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<ajnewbold> nice
<ajnewbold> ok, sec
<ajnewbold> hmm
<ajnewbold> I uploaded it
<ajnewbold> how do I tell you where to get it?
<Kitar|st> oops
<ajnewbold> ah I see it
<Kitar|st> theres a link
<Kitar|st> yep
<Kitar|st> oh noes its a virus
<Kitar|st> lol
<ajnewbold> Kitar|st: then, put this file in the "plugins" directory:
<Kitar|st> are you giving me wordpress plugins

<Kitar|st> i an handle that
<Kitar|st> lol
<Kitar|st> can
<ajnewbold> nope
<ajnewbold> it's a plugin for Whisper, one of my CMSes
<Kitar|st> it can be any diretory then
<Kitar|st> lol
<Kitar|st> do you have any demo lying around
<ajnewbold> no :(
<Kitar|st> would have to set up web server again and its 4am
<Kitar|st> lol
<ajnewbold> ah
<ajnewbold> sorry :/ well, it's a decent CMS, so hopefully you'll find it worth the time to try it out :)
<Kitar|st> is it easy customizable with css templates
<Kitar|st> or you could customize it :P
<Kitar|st> does it require sql base
<Kitar|st> just asking
<ajnewbold> highly customizable
<ajnewbold> it's all template-driven
<ajnewbold> the textile plugin handles html for you, so you can just use simple textile markup
<ajnewbold> no sql needed
<ajnewbold> I hate sql
<Kitar|st> why
<Kitar|st> you could make way better cms with sql
<Kitar|st> ehe
<ajnewbold> see, I think it's way better if it *doesn't* use a DB
<ajnewbold> it's easier to setup and move around if it's not tied to a DB
<Kitar|st> well k
<Zeros> there's nothing that says SQL is required to make a CMS :/
<ajnewbold> coders generally tend to feel that their CMS isn't "real" if it doesn't use a DB, though
<ajnewbold> I can't explain it
<ajnewbold> it's some kind of weird mentality
<ajnewbold> from which I'm happy to abstain
<Kitar|st> lol
<Zeros> ajnewbold, how does it store content?
<Kitar|st> and security
<Kitar|st> ehe
<ajnewbold> Zeros: files
<Zeros> ah
<Zeros> see there's a big shortcoming to that, you can't query the files (at least not without tons of work)
<ajnewbold> I wrote one CMS that stored content in the script file itself :)
<ajnewbold> Zeros: meh, I've written little search engine things that zip through the files looking for content
<ajnewbold> it's not really tons of work
<ajnewbold> actually it's like 6 lines of code
<Zeros> I need all users who have a first name that start with 'p' and have the word "foo" in their profile and who visited in the last 2 weeks
<ajnewbold> and 10 lines if you want nice output with context and everything :)
<Zeros> that's a simple SQL query and its going to be much faster than yours which requires files ;)
<ajnewbold> well, i won't disagree there
<ajnewbold> I've just never had a site with more than a few bits of content on it that had more than a couple visitors :)
<Zeros> thats why people use a database, its more flexible, scalable and faster. You are right though, a file is portable anywhere. :)
<ajnewbold> so I never bothered to learn how to write stuff that scales well, heh
<ajnewbold> I finally gave up on coding entirely
<ajnewbold> and gave up on paid webhosting
<Kitar|st> there are some good cheap webhostings around
<ajnewbold> <-- now I let Google do it
<Zeros> XPath, XML and mapping the files into objects you store in memcache would give you a file based CMS you could query and still scale :)
<Zeros> I agree with you on part of that ajnewbold, I think its a common misconception people have that an application isn't a "real application" unless it uses a database :P
<ajnewbold> yeah
<ajnewbold> it's all about the e-penis
<ajnewbold> "My CMS uses a DB, so my e-penis is larger than yours."
<ajnewbold> "Oh yeah? Well my CMS uses a more obscrue DB than yours, so MY e-penis is even LARGER."

