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<cn28h> c-bot, __unused
<c-bot> cn28h, stop smoking crack and ask again.
<twkm> __ is a clue though.
<cn28h> yeah, I figured it was a gcc only thing, I was just curious if c-bot knew about it :)
<twkm> ahh.
<cn28h> I've seen it in function prototypes, but I want to use it in a struct
<dbtid> i like that one
<dbtid> the crack one
<dbtid> i put that in not too long ago
<cn28h> heheh
<Elliot> c-bot: are you an eggdrop?
<c-bot> Elliot, you tell me!
<twkm> no.
<twkm> c-bot: source
<c-bot> twkm, the magic 8 ball says... I do not know.
<twkm> bah, you prat.

<Asdeyahe> c-bot are you a smart bot?
<c-bot> Asdeyahe, *shrug*
<comando23> Asdeyahe hy there
<Asdeyahe> :)
<Asdeyahe> hy
<comando23> listen where can i find a c guru over here?
<Asdeyahe> Well the ops :)
<Asdeyahe> They are pretty good
<comando23> yeap but no one is online i think
<cn28h> comando23, perhaps you should try asking a question
<comando23> :)
<comando23> well let me see
<comando23> how can i crack a password to a program that recognise a serial port device
<comando23> i mean
<cn28h> eh?
<comando23> i can get on the device but need the corect password to download the data
<comando23> i spoke earlier with dbtid but he had something to do and left
<comando23> cn28h
<comando23> i have a chip
<cn28h> government put one in you too?
<comando23> conected to my pc by serial port
<cn28h> oh, right
<Elliot> i am so bored
<comando23> i can access that chip through a program
<comando23> but that program needs a password that is on the chip
<comando23> every chip has a passowrd
<cn28h> what do you mean by a "chip"? that's pretty general
<cn28h> a micro?
<comando23> well i could send ya a pic of it
<cn28h> that's ok
<cn28h> anyway, I'm not sure what this has to do with C
<comando23> ...........
<comando23> well i need a patch
<comando23> to apply to the progam so that the program can automatically cancel the password on the chip and let me choose another one
<Elliot> what chip is it? i'm really curious now
<comando23> :))
<comando23> well i cant send it my dcc is not functionating
<comando23> an email or something
<Elliot> i don't dcc.
<comando23> or i dunno something to put it on
<Elliot> what's the name of the chip? model number? part number?
<Elliot> what's it supposted to do
<comando23> copy data
<comando23> well
<comando23> is from a rent videostore
<Elliot> continue
<comando23> customers come in put theri cards in the card reader
<comando23> this chip copies their data and make the payments and the retrieve stuff
<comando23> now my friend had some problems with 2 of the chips
<comando23> at the first one the password worked
<comando23> was k
<comando23> transfered the customer data adn so on
<comando23> the second one...nope
<comando23> and i cant transfer any data
<cn28h> this sounds a tad shady
<comando23> what does it mean?
<comando23> tad shady?

<comando23> sorry
<comando23> and the pics of he chip...
<Elliot> sounds like you're not using the right tool for the right task
<Elliot> how did you aquire this source code, anyway?
<comando23> well
<comando23> was already
<comando23> sent by someone from the states
<comando23> we cant find that guys
<comando23> or guy
<Elliot> right
<cai> hahaha, this is shaping up great
<comando23> maybe there is another program to go into the chip
<comando23> but i dunno
<comando23> every chip has its own password
<cai> You got sourcecode for a device which has customer information on it from "a guy."
<cn28h> you bought it and they didn't give you the password? haha
<comando23> man
<comando23> nope
<comando23> wait wait
<cai> Just brute force it
<comando23> we bought them 2 years ago
<comando23> till now we didnt have problems
<cn28h> yes, brute force it. Then when the sun runs out of energy you might crack it
<comando23> now from 4 chips
<comando23> 2 went down
<comando23> we deleted the memory of the one of them
<cn28h> call the manufacturer and ask how to rset them
<comando23> and the second i dunno how but the password have been changed or something
<cai> cn28h: I think you give too much credit to serial transactions
<cn28h> ;P
<comando23> cause my friend doesnt know for sure what happend
<comando23> the manufacter we dont know them
<Elliot> sounds like no one does
<comando23> the people we got from they went down
<comando23> we dont find them anymore
<cai> comando23: does this run on a PIC?
<comando23> at lest to reset the password
<cai> You may be able to reflash it
<comando23> PIC?
<cai> Pretty much useless if it has flash separated from the PIC, though
<cai> Yeah, type of microcontroller
<comando23> practically
<comando23> is a chip with his own memory
<dbtid> comando23: you're doing VB, which is off-topic here
<comando23> the chip protects its memory with an 8 char password
<comando23> ups
<cai> Do you happen to know what chip it is?
<comando23> sorry
<dbtid> here's what he has: a chip with a DES encryption and he wants to crack it
<comando23> dbtid meanwhile i made some pics
<comando23> crack it or reset it
<cai> 8 chars guaranteed? That wouldn't be too hard to brute force
<cn28h> DES only allows like 7 or 8 character passwords, no?
<dbtid> cai you don't think so???
<Elliot> i wouldn't write that in c
<cai> dbtid: it wouldn't be my first choice (reflashing it if possible), but it wouldn't be too hard, I don't think
<cai> It would take some time, of course
<comando23> please guys if someone knows how i would be so greatfull
<cai> Find out who the manufacturer is, that would be your best bet
<comando23> someone told me that there is a patch for the program i sent ya dbtid and that patch can delete the pass and change it
<comando23> the manufacter
<comando23> ehe
<comando23> unknown
<comando23> well?
<comando23> is ther any chance?
<Elliot> it sounds like the consensus says, "you're ****ed".
<cn28h> Asdeyahe?
<comando23> good
<cai> At least with the information he's given and the shady background of the object in question



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