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<Zeros> Nanobot, I can't recreate that damn issue in Firefox, I had .\35 5ft {} and Firefox wasn't rendering it right.. quite bizarre.. maybe it was just a long night :/
<Zeros> curious too Nanobot, what grammar rules do Safari and Opera not follow? that part of your spec is rather vague in the reasons for claiming non-conformance
<hax> Zeros: do you know how to make a new dsa x509 cert?
<Zeros> nope, can't say I've ever had to do that. whats it for?
<hax> Zeros: postfix
<ajnewbold> man
<hax> ajnewbold: sup
<ajnewbold> can this be real?
<ajnewbold> hey hax
<hax> ajnewbold: looks real to me
<Zeros> hax, ah ok, I don't know much about dsa certificates :P
<ajnewbold> did you see the last few seconds hax?
<hax> ajnewbold: no, still wtaching
<hax> ohw tf
<hax> wtf
<hax> heh

<ajnewbold> yeah
<ajnewbold> over a BIRD
<mattmcc> Birds can do some pretty nasty damage to planes.
<Zeros> especially large birds like geese
<ajnewbold> evidently
<reisio> or wandering albatrosses
<ajnewbold> wtf
<ajnewbold> look at that landing
<ajnewbold> I think this is the same landing from a different (and scarier) angle:
<ajnewbold> insanity
<Zeros> ajnewbold, wonder why the guy didn't eject when he realized he was heading for a nose dive heh
<hax> maybe he did
<mattmcc> ajnewbold: Heh. Crosswinds are fun things.
<ajnewbold> Zeros: hehe yeah, someone had to tell tim to :)
<Zeros> :p
<ajnewbold> I didn't realize it was the wind
<ajnewbold> but I guess that makes sense :) I doubt the pilot *wanted* to land that way, heh
<ajnewbold> funny, I didn't give any thought to the cause at all
<mattmcc> It's not uncommon for pilots to have to come in at freaky angles to compensate for wind.
<ajnewbold> I think YouTube has made my higher reasoning skills go soft :(
<mattmcc> And while we're linking to youtube stuff on an IRC channel, it'd be fitting to toss out
<Zeros> haha, my parents were going on flight somewhere in a little plane ajnewbold, the pilot got on the intercom and asked several people to move up the first class seats at the front of the plane because there was too much weight in the back...
<ajnewbold> lol
<ajnewbold> seriously?
<Zeros> now thats scary, to think a few too many people in the back and plane is off balance
<Zeros> yes
<reisio> that's totally normal practice...
<ajnewbold> do they ever have to do that on larger commercial flights, like 727 and bigger?
<reisio> probably not
<ajnewbold> "Hello sir, we're off weight a bit in the back, and you, erm, look hefty enough to balance things out. Would you mind moving?"
<Zeros> I suppose it makes sense, if you do all the mathematical calculations for lift and thrust with the assumption of a specific weight distribution.
<Zeros> haha
<black_Nightmare> umm..if you think about it....
<black_Nightmare> the only wings are usually located toward the middle of the plane itself
<black_Nightmare> ;)
<Nanobot> Zeros: Yeah, the grammar bit is somewhat iffy and I lend a bit of personal interpretation. Opera supports the "cursor" property except for URL cursors. That wouldn't constitute a grammar problem if it would at least always fall back to the generic cursor. Instead, whenever the URL is present, the whole property always fails. I consider that a grammar problem.
<Nanobot> Zeros: I have an N for Firefox 1.0 because of the same cursor parsing issue as well as @charset parsing.
<Zeros> ah alright, be nice if you'd document the reasoning for each of those N's Nanobot. Thanks for the reply even if I can't figure out what the hell I was doing. :P
<VirusDotNet> i want to design a site but i don't know how to go about make the look of the site perfect, I went through 6 designs i made and don't like them in the ned. I want to make them look good but i lack a creativity of a mind. But I want to get creativity in the mind. how can i do this?
<Zeros> Nanobot, what does "Assign elements all applicable properties" mean, or rather what does safari not assign?
<Nanobot> Zeros: I don't remember at the moment, but it was probably something along the lines of styling elements that aren't normally styled, such as <head>, <noscript>, etc.
<VirusDotNet> i know HTML/XHTML/CSS/Javascript, just the look is whats killing me
<Zeros> Nanobot, hmm. alright. I was really surprised at the number of issues in IE7, hasLayout bugs and selecting comments as nodes with selectors
<reisio> VirusDotNet: try hallucinogenic drugs
<VirusDotNet> >.<
<Zeros> sounds like they just tacked the new selectors onto the old engine Nanobot, and it grabs nodes it shouldn't...
<Nanobot> Of course. They didn't do any fundamental rearchitecturing.
<Nanobot> At least they said they're considering maybe rewriting most of their layout engine from scratch at some future time
<Zeros> makes me curious about how Trident really represents the DOM internally
<_joe> anyone know how to set the .style.padding parameter on the <html> element via javascript?
<_joe> tried document.getElementsByTagName('html').style.padding="0", didn't work
<ajnewbold> god
<ajnewbold> I need to block youtube
<ajnewbold> I can't stop watching
<Zeros> getElementsByTagName() returns a node list _joe
<ajnewbold> and now for some reason I'm watching the most depressing videos
<Zeros> document.getElementsByTagName('html').item(0).style.padding is what you want _joe
<_joe> aha! thanks a million, Zeros. i knew about the node list but for some reason its significance wasn't clicking in my brain :)
<Zeros> _joe, there's document.documentElement too which should return the html element as well, though I'm not sure about how backwards compatible that is
<Zeros> (as in IE5 and such)

