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<CeruleanD> Ehhh, I dunno... that's like saying if you want to know what it's like to drive a Ferrari, you'd ask a Ferrari mechanic, not a driver...
<Sturgeon> hmm no?
<CeruleanD> And then you'd accept both of their descriptions above actually driving it yourself.
<Sturgeon> Sure, if i want to know *what it's like* to take LSD i'll ask the hippie
<Sturgeon> But most of the time i'd want to know things other than what it's like
<CeruleanD> Right...? But that's what sparked this discussion to begin with, life experience
<Sturgeon> taking your life away
<CeruleanD> Right!
<Sturgeon> The best advice for taking your life away shouldnt come from a successful suicide (even if that's impossible) but from someone knowledgeable about the human body
<CeruleanD> I was saying it's impossible to get advice on what it's like to commit suicide... since anyone who's done it right isn't around to talk to. :P
<CeruleanD> It was meant as a joke though, since obviously getting advice from a successful suicide would be difficult at best
<Sturgeon> You said it's impossible to get help with suicide, not what you just said :)
<corecaps> hello
<Sturgeon> Yeah, and since i'm bored i started a purposeless discussion
<Sturgeon> :P
<corecaps> can someone explain me where i can find help to install a NX client on a fedora core 5 ?

<schitzo> whitecap
<corecaps> or just how to install libstdc++6.2-2 on a fedora core
<CeruleanD> lol, and for the same reason I maintained it :-D
<Taranli_Mare> I'm getting an error, "make: cc: Command not found" when I try to compile something. but I have gcc installed, and it is in the correct path.
<Lion-O> Taranli_Mare: its looking for 'cc', not 'gcc'.
<corecaps> look into your makefile and replace cc by gcc
<Taranli_Mare> It was my understanding that if you had gcc installed then it wouldn't try to use cc
<Lion-O> Taranli_Mare: that depends on the makefile.
<Taranli_Mare> I tried that corecaps, but I can't find cc in the makefile anywhere
<Lion-O> Taranli_Mare: its in there somewhere.
<Taranli_Mare> okay, I'll keep looking then.
<Strider> Taranli_Mare: you need to either set the CC environment variable, or alias cc to gcc
<corecaps> there is no $CC=cc ?
<schitzo> there is no spoon
<Lion-O> Taranli_Mare: what Linux distribution is this anyway ?
<Taranli_Mare> rhel3
<Lion-O> Taranli_Mare: then I suggest you contact RH support. You paid for it.
<Taranli_Mare> I installed gcc 4.1.1 from source yesterday
<Lion-O> from source? then you're an idiot. You should have used the package manager.
<Taranli_Mare> Theres no downloadable rpm for gcc for rhel3
<Taranli_Mare> at least outside of the rhn
<Lion-O> Taranli_Mare: its shipped with the distribution dummy.
<Lion-O> Taranli_Mare: besides; if you bought it you're entitled to updates and can grab whatever you need.
<Taranli_Mare> I don't have immediate access to the cd, and our rhn subscription is expired.
<schitzo> that's why you just install debiain
<Lion-O> aye
<schitzo> only without the extra i
<Lion-O> schitzo: naah, its more extensive with the extra i :)
<Lion-O> schitzo: as in I :)
<schitzo> Lion-O: iDebian?
<synapsis> Debian for iPods?
<Taranli_Mare> Tell me, why would I want to steal rhel3? without a rhn subscription, its no benefit. I'd just install fedora core
<schitzo> SharQ: sez you
<Lion-O> Taranli_Mare: we've seen too many cluebies warezing rhel.
<Lion-O> Taranli_Mare: channel policy: got rhel* ? Contact RH for support.
<Taranli_Mare> okay. thats fair enough.
<Lion-O> schitzo: or Debian I :)
<schitzo> nay.. I say Nay Sir.. I'd rather way for Debian II - The Quickening
<Lion-O> anyway. Yesterday my DVD related fun was spoiled due to a misconfigured X envronment which caused my playback to jitter. NOW it should be fixed.
<schitzo> could always just watch a DVD on the TV like normal people
<synapsis> schitzo: This is Lion-O we're talking about...
<Lion-O> schitzo: tv is occupied by $SO
<synapsis> He's probably like me anyway... I could watch it on the TV, but the fact it doesn't work correctly on the computer would irk me.
<schitzo> dammit... tar -tzf is not the same as tar -xzf
<CeruleanD> By retire do you mean, "Frisbee'd it out the window"?
<synapsis> Nope. Put in the closet under the retires 100Mb switches.
<synapsis> err retired
<D-side> yawn.
<Lion-O> D-side: ey there
<D-side> how goes it
<Lion-O> D-side: not too bad ;) lack of inspiration with my program so now I'm watching the DVD I planned on watching yesterday 8) you?
<D-side> just got in the door.
<D-side> gf was supposed to take us out for dinner, but she had a very late lunch so she's not hungry.
<Lion-O> D-side: blech :/
<D-side> I fail to understand why that is now MY problem, so I'm going to nuke a burrito and wait a bit. after that, i'm choosing the most expensive place in the vicinity. :D
<Lion-O> hehe 8)

