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<conga> hehee
<conga> i pasted it
<zaei> 14:13:26 up 33 days, 12 min, 94 users, load average: 2.41, 1.28, 0.56
<zaei> Project is almost due =}
<nereid> mount -t html /dev/webpage /mnt/burps ;)
<conga> lol
<theBear> heh... that's zaei's brains uptime, not his computer :)
<conga> title=WindowsXP
<conga> root (hd2,0)
<conga> makeactive
<conga> chainloader +1
<conga> i add this to my grub but it didn't work
<conga> it say unknown partition
<nereid> do you have 2 physical drive
<conga> can you go to the site and tell me what i need to put in for root?
<conga> yeah

<theBear> try something like map (hd0) (hd1) <next line> map (hd1) (hd0) somehwere in the winxp bit
<nereid> you may need to add
<nereid> yes , like thebear say
<nereid> :)
<theBear> its the only way i could make a cdrive installed 2000 boot after i added a new first drive
<conga> not root (hd2,0)?
<conga> it's in the grub menu
<nereid> title Windows XP
<nereid> map (hd0) (hd1)
<nereid> map (hd1) (hd0)
<nereid> rootnoverify (hd1,0)
<nereid> makeactive
<nereid> chainloader +1
<nereid> (you must correct for the good disk number)
<theBear> cool... 20 min delay before work :)
<conga> you sure it work?
<conga> let me reboot lol
<conga> i have 3 sata drive
<theBear> i'm sure it's better, tho you have to check things like hd0,1,2 ... if you are using hda and hdc i think you would want hd0 and hd2 swapped
<conga> sda sdb sdc
<conga> sdc is windows partition
<theBear> yeah... dunno how grub handles them, never boot off of one
<conga> oh
<conga> do you think map work on grub?
<theBear> sdc is windows disk, sdc1 or sdc2 would be windows
<theBear> i know that the map option is one mentioned in the manual ....
<conga> Disk /dev/sdc: 74.3 GB, 74355769344 bytes
<conga> 255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 9039 cylinders
<conga> Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes
<conga> Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System
<conga> /dev/sdc1 * 1 9038 72597703+ 7 HPFS/NTFS
<conga> sorry for the floods! :P
<theBear> eh.. i don't care... its just everyone else :)
<conga> cool
<theBear> i can barely keep my eyes open....
<conga> ahaaa
<nereid> thebear: hard day? :)
<conga> :)
<theBear> stupid end of summer... only 6:20 am and its dark outside
<theBear> nah... just had a stiff/pulled neck for a few days, did some heavy/late work on fri and sat night.... and now i gotta go building to an as yet unknown location....
<conga> let me reboot
<nereid> conga: check the grub manual, your solution is to use the map argument on the config file
<theBear> map option is great... tho kinda confusing on the brain if you dualboot and both os's see both drives, only in different orders
<nereid> thebear: you could /nick theMACHINE eheheh ;)
<theBear> what in the hell ?!!?!?! i just found a popup (linux, firefox only running) from FAIRFAX ! those guys are meant to be good guys
<conga> it says can't find partition
<conga> :(
<conga> it's on seperate harddrive, do you think it would work?
<Yoan> heaps of trouble
<conga> if i keep changing hd0, hd1 hd2 and so on?
<nereid> yes I have 2 separate drive here and it work.
<conga> cool
<theBear> you sure you are referencing the right hdX number ? when you boot into grub you can hit e, then e again and use tab to confirm you have the right device names according to grub AT bootup
<conga> how do i know which one nereid?
<conga> im not sure if it's the right drive
<nereid> conga: you may use grub in commande line to indentify the number of the drive
<conga> but fdisk tell me it's sdc
<conga> how do i do that nereid?
<conga> how do i get in grub command
<theBear> ie. you go to the rootnoverify line (at boottime) hit e and then backspace a few times to (hd then hit tab a few times and see whats what
<nereid> ehehe just type grub as root

