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<Menos> If POS means Piece Of Silk
<Menos> Yes.
<Menos> She is.
<Amaranth> ha
<Menos> And so are you.
<Tronic> Internet connections are only getting faster (22 Mbit/s ADSLs are already available in many places, allowing STREAMING of high quality MPEG-2 HD material)
<Amaranth> i bought _4_ PS2s! 4!
<Amaranth> they all died
<Menos> I bought one.
<Menos> It rules ass to this day.
<Amaranth> i'm getting a Wii
<Tronic> MPEG-4 (AVC) allows for even higher quality, using that bandwidth.
<Menos> Some PS2's had bugs with the disc read error.
<Menos> which sony fixed with the ps2 slim.
<Menos> albeit a little late.
<Stephanie> Amaranth: I'll have one of those, too.

<Amaranth> I had 2 original PS2s and 2 of the tiny ones, only one of the breakings was user-related.
<Menos> but hey, at least it doesn't light your carpet on fire.
<Amaranth> heh
<Menos> Stephanie, what are you looking forward to most on PS3?
<Stephanie> Amaranth: I have Red vs Blue on my least a couple episodes. :P
<Stephanie> Menos: Final Fantasy XIII. :P
<Menos> Is FFXII ps2 then?
<Stephanie> Other than that, Metal Gear Solid 4, Monster Kingdom, and Assassin's Creed.
<Amaranth> I tried to play an Xbox360 demo at Target the other day. The morons had it in a sealed display case (no ventilation). Three Red Lights of Doom were flashing.
<red_one> It's Stephanie, lol.
<Menos> Oyyy vey!
<Stephanie> Heh. I get to play Prey tomorrow.
<Stephanie> :D
<Menos> Personally I think the final fantasy series has gone downhill in the second gen market.
<Menos> FFX was a total flop.
<Menos> FFX-2... what a cash cow!
<Stephanie> Menos: Er...
<Stephanie> X was great.
<Amaranth> Second gen would be SNES.
<Amaranth> So, uh, yeah.
<Menos> I mean, second gen CD based systems
<Menos> cd/dvd
<Menos> Okay, I meant ps2
<Menos> whatever.
<Menos> FFX was horrible.
<Amaranth> Don't try to sound smart, it doesn't work.
<Menos> Baaaad voice acting.
<Menos> baaaaaad.
<Stephanie> Actually, that wasn't bad voice acting.
<Menos> They even botched the kingdom hearts sequal.
<Amaranth> I stopped playing Final Fantasy games an hour into FF9.
<Menos> KH1 had amazing voice acting.
<Menos> KH2... baaad
<Menos> and for me, bad voice acting kills a game.
<Amaranth> FF7 and FF8 == best ever
<Stephanie> Uh...turn the voices off?
<Menos> They had such "over the top" characters.
<Amaranth> although i'd still rather play zelda :P
<Menos> and everyone was the same personality... the cold, lone wolf kinda guy.
<Stephanie> Uh...turn the voices off?
<Menos> eg; kimahri, Auron were like the same personality.
<Amaranth> the voices are the reason you play :P
<Menos> all quiet etc.
<Stephanie> Bad voice acting. I'll tell you about bad voice acting.
<Menos> I think a game that aims to be a "cinematic experience" (eg long, lush cuts of rendered foliage, combined with an attempted 'epic' storyline) should at least have decent voice acting.
<Stephanie> Play Star Ocean: Til the End of Time.
<Menos> However!
<Menos> That being said.
<Menos> Metal Gear Solid 4
<Menos> In my opinion
<Stephanie> Play Magna Carta.
<Menos> is worth more than a 700 dollar console.
<Menos> Stephanie, those aren't games that come out of the third biggest game franchise of all time, though.
<Amaranth> heh
<Menos> and you'd expect top-quality with the THIRD best selling franchise of all time, n
<Amaranth> 3rd biggest?
<Menos> 'nome sayin?
<Amaranth> Which one is 3rd?
<Stephanie> Menos: FFX was a good game. The story was good, the battle system was good, the leveling system was ingenius.
<Menos> Final Fantasy.

<Amaranth> Mario, Zelda, ?
<Amaranth> ah
<Menos> Mario is first
<Menos> Pokemon is second
<Menos> *laughs*
<Amaranth> Ha
<Amaranth> alright then, Zelda is 3rd or 4th
<Stephanie> Pokemon can be fun.
<Menos> Its ridiculous. Pokemon red/green/blue for the original gameboy is the second bestselling game of ALL TIME.
<Menos> Even though its sorta three games.
<Amaranth> oh, best-selling
<Stephanie> Er.
<Amaranth> i thought you meant biggest
<Stephanie> Pokemon Red/Blue.
<Amaranth> Stephanie: No blue in Japan, it was Red and Green
<Menos> I think I compare everything to FF7
<Menos> and final fantasy tactics.
<Menos> Arguably the two most revolutionary of the final fantasy series.
<Stephanie> Menos: Neither of which had voice acting.
<Amaranth> I compare everything to Super Mario 64
<Stephanie> At all.
<Menos> yeah
<Stephanie> So why is it important?
<Amaranth> And/or Super Mario 3
<Menos> Voice acting just kills a game.
<Menos> Like I can't take a movie seriously with bad dubbing.
<Menos> unless its intentionally bad like Kung Pow.
<Menos> *laughs*
<Menos> Do you love Metal Gear, steph?
<Stephanie> I tend not to watch anime or movies in anything but the original language.
<red_one> Metal Gear: Geriatrics.
<Stephanie> And yes, I like Metal Gear Solid.
<Stephanie> You have to specify.
<Menos> I'm sure FFX is a lot better in my opinion
<Menos> had I the option to play it in japanese.
<Menos> Steph, do you play Metal Gear Online?
<Menos> Or are you not *THAT* big a fan?
<red_one> also, Menos
<Menos> Yep?
<Menos> Oh.
<Menos> :(
<Stephanie> I don't play any games online.
<Stephanie> I prefer my games single player.
<Stephanie> EXcept for Halo.
<Menos> But its metal gear... ONLINE!
<Menos> As much as I'm not a fan of nerdy FPS games... Killzone 2 looks sweet.
<Stephanie> It's stealth doesn't lend itself to the online experience well.
<Stephanie> I don't even like MMORPGs.
<Menos> Thats true, Stephanie. But the online experience of a non-stealth action game using the metal gear engine.
<Menos> Works incredibly well.
<Stephanie> Still wouldn't play it.
<Menos> Arguable the best online game I've played in years. Except for tonnes of latency issues.
<Amaranth> Menos: I can't see that not sucking
<Menos> Amaranth, they introduced a 3d camera to Metal gear Solid Subsistance.
<Menos> So it works quite well
<Amaranth> The only thing fun about Metal Gear is stealth killings and the movies.
<Menos> Its not your pappy's metal gear anymore.
<Menos> nah the engine is pretty cool
<Menos> stunning people, cqc.
<Stephanie> Metal Gear SOLID!
<Menos> Headshots!
<Stephanie> It isn't just Metal Gear.
<Menos> Stephanie.
<Menos> The first metal gear solid game was for the ps1
<Stephanie> Yes.
<red_one> Pedant vs Pedant!
<Menos> there wer two metal gear games before that.
<Stephanie> Yes.
<Stephanie> I know.
<Menos> Thus the entire series is considered "metal gear"



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