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<ajnewbold> (for the baby)
<Zeros> if a piece of toast that looks like jebus can sell for 100 bucks...
<Zeros> ajnewbold, just get a leash for your daughter and taker her to work with you
<ajnewbold> I would, but she poops
<ajnewbold> and has to eat every few hours
<ajnewbold> she also babbles a lot
<ajnewbold> none of this bothers me, but it'd bother the coworkers :)
<Zeros> oh thats perfect
<ajnewbold> hehe
<Zeros> I hear thats what management does too
<Zeros> :p
<ajnewbold> LOL
<_hp_> "I believe that origami crane folding is an artform, and have priced my work accordingly"
<ajnewbold> _hp_: yeah
<ajnewbold> _hp_: I ought to sell an old sock or something and declare it an art form
<_hp_> it is a form of art

<ajnewbold> "Used white tube sock; art" $999
<ajnewbold> "This is not a used white tube sock. It is art."
<ajnewbold> origami, yes, I know :)
<ajnewbold> just not one that very many people would want to spend that kind of cash on
<ajnewbold> folding some of the more intricate patterns is definitely an artistic skill
<ajnewbold> folding a crane neatly over and over isn't as art-ey in my view though
<ajnewbold> a child could be taught how to do it quickly
<ajnewbold> if the 1,000 cranes folded by this guy and the 1,000 cranes folded by some eight-year-old look the same, is the $499 guy really any more artistic than the kid?
<ajnewbold> _hp_: hehe, A4 folded in half makes two A5s, doesn't it? ;)
<_hp_> yes
<_hp_> MAGIC ART!
<ajnewbold> I love that system
<ajnewbold> ISO 216, that's it
<ajnewbold> waaaay better than the **** we use in the USA
<ajnewbold> "letter", "legal", and "tabloid"
<ajnewbold> it's lie, wtf?
<_hp_> i'm in the USA right now and i refuse to use inferiror systems
<ajnewbold> 8.5" x 11", 8.5" x something, and 11" x 17" I think
<ajnewbold> _hp_: can you buy A4 paper here?
<_hp_> yeah
<_hp_> probably
<ajnewbold> I want some
<ajnewbold> that's just awesome
<ajnewbold> I want a sheet of A0 so I can make all of them
<ajnewbold> lol, that'd be a funny auction
<ajnewbold> "Sheet of A0 paper" - "Collect all of your ISO 216 paper sizes in this one convenient auction!"
<_hp_> :)
<ajnewbold> A0 is huge
<ajnewbold> almost 3 feet across on the narrow side alone!
<Zeros> so A-1 would be 6 feet across then? :)
<_hp_> Zeros: no, a0 is the largest
<ajnewbold> Zeros: A1 is exactly half of A0
<Zeros> my sarcasm is totally lost on you :(
<ajnewbold> Zeros: and A2 is half of A1, etc, etc
<ajnewbold> oh
<ajnewbold> sarcasm? what's that?
<ajnewbold> ;)
<ajnewbold> sarcasm never works on the internet
<ajnewbold> ever
<ajnewbold> well, sometimes
<ajnewbold> but not often enough
<ajnewbold> we need an official "sarcasm" emoticon
<Zeros> yeah IRC can be a pretty effective sarcasm filter
<ajnewbold> something universal that can indicate genuine sarcasm
<ajnewbold> like :#
<ajnewbold> as in "Ask Windrose, she knows *everything* :#"
<androse> Hi there. I need to generate <h1> and <h2> as images. I've wrote a script in PHP that uses GD and t1lib, but I can't set the font kerning. Does anyone know of a way to gorgeously rasterize typography on a server, that doesn't cost 7000$/CPU (like Adobe Graphics Server) ?
<ajnewbold> :#
<ajnewbold> androse: gorgeously rasterize typography
<ajnewbold> androse: dude, you win today's "pretty prose" award
<androse> :)
<ajnewbold> as for your problem, hmm
<ajnewbold> :/
<ajnewbold> nothing's coming to mind
<androse> hum, how is handled fonts in imagemagick ?
<Windrose> ajnewbold: "But ... I DO know everything?"
<ajnewbold> androse: see this, maybe:

