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<skwashd> nater: the CSS doesn't
<afaik> whose gonna see snakes on a plane?
<reisio> who's
<skwashd> afaik: don't they contain liquids? ;)
<afaik> whose gonna see it? ;)
<reisio> who's
<afaik> I think I may see it, looks like a good comedy ;)
<skwashd> oh its a movie
<reisio> :p
<nater> css validates now, though one of my images isn't showing now.
<skwashd> nater: and the gap has gone
<nater> i can't tell, as my image isn't showing
<skwashd> i can't tell either ... but looks fine now
<afaik> whose those thtat think snakes on a mutha ****ing plane will bomb?
<reisio> all movies with samuel l. jackson are unbombable
<reisio> even the horrible ones are good

<reisio> y'know why? Because he's Samuel L. Mother****in-Jackson
<nater> the gap is still there actually
<reisio> gamenheimer?
<reisio> s/amen/apen
<nater> wtf? if i add a border, the gap appears, if i remove it, the gap goes away
<reisio> wtfpotaters!
<msmiffy> nater: Buggy user agent?
<skwashd> msmiffy: drop the agent ;)
<nater> its firefox
<Deformative> To make my css buttons and style the same on every page of my site do I need to put the code into every source or is there an easier way?
<afaik> so, anyone else taking advantage of the Dell Craptop recall?
<Deformative> What laptops were recalled?
<msmiffy> Deformative: use an external stylesheet
<Deformative> Never mind, doesnt matter, I got mine from a reseller.
<Deformative> msmiffy, how would I do that?
<Deformative> And will it decrease or increase load time?
<msmiffy> Deformative: Google for 'external stylesheet'; if you load one CSS file, it should be cached for all your pages.
<Deformative> So faster.
<skwashd> afaik: mine isn't subject to recall :(
<skwashd> i wish it was ... now it only runs for about 1:30 on batt :(
<afaik> mine is, thank god
<afaik> inspiron 1100
<afaik> peice of shiat
<skwashd> d810 here
<Deformative> I have a latitude c400. <3 full sized prossessor.
<afaik> it is always sorching hot, constantly shuts down from overheating, and despite 2.4Ghz processor and 512mb of ram, it's slow as snot
<afaik> oh, and the video is god awful
<Deformative> Mine is accually fast with only a 1.2ghz and 512mb
<skwashd> 1.87Ghz CPU, 1G RAM (soon to be 2G), 80G HDD, 1920x1200 WUXGA :P
<msmiffy> Deformative: faster, in theory. If you were to put the full CSS in every file, more data transferred.
<msmiffy> Deformative: using external CSS means change once, whole site can change.
<Deformative> Cool, thanks.
<Takesinn> Ohoy
<Takesinn> Is there a way to make a browser recognise if the file it's browsing has the same "version" in the meta and if not it will download instead of viewing cache?
<Takesinn> I got this wopper of a page with jquery and some js and it's not a page thats going to be frequently updated, it's just a redirecting page really
<Deformative> Both IE and opera just show a white screen at my site, only firefox works.
<Deformative> Is there a reason for this?
<msmiffy> Deformative: have you put your site through the W3C validator?
<msmiffy> Deformative: If using Firefox, you may find this handy:
<msmiffy> ...and this:
<nater> for what reason would adding a border decrease the height of a div?
<nater> or adding content... interesting
<reisio> collapsing margins?!
<nater> margins are set to 0px
<reisio> "Tidy, was originally developed by the Web Consortium W3C."
<reisio> (wrong :p)
<msmiffy> reisio: Tidy was listed on W3Cs tools page, which someone didn't read properly ;-)
<reisio> hrmmm
<reisio> it's real neat that every torrent search engine site is 'the largest' one
<hax> anyone here use bdb?
<Takesinn> Ey
<msmiffy> hax: using all the time as backend for subversion, if you mean as a developer, in the dim and distant past.
<msmiffy> hax: only through Perl, though.
<hax> msmiffy: i'm just trying to figure out how the hell you access it
<hax> msmiffy: like, i see bdb files all the time
<hax> but is there like a 'bdb-tool'?
<hax> or is it all through top secret API calls?
<hax> heh
<msmiffy> hax: it's all pretty open. It lives here:
<msmiffy> hax: with Perl, you can bind a hash to BDB - makes it really easy.
<hax> msmiffy: oh wow