<Servo888> For a mass emailing, when I need to have image src linked on my site, I just use a href="" instead of a href="myimage.png" | is this the 'accepted method'?
<ajnewbold> Servo888: yep
<Servo888> ok =-)
<Zeros> Servo888, in an email?
<Zeros> most sane email clients won't load images off remote servers
<ajnewbold> mine won't :)
<ajnewbold> but I didn't bother to address that issue, since he's obviously already decided to send a mass email with an img
<Servo888> Zeros, yes email.
<Servo888> Well the folks who did the last mass email sent the email by attaching all the images to the email.
<Servo888> But that seems like a dumb thing to do...
<ajnewbold> well, it has its pros and its cons
<ajnewbold> but really, HTML in an email is a "con" in general :/
<ajnewbold> I think the most considerate thing to do is to send a plan text message with the relevant message, with a URL to the fancier picture-laden version on your web server
<ajnewbold> especially since 80% of the time the recipients will only see the text anyway
<Kitar|st> hey ajne
<Kitar|st> are you good at driving traffic to the site
<Kitar|st> :o
<Kitar|st> ehe
<ajnewbold> Kitar|st: no
<ajnewbold> I've never had a popular site
<ajnewbold> but I'll tell you exactly how to do it
<ajnewbold> provide unique, engaging content
<ajnewbold> and do it regularly
<ajnewbold> give people something that interests them and keeps them wanting more
<ajnewbold> give people a reason to come back
<ajnewbold> then they'll link to you, and your popularity will grow
<Zeros> that or give away free money
<Zeros> I hear that works well :)
<crimson_penguin> hah
<arooni> currently my 'gray is: #868686
<arooni> i'm looking for a little darker gray
<arooni> what should i use?
<arooni> or is there a place i can test this as well
<skwashd> arooni: play with colors at
<whoopsbob> How exactly would you define a web page?
<whoopsbob> Does it have to be (x)html?
<skwashd> whatsound: echo '<html><head><title>My Page</title></head><body><h1>This is a web page</h1></body></html>' > index.html
<skwashd> that is in its simplest form
<Zeros> yeah mean whoopsbob
<Zeros> whoopsbob, academically you mean?
<whoopsbob> Zeros: yeah
<whoopsbob> I imagine that being served over HTTP is a requirement, but I'm not sure what else
<skwashd> whoopsbob:
<Zeros> html is the most common language used for creating websites, but its certainly not the only one. For example flash can be used too
<whoopsbob> skwashd: Yeah, I looked at that, but that's meant more for casual readers
<skwashd> Zeros: flash is embeeded in a page
<skwashd> he asked about pages ... not sites
<Zeros> there is nothing that says flash must be embedded in a page
<Zeros> ;)
<Zeros> html is the most common language, but its not a requirement. :)
<skwashd> whoopsbob: in 1 line ... a web page is text based document which contains [x]html "tags" which markup the text to allow it to be read by various user agents
<skwashd> that is kinda lame ... but i i got bored thinking about it
<skwashd> i don't have ADH ... **** check that out
<skwashd> :)
<MartianLobster> is there a way to make an unordered list, that doesn't have the dots in front of each element? <ul> <li> ... <li> ... <li> .... </ul> makes lots of dots
<msmiffy> MartianLobster: use CSS styling on your list to make it look as you want.
<Windrose> `css list-style-type
<miniE> Found for CSS 2 - list-style-type -
<MartianLobster> ok thanks
<afaik> you are welcome, sir
<msmiffy> MartianLobster: another handy one:
<MartianLobster> :)
<nater> I'm having some problems with some vertical spacing in my css. I've set all the margins to 0px, yet the gap still exists. page is up at
<nater> i've set padding to 0, top to 0... i don't know why the gap is there
<skwashd> nater: get it to validate first ... ...
<Kitar|st> hey nate go to CSS channel
<Kitar|st> they can also help there
<Kitar|st> ehe
<nater> you're kidding right? those lines it's complaining about is nothing but the filler text
<skwashd> nater: no i am serious ... i treat validator errors as compiler errors ... if it don't compile it don't run
<skwashd> nater: if you are too lazy to validate ... i am too lazy to help
<nater> it validates
<skwashd> nater: the CSS doesn't



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