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<TheJesus> what
<TheJesus> dammit!
<TheJesus> I figured it out
<TheJesus> damn

<TheJesus> thejesus knows what's up!
<TheJesus> the problem was that I had rules within the vhost that were overriding the global rules
<DarcyB> see you were doing it wrong wern't you
<TheJesus> so
<TheJesus> I had to addrewriteoptions inherit
<TheJesus> to inherit the global rules
<TheJesus> I was
<TheJesus> id-10-t error
<JC^Omega> yeah
<JC^Omega> pebkac
<codi> anyone around familiar with mod_rewrite
<Aquel> hello
<MrShmelo12> hey.. how do i make a rule that after the server detects "zetov" it will redirect him? now in this rule if i type zetov/ or zetov1 it its fails... : RewriteRule ^coop/sites/zetov$ /coop/9games/framed_code.php?box_lang=0&cid=1001019&colorscheme=2&show_code=0&sitelogo=zetov-logo.jpg [L,NC,QSA]
<Sorinello> Hello. does apache have some kind of cache... ?

<pocimaci> re
<Aquel> leaving now
<codi> Can anyone help me with a mod_rewrite problem
<macbovine> codi: ask
<codi> what i've got is RewriteCond %{SCRIPT_FILENAME} !-d and RewriteCond %{SCRIPT_FILENAME} !-f
<codi> which works, and my application is fine, but any html that references files in actual folders doesn't work. so images, stylesheets and javascript can't be found
<codi> anyone?
<g1dz> put them in a folder?
<codi> what? they are in a folder. the problem is the folder path is being rewritten by mod_rewrite
<codi> but it shouldn't be
<Azer> codi did you enable rewritelog and read it?
<Azer> .apachedoc rewritelog url
<p`u> rewritelog(mod_rewrite) url:
<Azer> solved..
<Azer> logs are a neat tool.



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