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<Drakas> you can do selection to channel
<Drakas> and then channel to selection
<phretor> hi there
<phretor> (to Mac/Virtual PC users) I am not able to cross-browser test my site (hosted on my main machine) simply because I cannot reach my main machine via its IP: how do you solve cross-browser testing with Virtual PC?
<Munter> Havent worked with channels very much
<nuri> any great GUI people around??
<Dorward> `tell nuri about ask
<Dorward> hmm
<Dorward> +ask
<Dorward> OK, looks like the bot is dead or I've forgotten the term.
<_W_> it might be down
<_W_> yeah it's down it seems
<_W_> no wait, just a bit lagged
<Dorward> nuri: If you get to the point, then someone might be able to help. Looking for topic experts is rarely fruitful.
<nuri> I m putting together a web service and while i oculd put together a GUI for itmyself I have sketched something out and was wondering if anyone is strong in ui design.

<Dorward> nuri: If you want people to comment, then they can't do that until you reveal the design.
<Zitter> what's "microformats"?
<Dorward> Zitter: An attempt to extend HTML by use of standard class names for specific purposes.
<_W_> it's added semantics to things like class names and such
<webben>, i think
<Munter> right. org
<Munter> but com works too, redirects
<webben> ah okay :)
<sylow> hey, anyone happens to know how to refresh a frame in FireFox ? (it always refreshes the url
<Zitter> right clic on frame -> this frame -> reload
<sylow> yeah.. sorry, I mean the keyboard shortcut
<Zitter> dunno :P
<sylow> me neither.. I guess it doesn't exist
<Zitter> yes, maybe
<NET||abuse> got my hands on a book there, More Eric Meyer on CSS, but it's published in april 2004, that's quiet old no?
<NET||abuse> is there perhaps something a little more current?
<Drakas> not old
<Drakas> css2 - 1998
<Drakas> css 2.1 - draft, april 2006
<blackbishop> hi all ..
<blackbishop> I'm tryin' to make a lil' wml website ..
<NET||abuse> Drakas, thanks for the pointer :)
<blackbishop> some <setvar>'s .. and a forms ( 2 fields )
<blackbishop> now .. how can I post those to a website and then redirect me to my main page again
<blackbishop> when accessing on my phone .. when posting it asks me if I want to save the page ..
<blackbishop> anyone ?
<Drakas> blackbishop: are you doing static wml files or not?
<blackbishop> Drakas what do you mean ?
<Drakas> blackbishop: are your pages dynamically generated? like usin gphp, asp or other server-side language?
<Drakas> google for wml redirect
<Drakas> it is not recommended to post directly to a site that returns HTML - bandwitchwise
<blackbishop> no
<blackbishop> it's something simple
<blackbishop> Drakas yeah .. I know :) thanks for the direction :)
<Drakas> i think a small amount of people (including me) had small amount of experience with wml
<Windrose> You might be right. These days it is easier to use HTML directly.
<Drakas> most new phones have html/xhtml browsers already
<Drakas> and one of them is Opera Mobile :D
<blackbishop> I have a old siemens sl55
<blackbishop> can I private message you a lil' ?
<glen_quagmire> what's difference between <input type="image" and <input type="submit" ?
<blackbishop> the type !?
<glen_quagmire> <input type="image" doesn't seem to post name="a" value="1" in IE
<glen_quagmire> <input type="image" name="view_all" value="1" src="hotgirl.jpg" /> <input type="submit" name="view_all" value="1"/>
<glen_quagmire> 1st button doesn't carry view_all=1
<glen_quagmire> but 2nd does on IE
<Windrose> glen_quagmire: type="image" is an image map - the issue is a little more complicated there. The spec details it tho - and don't forget the alt-attribute.
<Windrose> `html input
<miniE> Found for HTML 4.01 - input -
<glen_quagmire> thanks
<ajnewbold> I wish I could get ubuntu to work properly with my wireless card :(
<ajnewbold> that's the only thing stopping me from switching
<webben> ajnewbold: which card is it?
<webben> ajnewbold: is it brand new or something?
<m1chael> how would you guys make this item page prettier?
<ajnewbold> webben: dell proprietary crap... Dell Wireless G 1450 Dual-Band
<ajnewbold> and it's usb :(
<webben> bleh! ... i'd be tempted to just buy a netgear USB one ... probably less hassle
<ajnewbold> m1chael: prettier? it's perfect as is. simple, uncluttered, easy to navigate

