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<prometheus_> ns2? :P
<khirr> ...
<khirr> help?
<Lion-O> khirr: Why don't you check out ? Maybe you'll learn how to ask more meaningful questions...
<prometheus_> Evii:
<OuttaLuck> is that the sha1 thing on the ftp mirrors?
<Evii> prometheus_: wewt.
<prometheus_> Evii: they'll slave off of you, btw
<khirr> ok' i'll check now
<prometheus_> Evii: officially started your job yet?
<Evii> prometheus_: Tuesday. :)
<prometheus_> Evii: cool
<prometheus_> Evii: don't they have one you can use? =)
<Evii> prometheus_: One or two. :)
<OuttaLuck> prom, ok, none of the hashes match...but 3 of 6 cd's the linux test thing said are ok when i wrote them

<Evii> prometheus_: But I don't think they'd like me putting in there...
<prometheus_> OuttaLuck: that just means that the actual burning process went ok
<prometheus_> Evii: *shrug* never hurts to ask =)
<OuttaLuck> ok, so are the other iso's probably ok, and i screwed up the burning process, or should i re-download the 3 cd's?
<Evii> prometheus_: I guess :)
<khirr> uhmm
<Lion-O> OuttaLuck: think about that for a moment.
<prometheus_> OuttaLuck: if the md5 hashes don't match, it means that the .iso file you have is not the same as the .iso file on the server
<khirr> i'm looking for mandrake 10 tutorial
<khirr> especific
<khirr> uhmm
<khirr> kopete
<Lion-O> OuttaLuck: If you downloaded a b0rk iso image who cares what your burning program tells you ?
<OuttaLuck> but NONE of them match, and i tried the linux install thing, and discs 1, 4, and the rescue came back ok
<OuttaLuck> Lion-O, what's a b0rk?
<Lion-O> its not impossible to succesfully burn a b0rk iso image to cd. Whooptiedoo.
<Evii> prometheus_: Assuming the md5's matched in the first place :)
<Lion-O> OuttaLuck: you really have issues with this 'thinking' thing, hm?
<OuttaLuck> dude, this is the first time i've really tried this, all i'm trying to do is figure out what in the hell i'm doing and going on from there...i think most people call that learning..just trying to get some help here before i really **** things up, can u blame someone for that?
<Lion-O> b0rk, broke, not working, kaputt, verkakt, etc.
<Lion-O> OuttaLuck: it helps if you try thinking things over yourself instead of fully rolling the ball in our den.
<OuttaLuck> ok, now lets go over my thought process, ran the linux install cd, tested it, through the linux test media thing with fedora, 3 cd's came back ok to install from, 3 didn't, NO checksums match...doesn't make sense to me
<Lion-O> Its simply doing what the manual tells you. "download iso image", "compare hash value". If values don't match then something is wrong.
<prometheus_> you are comparing md5 hash to md5 hash, yes? and now sha1 or something else?
<OuttaLuck> prometheus_, well, i did the checksums, and clicked the sha1 thing on the mirror.......oops
<prometheus_> md5 != sha1
<Lion-O> ...
<OuttaLuck> md5 is sha1?
<prometheus_> no
<DaveHowe> no, != means "not equal"
<Lion-O> about this thinking thing....
<OuttaLuck> ahhh, there's no md5 thing on the ftp mirror, only cha1
<OuttaLuck> sha1
<OuttaLuck> ooooooh....oops, figured it out...sha1 in the md5sum thing, that helps
<Evii> *bored*
<reality> <--- reality
<Lion-O> Evii: so join neko and play a game of yahtzee ;)
<Evii> heh.
<Evii> Hmm. brb.
<OxD> bogey down!
<OxD> ey Lion-O, reality, Evii
<reality> yello
<OxD> heh. ok. i'm way to entertained by failing mysql back and forth between these two machines
<OxD> s/too/. rhcs is fun :)
<prometheus_> it's ****in' heartbeat on steroids, pretty much
<reality> It's teh ghey
<OxD> yeah but mad easy
<prometheus_> heartbeat's not difficult either :P
<prometheus_> and it's cheaper than rhcs :P
<reality> Oh lord. I'm going to have to kill the neighbor again
<OxD> not when you're using centOS
<prometheus_> heh
<reality> He's playing black music again
<OxD> its pretty much like "clickity click. **** you veritas"
<Lion-O> OxD: hola
<rolandk> hey there. is still down?

