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<siglite> while I was loading the mag, he was sitting in behind the rifle
<siglite> and he immediately began loudly chewing me a new ******* for not putting the rifle on safe, with about ten old timers within earshot
<siglite> and he was right to do so
<siglite> I **** you not, he said "if you can't shoot safely, you can go sit in the truck, dad."
<D-side> haha
<TenBaseT> hhahahahahahahahaha
<D-side> i bet it was a combo of "i love you boy" and "i'll choke you out kid"
<siglite> one of those old timers eased around behind me and said "he don't cut much slack does he?" and wandered off
<TenBaseT> hey this is great, there's a video of dvorak admitting to saying stupid **** just to make the mac community spaz out and drive up hits to his site
<D-side> also sounds like after you were done feeling stupid you were pretty proud of the boy
<D-side> TenBaseT: yeah i know
<siglite> D-side: yeah
<D-side> like i've been saying for years: **** john dvorak
<siglite> D-side: he's a safety nut on the range. Which is good. And my doing.
<TenBaseT> yeah this douchebag is a turd.

<TenBaseT> in an apple store
<D-side> siglite: well good job
<D-side> TenBaseT: ****ing apple store. i was there today
<siglite> these days, he won't even go to the range with me.
<D-side> coveting a macbook
<D-side> siglite: why, because you continue to be a ****off? :D
<siglite> no, it's just no big deal to him.
<siglite> he'd rather read.
<siglite> which, blows my ****ing mind.
<siglite> when I was 9, if my dad said "wanna go shoot an AR 15 or a 9mm?" I woulda **** myself with excitement
<siglite> he's like "ehhh, I only have two chapters left, I'm gonna stay here."
<TenBaseT> hell, he'll be making a zillion bucks instead of being a gyrene in the suck. count your blessings.
<siglite> hopefully
<TenBaseT> my old man was an ******* when he gave me my first rifle
<TenBaseT> it was under the tree with a brick of .22 ammo with a note that said
<TenBaseT> "you have to shoot all of this today"
<TenBaseT> it was like -5 out
<siglite> hahah
<siglite> he wants my wife's 10-22
<siglite> but he isn't getting it.
<siglite> his first rifle will be a bolt action 22.
<TenBaseT> hhaahah ****. yes.
<TenBaseT> get him one of the marlins with the tube mag
<TenBaseT> if thats not an american institution I dont know what is
<siglite> I kinda like that lil remington viper
<TenBaseT> ooh, heh
<Nanuq> Are there any Apple Stores in .ca yet?
<TenBaseT> or get him a henry
<siglite> yeah, a henry would be good
<Nanuq> I imagine if there are any, Toronto prolly has one.
<Nanuq> The hell with Ottawa though.
<Nanuq> Well that's my attitude anyhow. The hell with Ottawa. :P
<siglite> brb, gonna go check some **** out...
<Nanuq> How long have I been here? Too ****ing long, that's how long. :P
<Nanuq> You know where's better than here? Anywhere but Quebec is better than here.
<Nanuq> East Timor is better than Ottawa.
<Nanuq> Mother****ing Candyland.
<Hellkeepa> HELLo!
<siglite> I think I'm gonna try to resurrect this dual 450 I have and make it a BSD box.
<TenBaseT> siglite: did I ever talk to you about my favorite .22 of all time?
<Hellkeepa> Anyone here that's awake and can help me with getting colours on my TV out, using a Fijutsu Siemens Amilo Pro laptop (intel chipset)?
<TenBaseT> siglite: remington fieldmaster. it's a pump .22 with a tube mag. It's kid-sized, and seriously it's one of the nicest .22's I've ever seen. it's been ages since they were made though.
<TenBaseT> oh hey sig, looks like they STILL make it!
<TenBaseT> my old man had one of those and a 552 speedmaster
<siglite> I think I might give BSD a go on this box.
<TenBaseT> man this sucks. I'm hungry as hell but I havent been able to tear myself away from watching goddamned Garden State for like 2 hours now
<D-side> er
<D-side> why?
<D-side> i hear thats crap
<TenBaseT> I like the guy from scrubs, he's funny.
<TenBaseT> I like hte movie.
<OldMonk> hi all
<D-side> okay. mom's new dvd player is set up.
<D-side> and i've got a powersquid.
<TenBaseT> man I'll tell you what.
<TenBaseT> This macbook just. ****ing. rocks.
<D-side> you can go straight to hell
<D-side> thats what you can do
<TenBaseT> hahahah hey, do you still like the black one?
<D-side> not at ALL

