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<DaveHowe> I was a player for a while as a student, moved up to being a gm, then wasn't a student any more and haven't really played since
<K_F> gm. guild master?
<DaveHowe> which is a pity, given there is well over a grand's worth of boxed sets in my cupboard
<XyZzY> It's like what happened to people who read comic books
<DaveHowe> game master - or dungeon master, although there aren't really dungeons any more
<K_F> ah
<DaveHowe> XyZzY: they started reading webcomics instead?
<XyZzY> I usually refer to is a DM
<K_F> not really tradition for it in Norway
<DaveHowe> tends to vary - white wolf call it a storyteller, I think
<XyZzY> DaveHowe: NFI. it just sorta went away
<Viking667> hello again. Written letters, now I'm back. Whew.
<K_F> I get enough drama in my real life ...
<DaveHowe> XyZzY: I still read my webcomics religously every night. schlock mercenary is currently most in favour...

<DaveHowe> oh, and - although the story is pretty slow moving atm
<cheeksy> hmmmm Dave got too excited
<K_F> I'm so excited, bam bam bam, I just can't hide it, bam bam bam bam... dudu dudu dudu dudu dudu I wan't you, da da da
<K_F> okay, enough Pointer Sisters
<yoz> =)
<yoz> heh
<Nanuq> poof
<yoz> ey Nanuq
<Bjprn-> K_F: You can sing smokey instead..
<cheeksy> laters
<K_F> Bjprn-: ... living next door to alice
<K_F> 24 years been waiting for a chance...
<whitecap> crash test dummy, dressed as a ancient emperor, strapped to a throne, on top of 70lbs of gunpowder. must be mythbusters
<Bjprn-> nothingness: fix your retardness somewhere else.
<nothingness> whatever you say
<nothingness> at least my nicks are spellt nearly correctly and not scriptkiddywise
<K_F> hehe
<Bjprn-> and stuff keeps getting more bad for every day that goes away
<D-side> the man has a point.
<Bjprn-> oh well, that's life
<Tibzip> nothingness: But why doesn't it start with a capital?:)
<Bjprn-> nothingness: forget what i said then.
<nothingness> cos it doesn't
<K_F> arrrgh, they just transfered data over the analog net again
<K_F> did I tell you folks about the time VeriSign tried to fax my cellphone?
<K_F> that was some fun phonecall
<K_F> and as the fax never got an acceptance tone, it kept re-dialing
<K_F> I had 7 phone-calls from the US or so before I had them mailed and cleared up the mistake
<K_F> they hadn't read the notes from the former shift
<XyZzY> spellt?
<nothingness> spelt :P
<nothingness> whatever
<Nanuq> oh cool
<Bjprn-> pictures of herring?
<XyZzY> spelt has NOTHING to do with spelling
<nothingness> smelt ?
<nothingness> look I'm drunk, not exactly in a spelling bee mode
<XyZzY> Nanuq: Ooo that Calcium Oxalate Monohydrate one looks mighty painful
<reality> K_F: Not as bad as the Verizon customer who signed up for some messaging service with the name /dev/null
<K_F> reality: rofl
<yoz> lol
<XyZzY> nothingness: then trying to berate others on spelling when you own sucks is not a bright idea eh?
<reality> He was getting messages from everybody who had mistyped the customer's nick
<nothingness> XyZzY, exactly :)
<Nanuq> XyZzY: it's a us/uk thing
<Nanuq> XyZzY: at the bottom? oh yeah
<yoz> reality: heh
<Nanuq> XyZzY: Silica (Canine) is probably the coolest
<reality> I guess he justed used the name null
<XyZzY> Nanuq: either of those looks mighty painfull
<XyZzY> reality: oh that's hilarious.
<reality> No, this is hilarious
<waznz> reality: hahahahaha

<reality> Seeing people face plant is hilarious
<waznz> I did a similar thing ... over a very small chain fence, in front of a car full of cops in the rain :/
<reality> Well, you suck at life then
<waznz> the video would've been hilarious
<waznz> blow me
<camelgirl> hey i have set up samba in linux. I have shared a file. However no one can access it unless they have an account on that machine. How do i set it up so everyone can browse those files?
<camelgirl> through \\name\shares ... in their browsers?
<doolph> chmod 777 that folder?
<camelgirl> still asks me for a username and password
<camelgirl> its on numbert views 777
<camelgirl> can view it if i log in username and password when prompted, but want to be able to view without doing that
<reality> camelgirl: A paste of your smb.conf would be helpful...
<D-side> allow guest access?
<Tamahome> that's opening up a world of security risk
<camelgirl> how do i do that?
<reality> Yeah, some map to guest bull****
<D-side> sure it is, but thats apparently how she wants it
<camelgirl> yeah that what i want
<reality> Tamahome: Fairly common on university networks
<Tamahome> reality: figures.
<camelgirl> how do allow all guets to read?
<D-side> thats something i think you should endeavour to figure out on your own.
<D-side> considering its so easy its nearly intuitive, and alternately, docs exist for a reason.
<D-side> sjh: trying to tell me something? :)
<sjh> just I did not notice an active op
<camelgirl> i think that is a good idea. Can u please point me in the right direction? is it chmod related?
<D-side> I get it, I get it. I don't op up enough. point taken. :)
<sjh> though whitecap is here I guess
<D-side> camelgirl: partially.
<whitecap> sjh: at times
<Tamahome> hallo whitecap, Steven
<sjh> whitecap, ditto (at work and not looking at the irc desktop particularly often)
<D-side> camelgirl: hint: "public"
<sjh> sean
<camelgirl> public, thanks
<whitecap> sjh: at home, finishing up dinner and doing other chores
<D-side> i'm rsyncing my desktop distro to a usb disk, then i'll be installing ubuntu.
<D-side> i think.
<Tamahome> I'm trying to figure out how port forwarding works on the wireless we have at home
<D-side> it presents a challenge?
<Tamahome> D-Link's web interface is confusing
<reality> Tamahome: D-link?
<camelgirl> D-side... i did it. Thanks heaps. I really appreciate your help
<Tamahome> yeah we have a DI-524
<reality> Bah...I blame lag
<reality> Tamahome: I have the DI-514
<D-side> camelgirl: next time read the docs.
<D-side> camelgirl: "man smb.conf" would have solved that for you.
<Tamahome> if I just want to forward in port 80 for web, is it the virtual server tab, or the applications one?
<reality> Tamahome: Use a virtual server and then open a hole in the firewall for it
<reality> Tamahome: I always do both
<D-side> this is why i could never use an off-the-shelf router like that.
<camelgirl> what is man. I found smb.conf and found an article in google
<reality> camelgirl: man man
<D-side> what is man? oy. these kids today.
<camelgirl> ive only been doing this 24 hrs
<camelgirl> very new to linuc but loving it
<whitecap> should have used man your first five minutes
<camelgirl> what is man
<reality> camelgirl: Open a prompt and type in "man man"
<whitecap> whatis man ... man (1) - format and display the on-line manual pages
<whitecap> whitecap@star ~ $ whatis whatis
<whitecap> whatis (1) - search the whatis database for complete words
<whitecap> there are all sorts of nice tools for you to do your own homework with
<camelgirl> awesome, thats gonna come in so helpful
<camelgirl> why arent more people using linux, its awesome
<waznz> camelgirl: because people are sheep
<D-side> i wonder if i want a second display
<blueroo> d-side: yes
<waznz> People are also lazy.
<reality> D-side: Yes...yes you do



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