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<ptlis> Probably due to the lack of wrist pain.
<reisio> their other productions to date include a giant, stupid-looking mouse
<Zeros> reisio, what? :o
<GwaiLo> oh, the optimus is the one I was thinking
<reisio> Zeros:
<Zeros> oh
<Zeros> kick ass
<reisio> :p
<mattmcc> Windrose: I just wish Logitech would make an ergo keyboard that wasn't wireless. :P
<Windrose> mattmcc: you and me both, kid. You and me both.
<majd> hey
<Windrose> mattmcc: a Comfort with a wire, and a trackball ditto, and I'd be happy.
<mattmcc> Dad recently picked up an MS one that's really similar, pretty sure it's corded.
<reisio> mmm trackball
<mikedub> I never did get used to trackballs.

<ajnewbold> my boss uses one
<ajnewbold> swears by it
<Zeros> graphics department here uses them
<mattmcc> It's one of those love-hate things, like touchpads on laptops.
<Windrose> mattmcc: I've seen them ... but, alas, I admit to getting a twitch when I see the logo.
<mikedub> I had one while I worked at a call centre.. but always stole a regular mouse from another workstation
<ajnewbold> what's it mean when, while using an optical mouse, your cursor just starts to drift to the left in a perfectly straight line -- and you're not even moving the mouse
<mattmcc> Windrose: Ah. They call theirs a Comfort too.. :)
<mattmcc> Comfort Curve 2000
<mattmcc> Er, no, that's not the one he got.
<reisio> I wish they'd put trackballs on laptops still
<reisio> stupid nubs and track pads
<mattmcc> That's it. The only dumb thing is that non-wheel thingy in the middle of the keyboard.
<Zeros> I like trackpads, the nub thing always bugged me
<reisio> that's bigger than my schlong, which is huge :p
<Zeros> I wanted to push on it and it wouldn't move :p
<reisio> I can't stand either
<mattmcc> It used to be common to carry around a little trackball that stuck to the side of a laptop.
<reisio> my brother was telling me about some old laptop that had a trackball pop out of the side
<mattmcc> Toshiba & Compaq often had them.
<reisio> yeah
<Zeros> I have a really old mouse somewhere that has two balls on the bottom of it, one on the left and one on the right
<reisio> I guess someone yelled "fad" and they had to remove them just to appease the fadsters
<reisio> Zeros: far out :p
<Zeros> I'm not sure how it works exactly, maybe one for X and one for Y?
<mattmcc> Seems like the only advantage it'd offer is the ability to twist the mouse in-place.
<mattmcc> Could be interesting for 3-d work.
<reisio> Zeros: someone was just following nature's design
<Zeros> :P
<mattmcc> And with that, going to lunch.
<Zeros> have fun
<sparr> is there a less-html-filesize way to do this?
<reisio> sparr: :/
<piratepenguin> I wouldn't suppose there's some way using javascript to hide the mouse cursor?
<sparr> piratepenguin: i believe there is a way to do it with css
<piratepenguin> that'd be cool
<reisio> url isn't that well supported, iirc
<reisio> maybe Nanobot's site has the 411
<reisio> ah, css3 added 'none'
<reisio> my Firefox doesn't support it
<piratepenguin> what's that for?
<reisio> cursor: none;, sorry
<reisio> specifying your own image is probably better supported than that
<piratepenguin> hm. thanks, I suppose I can use it and maybe if future browsers support it.. it's not that important anyhow
<mycotrophic> 32 check this
<stuNNed> i am web, i am spider, bite black widow bitach, bite!
<MartianLobster> I can't get this table formated correctly
<reisio> Windrose: mycotrophic could use a ban :p
<MartianLobster> I just changed it again
<MartianLobster> lol
<AaronCampbell> who uses urchin on their server?
<MartianLobster> I am trying to get the comment "arrest requested" to appear in the corresponding column of the same name
<MartianLobster> but it keeps going to a new row :(
<MartianLobster> validator does't like the page
<MartianLobster> aaaaah nevermind
<reisio> they're going to arrest him :p
<Priest-of-Psi> hi all
<Priest-of-Psi> I am using a font that is not included on most pc's

