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<ajnewbold> so does this mean that the same energy that exists within, say, a piece of wood, could be converted somehow directly into energy that holds together a piece of plastic, without the traditional chemical changes and such?
<sparr> I want to apply a few color styles to a few million words on a page. In terms of bandwidth used sending the page to the client, is there any better solution than 'overriding' the default styles for <b> and <i> and <u>?
<ajnewbold> sparr: if bandwidth is your primary concern, then yeah, picking a short tag and overriding styles is the way to go
<Zeros> ajnewbold, replicators don't create new matter :p
<ajnewbold> Zeros: they never really explained it, that I could ever see
<GwaiLo> sparr: I'm hoping you're using mod_deflate ?
<sparr> GwaiLo: of course, but every little bit prior to that helps
<mattmcc> They don't explain much in that franchise.. :) We call it suspension of disbelief.
<Zeros> they use a matter stream buffer onboard the ship that stores the raw materials required, in a very basic form as in the basic components of atoms, all the replicator does is assemble them like legos
<ajnewbold> Zeros: lego!
<GwaiLo> sparr: just checking :)
<Zeros> they then recycle things and use waste products on the ship to replenish the buffer
<ajnewbold> Zeros: the plural of "lego" is "lego"
<ajnewbold> Zeros: :)
<Zeros> so ok I'm a bit of a trekkie, but that is explained in the tech manuals :P
<ajnewbold> so Picard's turds could eventually, say, become his "Tea earl gray hot"? :D

<Zeros> indeed
<sparr> lego is an adjective when used to describe lego bricks, and thus has no plural at all.
<Windrose> ajnewbold: 'grey' >:)
<mattmcc> Zeros: Or they can suck up material through the bussard collectors, glorified vacuum cleaners.
<ajnewbold> Windrose: meh :P
<ajnewbold> I suppose the appropriate notation would actually be "Tea/Earl Grey/hot"
<Zeros> mattmcc, yeah, what better use for a starship than as a giant vacuum
<ajnewbold> TEGH for short
<ajnewbold> Make it so.
<mattmcc> Zeros: Well, it seemed to work well for Mel Brooks.
<Zeros> :P
<Zeros> Mega Maid!
<ajnewbold> mattmcc: hahahaha
<ajnewbold> SUCK! BLOW!
<Windrose> Zeros: hm. Something wrong there. Maintaining the buffer would be cost ineffective. I'd have thought they used stockpiles dematerialized at need.
<ajnewbold> I can't believe my parents let me see that movie when I was so young.
<mattmcc> ajnewbold: They probably figured you wouldn't get it.
<ajnewbold> mattmcc: my favorite part is when they're "combing" the desert, and the black guy is using a pick :)
<ajnewbold> I still chuckle to myself when I see that in my mind
<ajnewbold> Space Balls had to be the absolute most well-down parody ever
<ajnewbold> well-done*
<GwaiLo> that and Robin Hood: Men in tights :)
<mattmcc> Dude, Galaxy Quest.
<Zeros> Windrose, the materials were kept dematerialized in the buffer, at least thats how I remember what was explained in the manual
<Windrose> mattmcc: ^5
<mattmcc> Spaceballs may be fun, but seriously. Galaxy Quest.
<reisio> so, apparently Guiness' holder of 'fastest typist in the world' can do a whopping 150 wpm
<ajnewbold> heh, Galaxy Quest, yeah, good point :)
<reisio> does anyone else think that's slow?
<GwaiLo> Galaxy Quest rocked :)
<ajnewbold> reisio: that it? I can beat that in short bursts
<Windrose> mattmcc: Galaxy Quest was ... damn. :)
<Zeros> does seem cost ineffective, though replication in general seems a bit of a energy hog Windrose :P
<reisio> ajnewbold: I'm saying
<ajnewbold> reisio: was it sustained over a really long period or something? or NO errors?
<Windrose> reisio: not at all. That's /error free/ quite likely.
<reisio> ajnewbold: sustained, very very few errors
<reisio> still seems slow to me
<mattmcc> Windrose: Wikipedia has a great collection of reactions from various Trek actors that's worth reading if you haven't. :)
<ajnewbold> reisio: well, there's something to that
<Zeros> um I thought windows did a folder merge when moved folders from one directory to another
<reisio> I can do at least 170, and I have horrible posture and don't focus
<ajnewbold> reisio: the dude probably could have gone faster but might have goofed on the error ratio
<Windrose> reisio: mum's old certificate says 120 I believe; that's error free, from dictation, unknown material.
<Zeros> its giving me a message like "X folder already exists, delete or rename it"
<Zeros> :/
<reisio> ajnewbold: old lady, uses dvorak
<mattmcc> Error free? Screw that. :P
<ajnewbold> reisio: then enter yourself to set the new record!
<reisio> Windrose: nice
<ajnewbold> reisio: are there separate records for dvorak and standard?
<reisio> p'shaw, Guiness is such bull**** :p
<GwaiLo> I thought the world record was 250wpm or so ... some dvorak typist
<reisio> ajnewbold: probably not
<mattmcc> Yeah, it's arguable that qwerty has an upper bound somewhat lower than dvorak.
<reisio> GwaiLo: that's for a short burst or something
<ajnewbold> Guiness Book of World Records and Dark Brown Beer
<mattmcc> If you're writing English, that is.
<Zeros> that was the goal of it though mattmcc
<Zeros> qwerty was supposed to make people type slower so type writters wouldn't jam
<Windrose> Zeros: *supposed*.

