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<wlfshmn> Tron: about as pointless an item as you get ;)
<Lion-O> well, this setup actually works.
<Lion-O> Tron: laters
<cheeksy> headache is a weird thing - once its gone you get insomnia.
<K_F> cheeksy: been there, done that
<cheeksy> K_F: congratulations.
<K_F> not really
<K_F> would much rather sleep
<cheeksy> i dont know whats wrong with this computer. it says it cant find the profile so it grants me a temporary one and all changes will be erased after I turn it off.
<cheeksy> stupid piece of metal.
<wlfshmn> cheeksy: you know, I never have problem sleeping..
<D-side> Lion-O: whats that?
<D-side> anything good? :)
<wlfshmn> cheeksy: if I'm not tired, simply make yourself tired, pushups or whatever
<cheeksy> welshy: potentially, i dont. i can sleep whenever and wherever. but sometimes it just beats me.
<Lion-O> D-side: my buffer between linux and winderz

<Lion-O> and now its time for a game of Starcraft
<D-side> have fun
<wlfshmn> I should see about getting home
<cheeksy> gah! now where did the nursery rhymes go?
<cheeksy> :o/
<dr3f> & !!!
<K_F> spam?
<dr3f> nope
<cheeksy> gosh
<dr3f> intersting sites
<cheeksy> this is too much.
<K_F> tequila?
<dr3f> its site for *nix users
<cheeksy> i wish.
<rhowe> hmm...
<cheeksy> now this is really too much
<CryptoCat> Dude
<CryptoCat> dr3f: not cool ****head.
<CryptoCat> dr3f: I'm at work.
<dr3f> why not cool ?
<rhowe> CryptoCat: Know any good case manufacturers? I've tried Supermicro, PCICase and Lian-Li, and none seem to do a rackmount case for 5 1/4" SCSI devices
<CryptoCat> hrm thats an odd request. you want just a 5.25 enclosure?
<rhowe> CryptoCat: So far, that HP one's the best I've seen (I want the drive it has in it, too)
<rhowe> CryptoCat: Yeah, something to hold the two LTO drives we'll have, external to the servers they'll be attached to
<rhowe> CryptoCat: Basically, that HP box
<CryptoCat> dont bet on it
<CryptoCat> people who need rack kit can generally afford it
<rhowe> CryptoCat: Factoring in things like the warranty, etc
<CryptoCat> so you always get punished on price
<CryptoCat> is that 3U?
<rhowe> CryptoCat: Yeah, even removable drive bays have punishing prices
<rhowe> CryptoCat: 1U
<CryptoCat> no way
<rhowe> CryptoCat: The drives are half height, just like a regular CD drive
<CryptoCat> wow
<rhowe> CryptoCat: Yeah, I'm thinking we'll get it
<rhowe> CryptoCat: Since we take a full backup offsite every night, there's no need (or budget!) for an autochanger, so that rackmount case with the 200G (native) drive in it, plus the 100G (native) drive we already have should do us nicely
<rhowe> CryptoCat: It'll also render the pair of DLT8000's we have redundant
<rhowe> CryptoCat: Then again, exabyte have a nice 1U box too.. lemme get a URL
<CryptoCat> hey, dont get me wrong, I have an ultrium2 480GB drive with a library here, it rocks.
<CryptoCat> it's much faster than my SDLT library
<rhowe> CryptoCat: The half height drives are apparently about 20%+ slower
<CryptoCat> huh.
<CryptoCat> listen, I think that you're going to be better off with the HP one, honestly, I cant find ANYTHING that has 5.25 bays
<rhowe> CryptoCat: Me neither, at least not that isn't designed to have a motherboard in it
<rhowe> CryptoCat: Adding SCSI connectors and cabling to a case would be a bit of a 'mare
<CryptoCat> exactly.
<rhowe> CryptoCat: Plus, add in whatever king's ransom they want for a 2nd PSU (I'd like the two drives to have their own PSUs) and it's not going to save much, if anything
<CryptoCat> it would undoubtedly require more than 350 quid combined in parts AND LABOR
<rhowe> CryptoCat: I wonder if that HP box shares a PSU between the drives... if it has a pair of hotswap PSUs...
<CryptoCat> hold on I'll check
<rhowe> heh, 3 year warranty, nice
<rhowe> heya cheeks
<cheeksy> :o))
<cheeksy> i cant undergo another reinstall. it's just too much.