<_joe> Zeros: aha, good to know
<swimrr> can someone tell me how to keep this drop down menu centered when the page is resized in FF -
<Nanobot> I think watching Bottle Fairy is bad for you
<Takesinn> ok, this is driving me crazy. How do I put text inside a form under xhtml strict doctype?
<Takesinn> just text, no input box
<ajnewbold> hax: the library didn't have the book
<ajnewbold> hax: their system said they did, but it wasn't on the shelf
<hax> ajnewbold: hmm
<hax> ajnewbold: well, have them get it for you or something
<ajnewbold> I asked about it, and they were like "oh sorry, sometimes books get lost"
<ajnewbold> yeah, I did an interlibrary loan request
<hax> sweet
<ajnewbold> I keep looking at 9/11 videos on youtube
<ajnewbold> sadness
<hax> why
<hax> who wants to watch that
<ajnewbold> I don't know
<ajnewbold> for some reason I just keep watching them
<ajnewbold> I didn't watch much of the coverage when it first happened
<ajnewbold> so now I'm seeing so much stuff I never saw
<ajnewbold> I didn't realize that there we so many different cameras that captured the planes' impacts at so many different angles
<hax> YES
<majd_> hax you got a dedicated server?
<hax> majd_: yes, as of like last thursday
<hax> majd_: its a huge ***** to set all this **** up, but i couldn't find a shared host i was comfortable with
<majd_> how much you payin for it?
<hax> $140/month
<hax> from serverbeach
<majd_> wow
<hax> majd_: let me know if you're going to sign up, you'll get $100 off, and i'll get $250
<majd_> that's more than what i pay for my truck
<hax> heh
<ajnewbold> I need $250
<majd_> i'm gonna get shared hosting
<ajnewbold> how do I do this
<hax> majd_: if you end up doing it, i can walk you through it
<hax> ajnewbold: huh?
<majd_> i've been with for two years
<hax> ajnewbold: it doesn't work that way :p
<ajnewbold> hax: :(
<majd_> nothing to complain about
<hax> majd_: yeah, for you, shared is probably fine
<hax> majd_: i need more control
<majd_> same as a client i did work for
<ajnewbold> heh, Google Talk now has voice mail
<majd_> hax, if i need it, and can afford it, i don't see what's to stop me
<majd_> but for the first few months, i think it'll be a waste of money
<ajnewbold> lol, if you click on the "Leave Voicemail" button in Google Talk, you get this female british voice telling you that the person isn't available and to leave a message after the "meep"
<majd_> i don't get it
<majd_> meep?
<hax> majd_: maybe
<hax> ajnewbold: lolol
<hax> majd_: i opted to just do it up front
<majd_> eh
<hax> but its a different ap
<hax> app
<majd_> if you can afford it then power to ya
<hax> like i'll (hopefully) actually have subscription users
<majd_> i need to cut my fingernails
<hax> also a valid point
<hax> heh
<majd_> i can't even type on the laptop anymore
<majd_> they'r only like 5 millimeters long though
<majd_> damn
<ajnewbold> hax: and then the woman says "meeeep"
<ajnewbold> it's actually kind of cheesy
<majd_> ajnewbold: i still don't get it
<ajnewbold> majd_: well, it's like a beep, but it's a meep
<majd_> yeah i get that, but.....that doesn't make any sense
<ajnewbold> the new google talk also appears to show people what you're listening to
<ajnewbold> majd_: I think they're just trying to be different
<majd_> eh
<majd_> american humore



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