<Lion-O> D-side: what can I say... "women" :P
<D-side> indeed. i'm not surprised, just a little irritated at the way things work. :)
<Lion-O> aye, aye. I can perfectly see that. oh well :)
<D-side> life could indeed be far far worse.
<Lion-O> D-side: time for a good spanking perhaps ;)
<D-side> well then!
<D-side> afk
<Lion-O> hehe, have a good one1
<maciek123> hi
<Lion-O> amazing. mplayer can play my dvds again without crashing :P
<D-side> why was it crashing before?
<D-side> admit it, what did you do? :)
<Lion-O> D-side: misconfigured x environment
<D-side> could be worse.
<Lion-O> D-side: I really dislike X :) When I add the nvidia module things really stop working 8)
<D-side> jeez
<synapsis> His DVDs are working now... time to renew the g0atpr0n subscription.
<D-side> netg0atflix eh?
<Lion-O> D-side: well, most stuff works but xawtv simply segfaults.
<D-side> hrm. xv problems?
<D-side> i used to have a similar problem with ATI stuff.
<D-side> now that amd bought them, i wonder if thats going to get better
<Lion-O> D-side: no idea. It only happens after I add the nvidia module. So now I'm simply using xorg's native 'nv' without any extensions.
<D-side> ah okay.
<D-side> if you dont care about gaming or other silly things i'm sure thats no problem
<Lion-O> D-side: *nod*. Lately I only used it for a sporadic googleearth session. But that can be done in vmware too 8)
<D-side> google earth really is fun.
<D-side> havent tried it in linux yet though.
<D-side> i'm actually considering removing linux from this machine entirely.
<bhab> google earth is cool.
<bhab> remove linux?! have you gone batty? :)
<D-side> i really dont need a linux desktop.
<D-side> can i use it for that purpose, absolutely. do i really want to be bothered? no, not really.
<D-side> dogbert2: what did that get you?
<dogbert2> D-side, well, I needed a decent DVD player for my lappy on the Windows XP side (since I installed a larger HD)
<Lion-O> dogbert2: powerdvd is nice
<dogbert2> Lion-O...yeah, when I bought my CD/DVD-ROM for my desktop computer, it came with a free copy of PowerDVD 6 (which is about $50 retail)
<dogbert2> so now I have two legit copies of the program :)
<D-side> i just figured you chose the "platinum" edition for a reason
<Lion-O> or 4. dunno
<dogbert2> D-Side, it was the only PowerDVD that they had, and with a $20 instant rebate to make the purchase $30, i'm not gonna complain
<dogbert2> if only all software was priced $150 or less :)
<CeruleanD> God damned DHCP servers. WTF puts servers on DHCP.
<D-side> ihaveinthepastbuti'msorry
<Strider> CeruleanD: I do, but I hardwire the IPs in my DHCP server
<D-side> i had my reasons. flawed as they were.
<dogbert2> CeruleanD, it's easier to make a router do dhcp stuff (IMO)
<CeruleanD> Then what's the point Strider? Oh wait, no.... don't need to answer that, I guess I can see that...
<D-side> Strider: that was my scenario, because at the time i was renumbering fairly often.
<CeruleanD> Central point of IP control
<Strider> bingo
<CeruleanD> Blah, but we're not that smart here... $ex-boss was just lazy.
<D-side> dogbert2: easier, sure. lots of routers dont support everything one might need in a dhcpd
<CeruleanD> Put several "unessential" servers on DHCP, under the assumption that they'll be up 24/7/365 thanks to the UPS's...
<dogbert2> D-side...think cisco 36xx :)
<D-side> clustering, failover, bind integration
<D-side> dogbert2: i am. it wont do all that. :)
<dogbert2> router + some linux boxen :)
<D-side> tftpd for pxe booting or things like ip phones.
<Strider> my firewall's hard drive died 6 months ago. :P
<D-side> Strider: oh no. you're one of THOSE.
<Strider> it's been running off the UPS for the past 6 months, I can't log into it or udpate it
<Strider> but it still passes packets
<Strider> so I haven't bothered to replace it
<dogbert2> Strider...heh...
<Strider> makes it pretty much unhackable, really
<D-side> that was a big topic of discussion, what? 5 years ago? :)
<D-side> set up iptables then halt the box
<D-side> remembering of course to disable APM or ACPI. heh
<CeruleanD> lol
<synapsis> A good sign you're going bald: You clean up your desk and under your keyboard is a bunch of your hair. =/



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