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<kodon> Lotus7: size should be...might wanna reconsider the ntfs bit though
<kodon> libv: dunno. don't think so
<Lotus7> what about NTFS?
<Lotus7> I set 72GB for windows and 20GB for SUSE by dragging that slider

<kodon> Lotus7: linux does not write to ntfs
<bronaugh> kodon: as of recently, that's not entirely true.
<bronaugh> you can write files to it now, you can't resize them though.
<Lotus7> I need to create another partition?
<kodon> bronaugh: i still classify that as unwritable
<Lotus7> now I have this in the list: hda (93GB - Toshiba Hard Drive), hda1 (72GB - Windows), hda2 (204MB - unknown), hda3 (2GB swap)
<bronaugh> kodon: heh.
<bronaugh> I don't.
<bronaugh> not -full- write support, it's true, but some write support.
<Lotus7> I do not see where is the partition for Linux that I set, it will install it on NTFS?
<bronaugh> no no no nononononononono
<kodon> bronaugh: can you think of any reason to use ntfs with linux?
<bronaugh> there.

<bronaugh> it's been said now.
<Lotus7> ok, so what do you recommend?
<bronaugh> use a linux filesystem.
<bronaugh> ext3, xfs, jfs, reiserfs
<bronaugh> all perfectly fine.
<Lotus7> Create another partiton with reiserfs?
<Viking667> never use NTFS to install Linux onto. You'll lose your NTFS. Period.
<Lotus7> ok, thanks for telling me that
<bronaugh> this channel is making me stupid.
<Viking667> bronaugh: naah. wasn't the channel, dude.. <grin>
<kodon> bronaugh: catch stage 1?
<Lotus7> but now I cannot create any partition when I removed the 20GB on the NTFS partition
<Viking667> anyhow, birthday's now gone.
<Lotus7> and my swap partition that I've previously created disappeared



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