<conga> heheh
<conga> :D
<conga> ok
<Gurkan> ^_^
<theBear> thing is in SOME cases, the livecd sees/presents boot/grub drives in a different order to what grub will see when its installed and booting
<conga> yes
<Psych> solus ._.
<theBear> so you use the e(dit) and tab trick at boottime... you can just fiddle with that until it boots, then remember what you did and permanently edit grub.conf after a reboot
<solus> when I run /etc/init.d/samba start, smbd doesn't start
<solus> the same init script on another machine works fine
<nereid> solus: no startup error in logfile?
<solus> nothing at all in logfile
<conga> nereid , i 'm in grub now
<conga> how do i make it show partition number?
<nereid> conga: you may type "root (hd" (and hit TAB)
<nereid> it whould disply you list of drive that grub can see
<conga> none nereid
<conga> i hit tab it doesn't show nereid
<nereid> when you started grub , in top does it say that minimal bash completion is supported?
<conga> yes
<nereid> what it does when you type TAB ?
<conga> it says Minimal Bash- like line editins is supported
<conga> it just jump to the blank space
<nereid> grub> root (hd Possible disks are: hd0 hd1
<conga> it doesn't show :(
<nereid> hum, are you using unstable grub?
<conga> i dont know
<conga> 0.96
<conga> is it unstable?
<nereid> i think unstalbe is .97
<nereid> eheh
<conga> heheh
<conga> how come it doesnt work eh
<conga> i use amd64 bit gentoo
<conga> 2006
<nereid> if you just type TAB at the empty grub promt it show you list of supported commande right?
<conga> nope
<conga> it doesn't show
<nereid> doh, never saw this bug :)
<conga> oh
<conga> let me keep chaning the number
<conga> (hd1,0) is not working
<conga> (hd2,0) ?
<conga> or (hd2,2)
<conga> hd2 says File system type unknown , partition type 0x7
<conga> root (hd2,0)
<Gurkan> We'll have no trouble here
<nereid> I thnik this is a bug related to amd64 and grub, see
<theBear> OH MAN THE GODS ARE LOOKING DOWN ON ME TODAY !!!!!! AHAHHAHAHHAAHHAA !!!! no work, timber never arrived, go help my other buddy who also has no work now time his motorbike in a few hours... but DAMN thats good !
<nereid> thebear: eehhehe
<theBear> conga, from memory that is the one
<theBear> hmmm... what was your pastebin thing ?
<theBear> url
<theBear> hmmm... timing on a bike... i wonder how that works
<theBear> ahaaa.... did a whole lotta updates on a house-mates gentoo machine lastnight (its kinda his test/learn/play with linux machine, not his desktop :) ... seems today his usb has gone crazy.... won't detect mouse and sometimes keyboard.... all kinds of usb errors at boot... i didn't even upgrade the kernel :(
<Psych> Hay DirtyDog whats goin on.
<theBear> YO !
<nereid> conga: you may look at this big forum thread about many common grub error:
<theBear> wierd that, how an emerge system (or was it world) upgrades to gentoo-sources-2.6.15-r1, and emerge gentoo-sources does 2.6.14-r5 ... at least i'm pretty darned sure thats what is happening
<nereid> thebear: yes , but I can reproduse the TAB bug with my amd64 system (DOH)
<theBear> nereid, mm.. i didn't read the thing, just that he mentioned seeing partition types and stuff, i thought the tab was working for him
<theBear> i'm still half asleep and confused by the excitement of not having to work :)
<theBear> maybe its gonna have to be a big coffee day
<conga> thanks nereid:)
<conga> oh it's a bug
<theBear> installed win2000 for a friend yesterday (he's still learning things like what a shortcut is, how a box aint called a harddrive and the difference between ram and harddrives, linux aint for him yet) but MAN ! i swear i coulda installed a stage 2 with X, firefox and not much else in the same time it took me to get a servicepack, some general updates, and directx 9 .... still haven't gotten around to video and sound drivers (mainly 'c
<theBear> os i didn't have a torch and it was getting late and i forgot what they were :)
<theBear> conga, bummer
<conga> theBear, i have 2.6.15 kernel
<conga> 2.6.15-gentoo-r5
<theBear> conga, just wierd the way that a general update picks one, then a specific emerge on the same thing seems to choose a different/older one AND slot it ....
<theBear> yeah, screw 2.6.14... thats old skoo'
<theBear> aha... maybe its got something to do with not typing mount /usr/portage <grin>



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