<hax> msmiffy: that *is* nifty
<hax> msmiffy: but i still don't see any tool for looking at any arbitrary bdb
<msmiffy> hax: I've used one when playing with some GIS stuff - will have to try to remember what it was.
<hax> msmiffy: apparently there's a -tol package
<endra> hey, can someone please tell me why my logo isn't centered in Firefox?
<msmiffy> If I wanted to look at a BDB file, I would probably write something in Perl with Data::Dumper
<reisio> I don't even see a logo :p
<hax> msmiffy: nope, you can do it on the cli with these db4.x-tool tools
<endra> hehe reisio, I boredered it to make it clearer
<endra> I thought my eyes were deceiving me when I didnt see it centered lol
<reisio> endra: #logo?
<reisio> you mean it's a few pixels too far to the right?
<endra> yes, that is the top logo
<endra> yea! you see it too
<endra> I can't figure out why hehe
<hax> hahaha
<hax> i win
<msmiffy> hax: I thought that there had to be a CLI tool. After two decades of SQL, I tend to stick to what I know...
<hax> msmiffy: heh
<hax> msmiffy: agreed
<hax> msmiffy: i just learned that mysql indeed uses bdb for its backend
<hax> how much of a mind**** is that
<msmiffy> hax: I think that MySQL has BDB as one the different storage types available.
<hax> msmiffy: wild though
<reisio> endra: oh simple
<reisio> endra: border adds to width
<msmiffy> hax: and that's one of the reasons why I like MySQL - choose the storage type that suits.
<endra> the actual border surrounding it now?
<endra> sec
<hax> msmiffy: one of the reasons i like mysql is i'm totally hands off from doing anything irresponsible
<hax> msmiffy: :)
<endra> **** you're right
<endra> the original banner looks good without the border, but the border seems to screw it up
<endra> Thanks!
<arooni> hey folks
<arooni> what do you folks think of google analytics
<reisio> annoying as all hell
<endra> I use it and I think its okay
<arooni> reisio: why do you say that?
<endra> I got 10+ sites in there and like 10 more coming int he next few weeks so personally, I like to see where my traffic is coming from
<arooni> endra: damn
<arooni> you're a machiine!
<arooni> i'm ready to release after 5 months of work
<arooni> my first site
<reisio> because 1) you have to be seriously bored to give a **** about your site stats and 2) I don't like seeing "waiting for google's stupidass code to load before you can view the site MMMKAY DORK?" in my statusbar
<endra> arooni: most my sites are fansite, which is the main reason I need google analytics :)
<arooni> nice
<arooni> heh
<endra> you'd be amazed how much traffic comes from lol
<msmiffy> reisio: every page that is taking forever to render is waiting for GA...
<endra> over 40% of my traffic
<reisio> msmiffy: that's what I'm saying :p
<reisio> endra: really? for what subject?
<endra> reisio: fan sites :)
<msmiffy> reisio: GA -> adblock ?
<endra> They visit the actresses wikipedia article, im stated as 'the fansite', they click and come :)
<endra> our system isn't that stable but we're still working on it, most sites aren't up 100% yet either :-)
<reisio> msmiffy: I have a better solution: not visiting stupid sites :p
<msmiffy> reisio: sounds like a job for a new Firefox extension ;-)
<endra> the internet needs cleaning up
<msmiffy> endra: rm -fR *.biz
<endra> hmm?
<endra> dont like .biz?
<endra> lol
<reisio> stupid name, really
<endra> Its a domain I while ago :-) I use it when I make sites for others as a test domain
<msmiffy> I thought that .biz was used because .spam had too many characters...
<reisio> :p
<endra> lol
<endra> anyone still paly age of empires 2 :-/
<hax> no
<Ocoth`> I need to choose a secondary monitor



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