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<hax> evoL`: lol really?
<evoL`> have a video too
<evoL`> ya
<hax> ahhaha
<hax> please divx the video
<evoL`> haha no way
<hax> hahah
<evoL`> on camera anyway
<evoL`> if you wanna learn, they have video tutorials you can download or buy
<evoL`> lol
<hax> evoL`: i tried for about a week to learn how to six step
<hax> when i realized it only gets harder from there
<hax> i quit
<evoL`> the basic movements?
<hax> lol

<evoL`> LOL
<evoL`> yeah
<evoL`> I almost broke my neck trying to do a windmill
<hax> rofl
<evoL`> heard every bone in my spine like crack
<hax> how do you explain that injury
<evoL`> was like ooooooo ****ttttt
<evoL`> yeah really "I was dancing"
<hax> "did you get in a fight?"
<hax> "yeah, see, this bro stepped to me.."
<evoL`> hahah
<evoL`> hahaha
<hax> "and i had to show him what i was made of... and i totally was gonna serve him...
<hax> and then it snapped
<hax> hahahah
<evoL`> LOL
<hax> evoL`: i feel like even if i could break really well, being the only one who can do it isnt any fun
<evoL`> yeah, it isn't
<evoL`> me and my buddy used to go to the club and do it
<hax> hahaha
<hax> for real?
<evoL`> yeah
<hax> when was this?
<evoL`> he was sick at headspin
<evoL`> like 3 years ago
<evoL`> lol
<hax> roofl
<hax> evoL`: it must have been sick back in the day
<hax> omg
<hax> some of them are still breakin
<hax> omg they have a website
<hax> lol
<hax> omg
<hax> hahaha
<hax> they're so sick
<hax> hahaah
<majd> lol
<hax> evoL`: so can you actually break?
<hax> evoL`: like, were people like "you're awesome"?
<hax> rofl
<hax> omg
<hax> hahahah
<hax> i guess its not dead
<evoL`> omg
<evoL`> yeah that must've been awesome
<evoL`> meeting up on the streets
<hax> yeah seriously
<evoL`> dancing out all of your battles
<hax> lol
<evoL`> til the cops show up and through you in jail for dancing
<hax> hahahaha
<hax> "what are you in for?"
<evoL`> I served some kids in the back alley the other night
<hax> rofl
<hax> i don't even know if you're joking

<evoL`> LOL
<evoL`> ahh my story's so close to being dugg grrrr
<hax> do people who do that kind of thing like carry around ghettoblasters still?
<hax> or?
<hax> where does the music come from?
<hax> lol
<evoL`> hahahaha
<evoL`> !!
<hax> i should make a ghettoblaster ipod holder
<hax> i'd be ****in rich
<evoL`> omfg
<shekmalhen> that'd be awesome :)
<evoL`> haha
<hax> everyone would buy one
<hax> i mean
<hax> who wouldn't want that
<evoL`> even shape it to sit relaxed on your shoulder lol
<hax> hahaha
<hax> yeah
<evoL`> and keep it there at all times
<hax> rofl
<evoL`> unless you needa serve some fewls
<hax> hahahah
<hax> i wonder if in the 80s people would like get on busses and stuff and there'd be people with ghettoblasters on their shoulders
<hax> i was like 3 years old then
<evoL`> like every other row
<hax> seriously?
<evoL`> yeah
<hax> how old are oyu?
<hax> lol
<evoL`> and when they got on the bus together
<evoL`> they'd all put it on a radio station
<hax> seriously?
<evoL`> yeah dude
<hax> wtf
<hax> lol
<evoL`> can't believe you never saw that in movies
<hax> thats so leet
<evoL`> ok i'm lying
<evoL`> but that's what i would've done
<hax> hahaha
<hax> yeah
<evoL`> i'm only 20 :/
<hax> rofl
<hax> me too
<evoL`> haha
<hax> i really want to learn to pop
<hax> *that* is cool
<hax> and i feel like i can be somewhat out of shape and still do it
<evoL`> just pop your joints
<evoL`> lol
<hax> not like break dancing
<hax> where you need to actually have upper body strength
<hax> lol
<evoL`> yeah breakdancing
<evoL`> wow
<evoL`> yeah
<evoL`> the 80's were so cool, but for other people, so gay
<PseudoPlacebo> Could someone tell me why my images aren't showing up on this page: +
<_W_> PseudoPlacebo, because the urls return 404
<_W_> 404 etc
<PseudoPlacebo> images/
<_W_> then add that to the src
<_W_> <img src="kitty.jpg" alt="A kitty!"> is what you wrote
<PseudoPlacebo> Ahh.
<PseudoPlacebo> I see.
<PseudoPlacebo> Haha.
<hax> lol
<PseudoPlacebo> It was two problems.
<PseudoPlacebo> My header is supposed to be an image too.
<PseudoPlacebo> But it's using CSS.
<PseudoPlacebo> And it's linked with /image
<PseudoPlacebo> But it was a different problem.
<PseudoPlacebo> But I thought it was all the same thing.



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