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<theBear> hmm... is it bad if i was called for dury juty and i only just opened the letter a month after i was supposed to turn up ?
<conga> lol
<conga> so you didn't show up theBear?
<theBear> i guess not... it was a month ago and i only just opened the letter
<theBear> someting about a reminder for a not-voting fine too... but that can wait (says maximum court penalty $55 :)
<conga> i think it doesn't matter but i'm not sure
<theBear> heh
<conga> lol
<conga> :D
<Gurkan> =D
<Psych> =D
<conga> $55 is cheap
<theBear> the fine is only 25... but i don't have it, haven't had it for months and am not gonna have it soon :)
<theBear> i know people who have not payed voting fines for 20 years....
<conga> lol
<theBear> ok.. bbl

<conga> ok
<conga> theBear , will the money increasing every month?
<conga> if you dont pay
<conga> i'm not old enough to vote :D
<Psych> Ciao.
<Gurkan> the nice girls love a sailor
<myke_> what's the least hellish way to get working gcc on a gentoo system that doesn't?
<ectospasm> The LiveCD?
<myke_> hmm ok
<myke_> what if it's an old os?
<ectospasm> hrmmm... I dunno
<ectospasm> how old?
<myke_> 1.4.16
<ectospasm> Yeah, that's old.
<myke_> it's a system for an internet kiosk that the original developers ditched
<myke_> since it wasn't meant to be developed on, they handily left me a broken gcc
<ectospasm> do you need the data on it? Can you migrate it to another machine?
<myke_> only saving grace is that someone else gave me a laptop with so i can compile there
<myke_> what i have is a cd that installs the kiosk system on a pc
<myke_> but dude wants me to do further work on it
<myke_> i tried to quickpkg the gcc off the laptop and put it on the kiosk box but that didn't quite work
<DirtyDog> how can update the menu in gnome after emerging some new apps?
<Psych> a bush
<ectospasm> shut up Psych
<Psych> Bof.
<Psych> wilkommen lenox
<zaei> Yar, *****es.
<Psych> shh gwyd, it's quiet time now
<Gurkan> where'd my moose go?
<Psych> under a book
<WereW0|f> hello
<sinthetek> i'm having problems getting portage to work with a symlinked /var/tmp/portage
<sinthetek> i chown -R portage:portage'd it
<sinthetek> but it's still giving permission errors
<sinthetek> ACCESS DENIED open_wr: /var/tmp/portage/reiser4-gentoo-sources-2.6.15-r7/temp/eclass-debug.log
<sinthetek> /usr/lib/portage/bin/ line 1445: /var/tmp/portage/reiser4-gentoo-sources-2.6.15-r7/temp/eclass-debug.log: Permission denied
<sinthetek> etc
<sinthetek> drwxrwxr-x 5 portage portage 144 Mar 12 02:50 /var/tmp/portage/
<sinthetek> drwxr-xr-x 2 portage portage 48 Mar 12 02:46 /var/tmp/portage/work/
<Psych> Sup john1008.
<Psych> hay _netbsd
<sinthetek> does the latest gentoo install cd have reiser4progs?
<Psych> i might answer, one day
<sinthetek> did 2005.0?
<Psych> Only with wizwoz.
<sinthetek> stfu, psych, jeez
<sinthetek> haha
<Autie> :)
<Psych> ;)
<Autie> nope, they don't
<Gurkan> ^_^
<Psych> :)
<sinthetek> hrm...
<sinthetek> wait, you mean even the last one doesn't?
<sinthetek> s/last/latest
<Autie> yes
<Gurkan> ya are SO fired.
<Mank0r> Gurkan: **** you, guy!
<Gurkan> Shut up, you turd-bible.
<Mank0r> Gurkan: what. nigger?
<Gurkan> Mp3!

<Mank0r> oic
<Psych> Hay sinthetek whats goin on.
<Autie> QA Notice: the following files are setXid, dyn linked, and using lazy bindings This combination is generally discouraged. Try re-emerging the package: LDFLAGS='-Wl,-z,now' emerge xorg-x11
<Autie> LAZY usr/bin/Xorg
<Psych> wilkommen ribs
<Freman> lazy x?
<Psych> Purple dildos.
<Autie> 1 of 1809
<Wenix> Autie: emerge?
<Psych> Nothing.
<Autie> yes :)
<Autie> emerge -e world
<Autie> been bored
<Autie> now i'm even bored some more
<Psych> setty mings lalalala
<Freman> if you're luck is anything like mine...
<Freman> there'll be a portage update before you're done
<sjk> Autie, ircd.
<Psych> uh oh, it's neaprocs
<Autie> nope
<Autie> not in my list
<ot4ku> i am trying to set up a brige but am seriously missing some important detail :( anyone in the mood of giving some pointers ?
<Psych> hey Yoan
<Yoan> ahoy
<Psych> shh diable666, it's quiet time now
<DiAbLe666> lol Psych
<Psych> sup john1008
<G1dzz0r> hehe
<G1dzz0r> Psych: cloak
<Psych> G1dzz0r: big neg.
<G1dzz0r> Psych: cloak
<Psych> G1dzz0r: cloak
<G1dzz0r> ffs!
<G1dzz0r> Psych: obey!
<Psych> G1dzz0r: What do you want to know?
<G1dzz0r> Psych hi
<Psych> G1dzz0r: nog wakker ?
<G1dzz0r> :<
<Psych> Assimilation is futile, you will be resi... D'OH!
<Psych> hay y0py
<s0ulslack> weeeeeeeeeeeeeeed
<s0ulslack> is so ****ing good
<s0ulslack> :-)
<Psych> ^_^
<Psych> Hi there nereid.
<nereid> hi
<nereid> fast on typing or channel bot? :)
<Ribs> it's a bot
<Ribs> most people have it on /ignore
<nereid> ACK :)
<Ribs> Gurkan is a less-lame bot
<Ribs> we love Gurkan
<nereid> eheh
<nereid> weedybot alway catch more love from user ;)
<nereid> ribs: where you from
<nereid> I see :)
<zaei> Ribs is a crime lord.
<nereid> he import/export drugs ? :) eheh
<conga> can someone help me
<theBear> I don' wanna work today
<conga> << how do i boot to this partition
<conga> stay home theBear :)
<theBear> thats not a partition, thats a webpage :)
<conga> hehee



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