<Jostein> I feel so l33t :P
<Jostein> hehe
<OxD> thats pretty amusing
<Jostein> OxD: I have a crappy 350bps link, so ive gotten 100mbps hosting
<rolandk> any sysadmins lurking about?
<Jostein> one of my domains does transparant redirection, and its all handled by the DB
<Jostein> so now... I have transparent management as well :)
<prometheus_> rolandk: is it responding?
<rolandk> no.
<prometheus_> rolandk: then it's still down
<OxD> heh
<rolandk> hehehe ok.
<OuttaLuck> ok, checksums i had a bad burn, that a valid assumption?
<rolandk> well, any idea when it'll be up?
<prometheus_> OuttaLuck: yes
<OxD> what the hell..
<prometheus_> rolandk: i think they said tuesday
<rolandk> ack!
<prometheus_> ran into some issue
<prometheus_> having to wait on new hardware
<OxD> is shanta down?
<rolandk> hmm....ok....kind of a drag.
<rolandk> I am leaving the country on wednesday.
<rolandk> I hope it'll be up by then.
<OxD> shouldn't matter though...i'm secondary for that domain
<OxD> or, was.
<prometheus_> i'm lying out my ass btw, i've nfi what's up with it
<OxD> haha
<rolandk> prometheus: really?
<OxD> hm. it seems like the root servers don't even know about linuxops right now
<OuttaLuck> prometheus_ ok, so if i re-burn it, i should be alright, assuming it burns correctly?
<prometheus_> OuttaLuck: yeah
<OxD> i should at least be able to dig for NS records. odd.
<prometheus_> rolandk: yep, i dunno what's going on with it, i think it was being moved or something
<rolandk> yeah that's what I heard about 6 hours ago
<prometheus_> nfi then, just got here a bit ago
<OuttaLuck> ok, thanks, is there any program in particular that handles ISO writing best?
<OxD> and i know nothing
<prometheus_> OuttaLuck: *shrug* i use nero myself
<OxD> they actually ported cdrecord to windows.
<prometheus_> cool
<OxD> yeah. nicer than dealing with a gui if you're just burning an iso
<OuttaLuck> hehehe, i guess a program primarily meant for burning music that has ISO capability is not a good choice for burning an ISO?
<Orochi> ahh
<Orochi> SATA to Firewire transplant is now complete
<prometheus_> ****
<prometheus_> it's storming like a mohter****er, and my truck windows are down
<OuttaLuck> time to run like hell
<Evii> Just helped a hawt CA girl email some hawt photos of herself. I should have asked for a CC. ;)
<OxD> yes. you should have.
<synapsis> Is Shanta down?
<synapsis> Whoa, it's oh ecks dee.
<OxD> heya synapsis
<Evii> Sadly she's going to .jp over summer tomorrow.
<Steakk> alo OxD
<OxD> ey Steakk
<synapsis> Are all the euros asleep? heh
<Steakk> OxD, you know a bit about registration of domains...K_F was tellin me somethin about CANN or CAAN or somethin like that (something that i have no clue what it is) ... you know what he might have been talkin about?
<OxD> icann?
<Steakk> sure, maybe that is it ... what is icann?
<OxD> they used to be THE registrar.
<OxD> now, not so much
<Steakk> okay, not a prob ... there is icann, and something else he mentioned ... what else would he have mentioned?
<OxD> hah! now i've got two mysql instances sharing the same data directory across gfs



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