<ajnewbold> lol seriously Zeros?
<ajnewbold> that'd just be sad
<Zeros> yes
<Zeros> kind of a backwards way to fix technology
<ptlis> Isn't that a falacy?
<reisio> falacio
<Zeros> fix the person not the computer
<Windrose> Zeros: as mentioned, professional secretaries typed between 120-140 wpm on those things. That's just a myth.
<reisio> it wasn't supposed to make them type slower
<mattmcc> It wasn't a speed issue, it was a proximity issue.
<reisio> it was just supposed to make the keyboard workable :p
<mattmcc> Frequenty hit keys were spread apart.
<reisio> so it could work at all :p
<ajnewbold> the result was that people typed more slowly because, presumably, they couldn't find the keys anymore?
<reisio> no...
<ajnewbold> that's the impression I'm getting
<reisio> I believe the consensus is that Dvorak only allows for a slight speed increase, and more comfort
<ajnewbold> the intention wasn't to slow down, but that was the result
<GwaiLo> Windrose: I thought it wasn't that it would slow people down... it's that because of the position of the keys would cause less jams because you wouldn't have them getting in each others way as much
<Windrose> ajnewbold: regular users, perhaps. Professional typists used touch typing.
<Zeros> Windrose, looks like its part true
<reisio> GwaiLo: yes, that's it
<reisio> typewriters had more crap under the keys than today's keyboards :p
<Zeros> suppose that makes sense, qwerty was supposed to prevent the type bars from hitting on the way up
<Windrose> GwaiLo: I've seen no trustworthy evidence to that end actually.
<ajnewbold> Windrose: true, and I use touch typing too, but if suddently I bought a new typewriter and the order of the keys had been changed, I know it'd slow me down :P
<Windrose> ajnewbold: of course. The typing methodology is designed for a particular system after all.
<mattmcc> ajnewbold: That presumes you were already familiar with a previous keyboard arrangement.. :)
<reisio> the specificity of dvorak makes it less portable to other latin-based languages, too
<ajnewbold> mattmcc: true, and I'm assuming that the old typists were, prior to the change
<mattmcc> reisio: What's a portable keyboard layout? :)
<mattmcc> You can't even travel Europe without encountering different layouts.
<reisio> sure
<reisio> that's rather my point
<ajnewbold> so if I want to try Dvorak, I just change my OS settings and pop the keys off the keyboard and rearrange?
<mattmcc> Or don't bother rearranging the keys.
<ajnewbold> but! but!
<ajnewbold> how could I see what letter I'm hitting?
<mattmcc> Just learn the new layout. It's not like you look at your keyboard when you type anyway.
<Zeros> depends on how often you look at the keys while you type
<ajnewbold> well, right now I don't look at them at all
<reisio> they're usually just qwerty with deadkeys in western europe
<ajnewbold> but if they were all switched around in the OS, I think I'd need to know what I'm about to hit
<mikedub> use a sharpie and label the keys
<ajnewbold> mikedub: hehe
<mikedub> it will wear off, but you should be used to dorvak by then
<ajnewbold> I wonder if Windows lets you create your own custom layout
<Zeros> you can actually get these really nice rubber membranes that fit over the whole keyboard with a different layout
<Zeros> they're not too expensive either
<mattmcc> Or you can buy one of those blank keyboards. :)
<reisio> Zeros: :/
<GwaiLo> I really want a das keyboard
<ajnewbold> das?
<mikedub> or stick with querty.
<mattmcc> Mmm, OLEDs.
<GwaiLo> let me find the link
<mikedub> qwerty, even
<GwaiLo> mattmcc: ooh, the ones with the 12 leds in the key ?
<ptlis> It's basically a black Type M with blue leds
<reisio> yeah, it'd be nice if there were actually OLED keyboards
<GwaiLo> ajnewbold:
<ptlis> Personally i'm in love with the Kinesis Classic.
<mattmcc> reisio:
<reisio> personally I don't like any :p
<ptlis> Prolongued periods of typing are much less painfull.
<ajnewbold> GwaiLo: oh heh awesome
<reisio> mattmcc: mythical
<ajnewbold> mattmcc: is the optimus really going to be released?
<ptlis> And after spending some time becoming accustomed to it I can type noticably faster.
<reisio> ajnewbold: remains to be seen
<reisio> I'm thinking no :p
<ptlis> Probably due to the lack of wrist pain.



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