<TenBaseT> yeah the one in the mac store here is totally gungy now
<D-side> if it were a gloss finish it would be a different story, but you were right on the money with that matte finish sucking up the dirt and grease
<TenBaseT> 10,000 greasy mother****ers leaving marks on it
<D-side> no ****
<D-side> it was disgusting, i didnt even want to touch it.
<TenBaseT> I went by the store today to look at it and it looked noticably worse than last week
<D-side> of course the same number of people were handling the white one, but i couldnt SEE their filth, so it was different.
<TenBaseT> yeah, thats exactly what I thought too
<TenBaseT> after 4 days of typign on the chiclet keyboard it's now my favoritest thing ever
<TenBaseT> I like how when crumbs and **** fall on it they dont go under the keys
<TenBaseT> normal keyboards just collect hair and crumbs and other unspeakable keyboard runk undereath them.
<TenBaseT> This one has no runk
<D-side> yeah i know
<D-side> i want one like that for my desktop
<TenBaseT> I bet they'll have one soon enough
<TenBaseT> oh, and this may not matter to you but they changed the chipset in the airport card.
<TenBaseT> now it's an atheros instead of a broadcom so all the sniffing tools will work properly.
<D-side> oh thats good.
<D-side> it will when i get one
<XyZzY> good for them roadcom was being an ass about drivers
<D-side> reality: how'd svn sources go for you
<reality> D-side: Well, I got them working pretty stabley
<reality> D-side: I got a motherboard problem though
<D-side> ew. whats that
<reality> ivtv does not play well with ivtv
<reality> Errr...via
<D-side> ugh that sucks.
<reality> Yep
<reality> I went through the entire process of ripping the PVR-150 out of this machine here, putting it into the other machine, installing mythtv, and seeing if it ran smoother on channel changes...which it did
<siglite> ok, there goes that idea.
<siglite> the machine I was going to install bsd on has a dead seagate barracuda
<D-side> well thats good.
<D-side> the machine would rather be dead than run BSD. i agree.
<siglite> it's a dead 80 gig drive too.
<siglite> which is a bit of a pisser.
<D-side> its interesting having a usable linux desktop.
<D-side> as in, new and refreshing. i've never had things Just Work before. heh
<siglite> I run linux on the desktop about 99.9% of the time.
<siglite> on my laptop
<reality> D-side: Still doing the Ubuntu thing?
<D-side> sure, but this is a different case. all i did to make it go was install the latest ubuntu
<D-side> i really havent had to do anything special to make it go.
<D-side> mounted samba fileshares, burned a cd... just like a cluebie would. no hoop-jumping
<TenBaseT> I like being a cluebie at home
<D-side> yes, indeed.
<reality> I hate being a cluebie
<reality> so I'm not one
<TenBaseT> in my experience, people who enjoy incessant working on their home computers arent sick of their jobs yet
<reality> $10,000 for a 5500 lumen projector
<TenBaseT> That will change.
<reality> TenBaseT: Unless they have jobs that have little to do with computers
<TenBaseT> Thats true, I guess. is your job not computer related?
<reality> On some level, yes. But it's mainly directing other people to do things. On the other level, not at all.
<reality> And I have to do less and less in terms of computer related stuff at work.
<TenBaseT> See I have no patience with a malfunctioning system unless I'm getting paid to fix it
<reality> **** doesn't "malfunction." It just doesn't behave sometimes.
<TenBaseT> well, yeah.
<TenBaseT> D-side brings up a good point though
<reality> which is?
<TenBaseT> When I install an OS, I pretty much expect the installation to be done when I finish it.
<TenBaseT> Not 6 weeks later when everything finally works right
<TenBaseT> Linux, I'm looking at you
<siglite> you must be bad at installing linux
<reality> TenBaseT: Then you should look at what both D-side and I use...
<TenBaseT> I'm on the ubunut bandwagon too
<reality> Good man
<TenBaseT> daniels got me using it before the first release
<D-side> heh
<reality> This system I'm troubleshooting is an Ubuntu machine but it's turned out to be a hardware problem
<reality> But, it's also a specialized system with mythtv
<D-side> i just want 0.19 packages for dapper.
<reality> And it's not like a massive problem...the problem occurs when you change the channel and the TV starts jerking on the picture. Solved by simply pressing pause and then unpause.
<TenBaseT> problems like that make elvis shoot his TV set
<TenBaseT> and if Tivo had a jingle I'd be singing it right now



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