<krisp> big up Windrose :P
<Windrose> ... quote, actually.
<ajnewbold> androse: that should link right to a comment with a function for it
<ajnewbold> Windrose: you forgot to add a :# to the end of your statement :P
<androse> ajnewbold: yeah, I did see that, but it looks like an horrible hack for a simple problem.
<Windrose> ajnewbold: wasn't a statement. Was a quote >:)
<ajnewbold> androse: it also looks like the only hack that's going to keep you from spending $7K
<ajnewbold> Windrose: oh, heh
<ajnewbold> androse: php's not going to be a full-fledged solution for the kind of crisp results you're after. My guess is you'll only be able to achieve a "good enough" result with it, and either take it or leave it
<mattmcc> Windrose: Ow, I think.
<Windrose> mattmcc: hey, it fit rather well ...
<Windrose> And a beautiful scene.
<GwaiLo> Windrose: What's it from ?
<Windrose> "You hit me! Picard never HIT me?!"
<mattmcc> He made a good apperance on SG-1 for awhile too.
<ajnewbold> is this Q?
<mattmcc> Yeah.
<ajnewbold> heh
<ajnewbold> best character ever :)
<Windrose> GwaiLo: DS9 ... the episode name escapes me - "You know what I hate the most about you Q? You pretend you know EVERYTHING!" - "But ... I DO know everything?"
<Windrose> (From memory)
<ajnewbold> I always forget that he actually appeared in the pilot for TNG
<ajnewbold> then I'll see the pilot again and be like "omg Q was in the pilot?"
<Windrose> ... Q /was/ the pilot, more or less!
<ajnewbold> and every time my wife has to say "yes, Q was in the pilot, and you knew that"
<GwaiLo> Windrose: ahh, hehe... always loved Q :) and yes... the picard hitting me line was one of my favourite from the whole series :)
<mattmcc> ajnewbold: Then after watching the pilot, go back and watch All Good Things.
<ajnewbold> Windrose: true, that :)
<ajnewbold> mattmcc: heh, is that the last one?
<mattmcc> ajnewbold: Yeah.
<ajnewbold> mattmcc: yeah, it all fits together nicely :)
<ajnewbold> mattmcc: there was truly some genius writing on that series
<Windrose> I dunno. I think my favourite Q episode is "The Blue and the Gray" ...
<ajnewbold> mattmcc: I don't recall the name of the episode, but it was first or second season... the one where they encounter the capsule(s) with the frozen dead people from earth
<ajnewbold> that's a really good one
<ajnewbold> especially for the social commentary
<mattmcc> Well, TNG did spend a fair amount of time preaching about society.
<mattmcc> Only slightly less blatently than the original series.
<ajnewbold> I guess I always enjoyed it because it fits nicely with my own views on society :)
<Windrose> ajnewbold: sounds faintly like "The 37s"
<ajnewbold> of course, if we had replicators, a lot of our problems would be solved too
<ajnewbold> Windrose: what's that?
<mattmcc> Windrose: Other way around. The 37s was a rehash of the TNG plot. :)
<ajnewbold> oh
<Windrose> mattmcc: ah. I never watched TNG much :)
<ajnewbold> speaking of replicators, did they ever explain how they work?
<sparr> define "work"
<GwaiLo> it's impressive that you can fit 30 minutes of social commentary AND 30 minutes of "kirk eyes" in a single episode... :)
<ajnewbold> sparr: how they defy today's generally-accepted idea that matter cannot be created or destroyed, yet they appear to create new matter
<sparr> which replicators are we discussing?
<Windrose> mattmcc: mind, the 37s gave rise to many more fun fics ;)
<ajnewbold> sparr: ones in the Star Trek universe
<mattmcc> ajnewbold: Energy, not matter.
<ajnewbold> mattmcc: matter can be created now?
<ajnewbold> man, am I behind the times :(
<sparr> matter is simply a state of energy
<mattmcc> ajnewbold: Well, you're thinking of 'conservation of energy'
<ajnewbold> it is?
<ajnewbold> ****, when did this happen?
<sparr> you can destroy matter to create (liberate) energy
<sparr> thats how nuclear reactions work
<mattmcc> Or, y'know, fire.
<ajnewbold> hmm
<Windrose> ajnewbold: one explanation glossed over in Voyager, I seem to recall, is that they use stockpiles of raw materials to 'assemble' new items from.
<ajnewbold> so we're not limited by the amount of physical particles or whatever that exist, but only by the amount of energy in existance that holds it all together?
<sparr> in theory, yes
<ajnewbold> Windrose: that's interesting
<sparr> if you could slam the proper 'free' massless energetic particles together in just the right way, youd get an object with some mass and no (apparent) energy
<mattmcc> Windrose: Mr. Fusion? :)
<sparr> like, say, photons
<sparr> but, back to on topic...
<ajnewbold> so does this mean that the same energy that exists within, say, a piece of wood, could be converted somehow directly into energy that holds together a piece of plastic, without the traditional chemical changes and such?



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