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<Ocoth`> I need to choose a secondary monitor
<arooni> hey folks... why is this #notice { width:450px; padding:5px 5px 5px 5px; font-size:14px; margin-left:40px; margin-bottom:5px; border:3px solid #ECCE00;} ..
<arooni> pushing down the other things on the page
<arooni> like it messes up teh alignment between labels and form fields?
<reisio> why wouldn't it?
<arooni> reisio: i dont know ?
<arooni> i mean it upsets the alignment between : pushing down my #left #box_join #joinForm ul li.labels { float:left; width:200px; text-align:right;} and .. #left #box_join #joinForm ul li.labels label { line-height:26px; color:#018E9F; }
<hax> mount --bind /var/run/saslauthd/ /var/spool/postfix/var/run/saslauthd/
<hax> someone help me turn that into a valid /etc/fstab
<hax> i have no idea how to do it
<reisio> you're sure to figure it out by staring at an IRC channel with the subject of web
<hax> reisio: believe it or not
<hax> i think i got it
<hax> reisio: it was a pretty good start
<hax> reisio: i do that a lot

<hax> reisio: i also sacrifice one human a day to ensure the sun comes up
<reisio> :p
<hax> sweet
<hax> it worked
<hax> server rebooted cleanly
<hax> all systems operational :)
<hax> although it might be time to try and setup iptables
<reisio> endra: consider your exploitation of Wikipedia for financial gain overwith:
<hax> reisio: where the hell did that come from?
<reisio> :p
<reisio> how cute
<hax> i'm confused
<reisio> hax: he mentioned a while ago about how he's generating traffic from wikipedia
<hax> oh
<reisio> and now I'm going to go through and remove all his links :p
<reisio> there's a cute little list on :)
<hax> and you complain about my linux questions :P
<reisio> no I complained about your complaining :p
<hax> ha
<hax> reisio: this chick on this 'red hot' phone *** commercial makes me lol so muhc
<hax> *much
<hax> i'd hate to be related to her
<reisio> :p
<decore> stop making fun of my mom
<decore> she works hard :(
<hax> heh
<hax> smokin' hot
<decore> :P
<decore> my laptop is finally in state
<hax> okay, tomorrow is gonna be fun
<hax> web server time
<decore> yeah
<hax> finally
<decore> orly?
<hax> dns/mail/sql are done and secure
<hax> yarly
<decore> personal box?
<hax> production server
<hax> well, it will be
<decore> Billy West is my hero.
<hax> uhh, ok
<decore> D:
<hax> lol
<decore> hax: You know..
<hax> g'night ren :P
<decore> Ren and Stimpy
<decore> Fry
<decore> Zoidberg
<hax> yeah
<hax> apparently
<decore> he's done everything
<decore> lol
<hax> i didn't know he was so many characters in futurama
<decore> he's my hero
<hax> until i justlooked it up
<hax> well, Fry is my personal hero
<hax> so i guess this guy is too
<decore> he's basically every make besides Hermes
<decore> lol

<decore> male**
<hax> he does a really good 'nixons head'
<decore> he was Doug on Nickelodean
<decore> :D
<hax> doo doo dooo do do
<hax> lol
<hax> okay, i'm getting in bed and watching futurama
<hax> g'night guys
<decore> boop boop weeeooo
<decore> oka
<decore> +y
<hax> *sleep*
<littleball> hello, i want to have a chat room on my website to do customer support. any suggestions? IRC applet?
<ChrisC35> How would I go about (and is it possible using AJAX) to have a feature where you can drag/drop a row in a tale that represents a product, onto a page link at the bottom (which are the pages the products are divided up onto) to have the product move to that page?
<reisio> littleball: here's one:
<reisio> tons more here and there
<reisio> ChrisC35: "Ajax"
<reisio> ChrisC35: yeah that's just a "cart" thingy with a drag-and-drop effect on one page
<reisio> just do a search for 'javascript drag drop'
<ChrisC35> k thanks
<ChrisC35> but dragging onto a link? and the function knowing which link you dropped on so it knows what to do? that is possible?
<reisio> yes of course
<ChrisC35> lovely
<p0windah> anyone have ideas why this isnt working in opera ?
<nater> i don't have opera on this machine
<nater> how's it misbehaving?
<whitehood> nater It does nothing
<p0windah> nater: for some reason, when trying to use optgroup, it refuses to render a <select> list
<nater> :(
<nater> here i was thinking it'd be a markup/css problem, and instead its js
<Menos> hey guys!
<Menos> HD DVD vs BLU-RAY!
<Menos> Round one! FIGHT!
<shekmalhen> bah
<Tronic> Both players lose.
<shekmalhen> (inertia)
<Stephanie> Neither is going to take off.
<Tronic> Who wants DRM, anyway?
<Menos> Oh?
<Menos> Of which format are you guys proponents for?
<Tronic> Neither.
<Menos> :O
<Menos> Hey Steph, long time no see.
<Tronic> MPEG-2 HDTV broadcasts work fine.
<Stephanie> My boyfriend has an Xbox 360 and I'll have a PS3.
<Tronic> No DRM there.
<Menos> Steph, good choice there!
<Stephanie> We don't really care about HD-DVD OR Bluray.
<Menos> DRM, Tronic?
<Menos> Stephanie, thats because you have both formats.
<Tronic> Menos: Digital Restrictions Management.
<Menos> If you buy the HD-DVD perepheral for 360
<Tronic> (or Rights, whatever)
<Menos> Which you wont, because you really should throw the 360 out.
<Menos> Right in the trash.
<Amaranth> Why do we need HD-DVD or Bluray for movies? Just use an AVC codec
<Tronic> Menos: Means that you don't get to choose where, when or how to watch. Someone else does it for you.
<Stephanie> Menos: No, that's because we use gaming consoles for GAMING and could care less about watching anything other than DVD movies on them.
<Menos> yeah.
<Menos> but picture quality!
<Stephanie> Neither of us have HD-TVs.
<Menos> i want to see Scarlet Johannsons pores!
<Tronic> Amaranth: Yeah. Distribution of discs is obsolete already :)
<Menos> Pirates :*(
<Menos> the movie industry sez: :*(
<Amaranth> Menos: MPEG4 AVC is equal to MPEG2 quality wise with the right settings
<Menos> I still love collecting movies.
<Amaranth> but much, much smaller file size
<Tronic> It is easy enough to download HD movies off the Internet, thus they should use that for distribution.
<Menos> Stephanie, what are you looking forward to most on ps3?
<Amaranth> Stephanie: You're going to blow $600 on a Sony POS?
<Menos> If POS means Piece Of Silk



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