows!
<Jemand> ae = ascii edit?
<blue-> LadyByte: start a wm war
<LadyByte> ratpoison makes me vomit!
<Jemand> like good old edlin from DOS?
<gcbirzan> LadyByte: You dwarf!
<Jemand> curry ketchup i hope

<Jemand> in the US Heinz Ketchup is popular, right?
<Jemand> or Heintz
<Jemand> LadyByte, play us the ketchup song
<blue-> So, does Fedora Core rule?
<gcbirzan> PureEVIL: And, no, don't /msg me either. And, no.
<PureEVIL> ok
<PureEVIL> thank you
<blue-> wikimedia sais fedora rules. and seems to run on fedora too
<Jemand> PureEVIL, there are *.ro channels for linux
<PureEVIL> i know
<PureEVIL> My problem is rrdtool
<PureEVIL> I can not handle with the legend on graphs
<PureEVIL> gcbirzan, can you help me?
<gcbirzan> Not really.
<ArthG> lo
<Keth> lo
<Jemand> LadyByte, 5*60*60/1024
<LadyByte> 17.578125
<longword> Beckham's quitting the captain's job
<Keth> how come ?:)
<longword> Something to do with losing I expect
<Keth> :))
<Keth> no biggie
<Keth> who`s the next for the captain`s position ?
<longword> Dunno.
<longword> Will probably be a while.
<Keth> Rooney ?
<longword> PIty the team suffered so badly from the manager's squad selection
<longword> Definitely not Rooney
<longword> Owen maybe
<Keth> why not ?
<LadyByte> because I don't like you
<Keth> owen is preety old in my opinion
<Keth> how long can he even play ?
<longword> Joe Cole maybe
<Keth> Cole has a shot
<longword> Old tends to be considered a Good Thing for the captain's armband
<Keth> yes .. but if he can`t even play 80 minutes
<longword> Which would be why Rooney wouldn't be a likely candidate
<Keth> i remember that Rooney suffered an accident .. right?
<Newbiez> is there Nero for linux ?
<Keth> Yup .. there is a burning utility ..
<Keth> i can`t quite remember the name
<longword> Keth: He had a broken foot going into the WC
<Keth> right longword ...
<longword> There is Nero for Linux
<Keth> right one
<longword> gtoaster is another option
<longword> gcombust too
<Keth> longword who do you think will win the WC ?
<longword> I think the final will be France Germany
<longword> And it'll be a toss up between the two
<Keth> have u ever noticed that every country that hosts the Event .. always wins ?
<longword> No.
<Keth> for example france ..
<Keth> when the WC was hosted by france .. France won
<longword> For example USA...
<longword> For example Mexico...
<Keth> :)

<Keth> USA don`t even know how to play soccer
<Keth> USA and some other countries .. don`t even count :)
<longword> Of course for the home players there is the whole "My mom's in the crowd" motivating factor
<Keth> :))
<longword> Hmmm. Impressively loud thunder
<Keth> the crowd .. with all the moms ?
<Newbiez> is gtoaster and gcombust using gui or text based
<Keth> Newbiez .. where`s the point ?:P
<Newbiez> im having trouble burning using text based apps
<Keth> and why do u use text based apps ?
<Kirt> haha
<Kirt> I predict that sometime in the year 2086 , the US might have a chance in reaching the quarter finals in world football :D
<Keth> Kirt only if they import players from Europe
<Kirt> lol
<Kirt> yeah!
<Keth> what about Japan .. i couldn`t watch Japan`s performance .. what happend with them ?
<longword> They aquitted themselves well, but were no match for Brazil
<Keth> Brazil and Japan ?
<Keth> no way Jose .. no way in hell
<zylmak> hello, I have a question if i want to install a destop + server on a PIII laptop , what is the best distribution, I currently have installed Fedora Core 5 but I cannot install my DLink RF Network Card
<Keth> zylmak what OS did u use before that?
<zylmak> win2k
<Keth> so this is your first time with Linux ?
<LittleJ> hi can any one help me solve this problem : ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host ?
<mannbergen> zylmak: I got the impresion that rdhat or suse has most support
<zylmak> no I installed FC on this laptop last month but removed it it had tooked me 3 day just to have mp3 and video working
<mannbergen> zylmak: windows is always easiest :P
<Keth> LittleJ check the host
<Keth> It may be caused by reverse DNS resolving issues too
<zylmak> Redhat and fedora are very bad on multimedia
<mannbergen> whatabout suse?
<LittleJ> Keth what u mean ? i dont get's a second pc on my network
<Keth> This message means that the client got a TCP connection to the server, but the server immediately closed it before the SSH protocol could get started
<zylmak> will look at it, just hope I will not have the same dilem with madwifi
<Keth> LittleJ (the ssh_exchange_identification routine implements the version string exchange, the initial step of the protocol)
<Keth> This usually happens because of a libwrap setting which prohibits the connection. Check the server log; if this is the problem, you will see messages like ...
<Keth> # SSH1, OpenSSH sshd1[15092]: refused connect from / # SSH2 sshd2[15085]: Denied connection from by tcp wrappers.
<LittleJ> hmm ok let me get to the other pc
<Keth> If you compiled the SSH server with libwrap (TCP-wrappers) support, check that the rules in the files /etc/hosts.{allow,deny} on the server host allow connection to the SSH daemon. An entry like this, for example, will allow connections to sshd from any source address : sshd sshd1 sshd2 : ALL : ALLOW
<LittleJ> ok Keth it works thanks a lot
<Keth> LittleJ no problemo dude
<Keth> longword
<Keth> The 31-year-old midfielder said: "I feel the time is right to pass on the armband as we enter a new era under new coach Steve McClaren."
<LittleJ> i had to add in hosts.allow the sshd sshd1 sshd2 : ALL : ALLOW
<Keth> :)
<zylmak> ho do we install a package named a who need package b when package b need package a?
<Keth> zylmak copy both the packages onto the hdd ... or use package a on hdd and package b on Cd`rom
<zylmak> ok o copied all the package on the desktop still tell me tha same thing faill on dependency
<Keth> meanin` ?
<Keth> what`s the error that u get ?
<zylmak> missing dependency madwify-har is required
<zylmak> can i past it here?
<Jemand> !paste
<LadyByte> More than 3 lines? Paste your stuff at and then tell us the url it gives you.
<longword> Choplifter meets Dr. Who
<zylmak> 2385
<zylmak> so my problem is that madwifi-hal-kmdl need madwifi-kmdl but madwifi-kmdl need madwifi-hal-kmdl
<Keth> zylmak .. what os you say you`r using ?
<zylmak> fedoracore 5
<Keth> hmm .. lemme have a look into it
<zylmak> ok
<Keth> zylmak i think there should be a third package ...
<zylmak> yep madwifi
<zylmak> with same problem :Missing Dependency: is needed by package madwifi
<Keth> i had also problems on installing fedora core 5 ...
<Keth> and gave it up ..
<zylmak> i think i will do the same...
<zylmak> i looked at suse know bug and they have similar problem with madwifi



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