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<dravine> unfortunately, (s)he is the manager so my hands are tied on some issues
<dravine> and being such, my decade of coding experience is moot to the latest book on l337 html
<sk8ing> what's the correct way to do it, new Image; or new Image();

<sk8ing> ?
<dave-e> I'd go with the latter, but the former implies the same thing..
<[Torgo]> i believe the second is the only one that will call the constructor
<sk8ing> hmm, the second one sems like it executes the object and it "news" the result (just a feeling)
<sk8ing> hmm new Image should call the contstructor too
<dave-e> [Torgo] thought in JS they had new Image; as a shortcut to new Image();? I've never used it mind... just seem to remember
<[Torgo]> i want to say returns a new instance, but i suppose both would
<[Torgo]> for consistency, i'd go with ()

<dave-e> Yeah, looks nicer and makes more sense
<[Torgo]> especially if you don't know what it does otherwise ;)
<sk8ing> :)
<Znuff> Hello. I've been trying to find a code snippet that closes a window and reopens another one
<Znuff> Can anyone point me in the right direction ?
<[Torgo]> sure, press ALT+Z to see our snippets collection
<Znuff> can't, using xchat, doesn't "know" about alt+z :-)



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