<Priest-of-Psi> how do I make sure that the user can view the website with my custom font?
<Priest-of-Psi> using css
<hax> you can't
<ajnewbold> and why would you want to, anyway?
<ajnewbold> consistency does not exist on the web
<ajnewbold> all you ever do by trying to attain it is frustrate yourself
<Priest-of-Psi> I will use verdana instead
<hax> Priest-of-Psi: you might consider sifr
<hax> if you're into that kinda thing
<Priest-of-Psi> sifr?
<hax> google it
<hax> `sifr
<hax> `g sifr
<miniE> Found 11 search results for "sifr". First result - Mike Davidson: Introducing <b>sIFR</b>: The Healthy Alternative to <b>...</b> [ ]
<majd> hey ha
<majd> x
<SpotSec> user:user pw:user, I havent been able to figure this problem out that happens on IE..., It seems the css and javascript of the page does not get sent or parsed, but works fine on FF. part of the problem seems to go away if I comment a session start in php, but a session_start shouldnt be causing anything so I am confused
<hax> majd: sup nigga
<majd> nm
<majd> goin to get a new car in a few seconds
<ajnewbold> SpotSec: try validating the page
<ajnewbold> SpotSec: I found 29 errors
<SpotSec> ajnewbold: I know, but would that cause the problem?
<ajnewbold> SpotSec: it could; with IE anything's possible
<ajnewbold> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/?url=cssie&amp;reqtype=ajax" />
<ajnewbold> maybe try a full URL?
<ajnewbold> ... etc
<ajnewbold> lol
<ajnewbold> actually
<ajnewbold> that's your problem
<ajnewbold> SpotSec: try visiting;reqtype=ajax
<ajnewbold> which I assume is the stylesheet you're trying to give to IE users
<SpotSec> no, the broswer is supposed to convert &amp; to &
<Zeros> hey ha
<Zeros> hax too
<hax> sup Zeros
<hax> majd: whatcha getting?
<majd> dodge dakota
<ajnewbold> SpotSec: I suspect for whatever reason that it's not :(
<majd> v8
<majd> quad cab
<putz> ajnewbold, it does work.
<SpotSec> ajnewbold: I remeber I did try this a while back, with no succes, but Ill try again now
<ajnewbold> SpotSec: it's just a guess, I'm not promising anything :)
<SpotSec> ajnewbold: :), just tried it, has no effect
<SpotSec> but heres something strange, when I comment out a session_start the css will load, but not the javascript
<ajnewbold> SpotSec: ugh, that is strange
<Zeros> hax, fighting with apache to get it to load a module
<hax> Zeros: i'm fighting with apache too
<hax> majd: rich ****in a-rab
<majd> hax, it's not that expensive
<majd> only $3000
<majd> for a 2year lease
<hax> majd: how much a month?
<majd> it's a one time payment
<hax> wtf?
<majd> so about 105 a month
<hax> thats dirt cheap
<hax> its new?
<SpotSec> ajnewbold: I feel like its php's problem, or the dojo js toolkit that is causing this, but there is no easy way to find out...
<ajnewbold> :(
<ajnewbold> I agree, this is a weird one
<ajnewbold> SpotSec: this might be a dumb question, but have you tried a simple <link> in <head> to pull a single stylesheet and temporarily ditching the browser-specific stuff?
<SpotSec> ajnewbold: nope
<ajnewbold> SpotSec: nope you've not tried it, or nope it doesn't help?
<SpotSec> ajnewbold: trying it now
<ajnewbold> cool
<ajnewbold> SpotSec: I think it'd be a good troubleshooting thing, to see if IE's just being a ***** in general or if it's something with the browser detection
<Zeros> oh I think I got it hax, they changed the way modules load between 2.0 and 2.2 :|
<ajnewbold> Zeros: ugh
<Zeros> of course it doesn't give you a meaningful error, oh no just "could not find procedure"
<ajnewbold> Zeros: to me, that's the kind of change that's made between whole number versions
<ajnewbold> 2.0 -> 2.2 shouldn't have major procedural things, imo
<ajnewbold> 2.0 -> 3.0 is another story



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