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<ajnewbold> 2.0 -> 3.0 is another story
<Zeros> you'd think. I've always worked with apache 1.3, but since this is a windows server I thought I'd use 2.0 since threads are much faster than child processes on windows
<ajnewbold> Zeros: yeah, the threads are faster, but setup evidently isn't :P
<Zeros> seems that way :(
<ajnewbold> "What's new in Apache 2.2" ... "Changed a bunch of unexpected **** just to confuze you. <Simpson's bully laugh> Ha, ha!"
<ajnewbold> wow, I actually typed "confuze"
<Zeros> :P
<ajnewbold> that's uncool
<ajnewbold> what's the name of that bully anyway
<ajnewbold> the one who's always "Ha, ha!"ing everything
<Zeros> SVN Commit 6: Renamed all plugin interface functions just to piss people off
<ajnewbold> hehe
<ajnewbold> more like SVN Commit 666

<Zeros> haha
<Zeros> majd, how goes your quest to learn python?
<majd> Zeros, on break
<majd> i wrote a notepad app
<majd> and took a break
<Zeros> or as our company skillset survey put it "pytoon" :P
<Zeros> oh cool, a GUI notepad?
<majd> yeah
<majd> it's just open/save
<Zeros> nice
<majd> but it tought me a bunch of stuff
<Zeros> taught too I hope
<majd> pretty cool when you think of it, just like php
<majd> fopen, fclose
<majd> fwrite
<Zeros> python has functions like that?
<majd> i think so
<Zeros> ick, I'd thought it'd be more like ruby with and such
<majd> well
<majd> those are php functions
<majd> python has functions that are similer
<majd> file.write
<majd> file.close
<majd> file = open()
<Zeros> oh yeah, that looks more pythonish
<majd> heh
<Zeros> C is where the horrors of fopen fclose and fbufferoverflow() come from :P
<majd> is C that hard?
<Zeros> much harder than python, likely a lot less hard than C++ though since its not nearly as complicated
<Zeros> C places you very close to the hardware, with python you don't have to think about how many bytes an array takes up, when to free it, etc.
<SpotSec> ajnewbold: arrg, IE is being a *****...
<Zeros> majd, don't worry so much though, as a web developer you'll probably never need C/++
<SpotSec> Ill just post my message again to see if anyone else knows the problem
<SpotSec> but heres something strange, when I comment out a session_start the css will load, but not the javascript
<SpotSec> user:user pw:user, I havent been able to figure this problem out that happens on IE..., It seems the css and javascript of the page does not get sent or parsed, but works fine on FF. part of the problem seems to go away if I comment a session start in php, but a session_start shouldnt be causing anything so I am confused
<majd> Zeros, i don't mind writing desktop apps
<majd> i just see a lot more potential on the web
<Zeros> mmhm, I've never been too big on user interface when its desktop oriented, developing for the web is more fun. I do like writing network services and daemons though :)
<ivan`> I agree with that
<ivan`> you can get away with a lot on the web
<ivan`> but people expect GUIs to work perfectly
<SpotSec> Zeros: I agree
<VirusDotNet> how can i stop my site from caching just so i don't have to delete my cache so i can design it
<VirusDotNet> Spot stop using php thats a word of advice ;)
<ivan`> just have your browser always check for new pages
<ivan`> at least Opera can do that easily
<Zeros> VirusDotNet, work on it locally :)
<Zeros> if you're really pressed you can configure your server to send header to prevent caching too

<VirusDotNet> whats the code?
<VirusDotNet> i forgot it
<Zeros> VirusDotNet, google for it :)
<Zeros> to really prevent caching there's a few things you have to do since different browsers break different rules
<VirusDotNet> i just need it for FF
<SpotSec> VirusDotNet: private ->cache-> off
<Zeros> of course that'll make browser slow in general :P
<Zeros> browsing*
<VirusDotNet> <meta name="Pragma" content="no-cache" />
<VirusDotNet> ??
<Zeros> pragma was something that MS made up for IE as I recall
<charmless> Does anyone have an opinion on putting a site-version id in my urls?
<charmless> ie,
<charmless> in the hopes that v1 url schemes won't trip up attempts to fix things in v2?
<JibberJim> it's a bad idea
<JibberJim> urls last forever
<JibberJim> don't bake in things that make no sense
<JibberJim> remember, a url is for life, not just for for the 2.0 launch party
<mattmcc> If only websites remembered that.
<charmless> Well, in changing over to the v2 scheme, I would put permanent redirects from the v1/* space to their equivalents in the v2/* space
<mattmcc> It's all too common for news sites to take stories offline after a few weeks or months.
<JibberJim> doesn't matter, it's still crap
<JibberJim> yeah mattmcc, although quite a few get it right - BBC/Guardian in the UK for example
<Zeros> mattmcc, heh /2006/05/02/path_to_news_you_cant_read
<JibberJim> Of course the BBC's web team was chock full of hardcore grade A internet blokeys for who the bbc were the best place hiring post crash
<mattmcc> Yeah, they've collected a lot of serious talent.
<JibberJim> No they've lost it all now
<JibberJim> there's very little talent still there
<VirusDotNet> hows this look
<JibberJim> like an IP addess
<JibberJim> better use a hostname
<Zeros> thats probably his local machine :P
<VirusDotNet> i tried .tk but it didn't work :(
<JibberJim> it needs a background colour
<VirusDotNet> Zeros, it is
<VirusDotNet> JibberJim, what colour you say?
<JibberJim> well I get my default yellow
<JibberJim> it needs a title too
<VirusDotNet> yeah i know :P
<Zeros> why'd you choose yellow as your default background color?
<Zeros> :)
<VirusDotNet> did all this in 30 minutes inlcuding CSS
<VirusDotNet> :P
<VirusDotNet> including*
<VirusDotNet> i have #323232 but iono if that will look good
<VirusDotNet> okay i put one in
<VirusDotNet> hows it now. background image ill worry about later
<JibberJim> yellow is a very good default
<JibberJim> black on yellow is good for reading large amounts of text
<VirusDotNet> im not fond of yellow except on one thing
<Zeros> too bright for my eyes, I use an off white #f0f0f0
<VirusDotNet> the background color?
<Zeros> yes in applications, looking at code for hours on a bright white background if brutal
<VirusDotNet> i have made a background image to cover the white
<VirusDotNet> haven't*
<VirusDotNet> i put in pink :P
<VirusDotNet> brb going to mailbox
<Zeros> JibberJim, I have a friend who uses yellow as the background color in his IDE so I suppose there might be something to that :p



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