<ajnewbold> webben: not a bad idea :)
<webben> ajnewbold: should be possible to get it working though, looking at this:
<m1chael> ajnewbold, thanks :)
<ajnewbold> webben: ah, I saw that
<ajnewbold> webben: and then I couldn't figure out how to blacklist
<ajnewbold> and I don't know what a islsm is
<ajnewbold> in short, I'm probably not the most ideal candidate for linux... however, I'm precisely the sort of user that ubuntu wants to gain, from what I understand
<m1chael> i use freebsd because it has a sweet manual
<ajnewbold> heh, Mark Pilgrim says that 'ubuntu' is an ancient African word meaning "can't install Debian"
<hax> ajnewbold: ha!
<webben> ajnewbold:
<glen_quagmire> Windrose: it just says name.x_value and name.y_value
<webben> is islsm
<krisp> lol
<krisp> ubuntu :P
<glen_quagmire> i want to pass name="lol" value="jpg"
<glen_quagmire> to input type="image"
<ajnewbold> glen_quagmire: eh?
<krisp> wtf?
<Windrose> glen_quagmire: well, type="image" doesn't work the way you want it to work.
<Dorward> glen_quagmire: Browser support for value on image inputs is variable. Not really anything you can do about that.
<webben> ajnewbold: did rmmod not work?
<ajnewbold> webben: well, I haven't tried it :)
<glen_quagmire> crap
<glen_quagmire> Windrose: if I use javascript to submit, will it work?
<ajnewbold> webben: I'm going to read up more and then give it a go... it's on another partition, so I'll have to reboot, which makes it difficult to do simultaneous research and testing :)
<Windrose> glen_quagmire: no. But you'll introduce a whole slew of new problems.
<glen_quagmire> wtf
<webben> ah yes that is a pain - only one pc around then?
<ajnewbold> webben: sadly yes
<glen_quagmire> so is there A way to use image buttons in IE?
<webben> got dialup?
<ajnewbold> webben: wife took the laptop to work :(
<ajnewbold> webben: no, I'm on broadband
<glen_quagmire> i can use <a href>
<glen_quagmire> or can i?
<Windrose> glen_quagmire: to submit a form? No.
<ajnewbold> Windrose: well, he *kind of* can :)
<glen_quagmire> so, on IE, there's no image button?
<krisp> image buttons?
<glen_quagmire> <input type="image"
<krisp> you can do that
<krisp> or you can have a submit button with a background image
<ajnewbold> Windrose: via get, and if the link being clicked on is changed somehow via JS or whatnot based on the form values
<glen_quagmire> or submit button that has image
<lepine> is there a way to have a drop change the selected option of a select via it's value ... ?
<ajnewbold> but that'd just be totally messed up
<lepine> er, that didnt make sense ..
<ajnewbold> lepine: glad you pointed that out before someone else had to
<lepine> is there a way to change a select's selected option via the value ?
<glen_quagmire> krisp: tell me more
<glen_quagmire> css?
<hax> omg, this is is frustrating
<lepine> eg, select option where value = 'some val' ...
<ajnewbold> hax: what is?
<Windrose> ajnewbold: no, he can't. A regular <a> can only submit a form through JS - and then it is worthless.
<ajnewbold> lepine: yeah, use "selected"
<lepine> i know ...
<ajnewbold> lepine: oh
<krisp> glen_quagmire if you learn css you'll be able to style a submit button - yes
<lepine> but, how can i find out which option to add 'selected' to ?>
<Dorward> lepine: Only by looping through all the options, testing their value, then setting the one(s) you want to selected.
<hax> ajnewbold: so i'm supposed to be going to this uni for an IT degree... one of their people in charge of managing it sends me an email... and its an HTML email template, with one of those stationary backgrounds
<ajnewbold> Windrose: what I had in mind was <a href=""> :)
<lepine> this only based on the value
<ajnewbold> Windrose: then he could submit via GET :)
<Windrose> ajnewbold: yup, but it ain't a /form/ ;)
<hax> ajnewbold: i don't know what's more disturbing though, the fact that they sent it that way... or the fact my mail client will even display it
<lepine> Dorward: sucks, but thanks
<Dorward> ajnewbold: But (a) That isn't based on form data, its static and (b) &amp;!
<ajnewbold> Windrose: but it could be, sort of. If he had some way of dynamically assembling the submission URL based on the form contents... right?
<ajnewbold> Windrose: no doubt it'd be a pain to set up, but it is technically possible? maybe?
<Windrose> ajnewbold: yep. Called 'JS' - I'm using that myself.
<ajnewbold> Windrose: :)



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