<rhowe> CryptoCat:
<rhowe> CryptoCat: That's what HP does
<Nanuq> Russ
<rhowe> heh, "form factor: 1U USB"
<rhowe> heya Eric
<rhowe> CryptoCat: Ah, for that 1U, it has "high-availability features: none"
<CryptoCat> yeah, one power supply
<rhowe> CryptoCat: Not really a problem, but it would've been nice to have a pair of PSUs
<rhowe> You have to get their biggest rackmount tape box for redundant PSUs
<CryptoCat> aye
<CryptoCat> my library has redundant PSUs but they arent hotswap
<CryptoCat> power down and remove thumbscrews
<rhowe> CryptoCat: Surely if they're redundant, you can pull one and it keeps ticking? :)
<rhowe> Might be a few sparks, I guess
<CryptoCat> you can pull it but I wouldnt want to put a fresh one in
<CryptoCat> it may just be a relay that flips over if one gets wonky
<CryptoCat> I dont know how it works internally but I know the supply says "DISCONNECT POWER BEFORE REMOVAL"
<rhowe> CryptoCat: Big pair of wellington boots, you'll be fine :P
<CryptoCat> I'm not worried about me, I'm worried about my $18,000 library
<rhowe> CryptoCat: Warranty? :)
<CryptoCat> "did you remove power before pulling the PSU?"
<rhowe> "yes, your honour!"
<CryptoCat> heh
<CryptoCat> yeah, the tapes cost a little
<CryptoCat> I just ordered a 40-pack of tapes
<rhowe> (and tapes)
<PolarWolf> rhowe: Meh, and then you're not even buying HP
<rhowe> PolarWolf: hm?
<PolarWolf> rhowe: 5k for the drive alone :)
<rhowe> 5k?
<cheeksy> PeeWee :o))
<rhowe> hm, wonder if it's worth getting this to replace the FC hub we're using... (switch > hub)
<PolarWolf> cheeksy: Ey
<PolarWolf> rhowe: I saw an FC switch for sale recently for like $100
<rhowe> PolarWolf: new?
<PolarWolf> rhowe: naw
<rhowe> PolarWolf: That's about US$10...
<PolarWolf> 't was a McData, iirc
<PolarWolf> rhowe: For a hub I'd agree, switches tend to stay more expensive
<rhowe> PolarWolf: No, that's a switch
<PolarWolf> rhowe: Show me :)
<rhowe> PolarWolf: /last tinyurl
<rhowe> PolarWolf: Managed, too
<rhowe> hm, I might just buy it
<Vinci> sorry for the stupid question: can anyone tell me please how I can compile a C script?
<Vinci> in linux, of course.
<PolarWolf> rhowe: I expect that price to go up
<Gathond> Vinci: C is generally not run as a script, but gcc is a C compiler, so that (or any other C compiler) might do the trick
<PolarWolf> rhowe: BTW, I won an eBay auction lastnight too
<PolarWolf> I bought an array controller for (I'm afraid to say it) $309.
<Vinci> well, I've just written a very simple program, saved it
<Vinci> and then
<Vinci> I tried gcc name of the program
<PolarWolf> I had to spend some paypal funds anyway :)
<Vinci> and it returned several errors
<rhowe> PolarWolf: heh
<Gathond> Vinci: so fix the errors :)
<Vinci> :D
<PolarWolf> rhowe: That paypal money just sits there doing nothing anyway, can just as well spend it
<Vinci> is there a difference between ANSI C and the C used in linux?
<rhowe> PolarWolf: What's this for?
<Vinci> (particulary, Fedora Core) ?
<Falchion> PolarWolf: Invest it in my business idea.
<rhowe> brb phone
<Gathond> Vinci: should not be, although whether gcc is 100% ANSI compliant is beyond my knowledge, but I expect it to be close to 100% in the resent versions
<issya> isn't ansi c, c?
<PolarWolf> rhowe: Hmm, I'd say that's an FC to scsi bridge, but I'm not quite sure



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