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<ompaul> Martoludia, ohh well
<PuMpErNiCkLe> hehe
<Cyorxamp> does x-chat have a command like mircs /server -m something ?
<Seveas> Cyorxamp, /newserver
<ompaul> Seveas, BOO
<kthx> Hey... Is there any way to get Flash, or some flash alternative?
<aimaz> Cyorxamp: if you press ctrl+t it opens a new server tab
<kthx> I'm running 64bit.
<Cyorxamp> Seveas, and that wont disconnect me from the old one?
<Seveas> Cyorxamp, no
<Cyorxamp> nice
<ompaul> Muhahaha

<Cyorxamp> Seveas, you're ignoring me :(
<ompaul> Cyorxamp, no he saw me
<zaofreek> kthx, gnash is in development, but right now it's not very useful...
<Cyorxamp> ompaul, nah not that :P
<Seveas> Cyorxamp, relax, the only one who can scare me out of here is ompaul
<zaofreek> as for an "official" flash plugin, i'm not sure if there is one for x86-64
<Cyorxamp> Seveas, no I mean in offtopic :P
<Seveas> zaofreek, there isn't
<holycow> *hmmm*
<Frebrd> lo
<zaofreek> kthx, is the site for gnash, if you want to have a look at it
<holycow> trying to copy over 30 gigs of files with nautilus turns out not to be such a hot idea
<Frebrd> any one know how to get hardware sound mixing
<Seveas> holycow, that really calls for mc :)
<Frebrd> any one know how to get hardware sound mixing
<Frebrd> no one :(
<crimsun> Frebrd: you can't "get" hardware mixing; either your hardware supports it, or it doesn't
<holycow> Seveas, hehe indeedy it is but ...
<frosty> 1h 48ms till I have ubuntu ^^
<Frebrd> my hardware supports it
<zaofreek> should my fonts be in /usr/share/fonts or /usr/X11/lib/fonts ?
<crimsun> Frebrd: which sound chipset?
<Frebrd> but i can't have more then one sound prog open at a time :(
<tristanmike> zaofreek, or they could be in /home/usrname/.fonts
<Frebrd> CMI8738
<zaofreek> well, as far is the official packages
<tristanmike> zaofreek, but the usr/share/fonts would prolly be best
<PuMpErNiCkLe> Frebrd:
<zaofreek> i think i may have copied them when i upgraded to breezy when it was in testing
<crimsun> Frebrd: pastebin the output from ``cat /proc/asound/cards''
<crimsun> Frebrd: and your hardware actually doesn't support it
<PuMpErNiCkLe> Frebrd: It's not hardware mixing, but it will allow you to play more than one sound stream at a time.
<zaofreek> so i'm afraid my flash font problem may be related to that
<s_v_e_n> Is there a working iscsi server or client ?
<Frebrd> pastebin?
<holycow> ... for users that don't know ... it could seriously hose them if they expect the copy to actually be successfull
<Seveas> !tell Frebrd about pastebin
<amikron> hiall
<Frebrd> oh
<zaofreek> can i safely remove the fonts in /usr/lib/X11/fonts then?
<carthik> How can I measure the total size of the files returned by find . -name "*.mp3"
<KDM> any ideas about kdm[12147]: Unknown session exit code 0 (sig 11) from manager process
<KDM> whe a client connect
<Seveas> carthik, pipe it to xargs du -s
<Seveas> or xargs du -sh
<ompaul> Seveas, pm
<carthik> ompaul, Seveas, sorry, but like find . -name "*.mp3" | xargs du -s; ?
<tristanmike> zaofreek, it seems that the /usr/lib/X11/fonts is just a link to /usr/share/X11/fonts, so I wouldn't remove them
<xbox_sky> the specified library kthememanager could not be found
<xbox_sky> any ideas?
<NeoCicak> hello all.. this is rather a general unix question.. I've just created a group "developers", and add my username to that group
<tristanmike> zaofreek, but that's just me, and I'm an idiot
<xbox_sky> I just tried to install a new theme, and now I can't access the theme manager
<Seveas> carthik, yes
<zaofreek> hmm...see, i'm afraid i have two copies of the same fonts
<Capro> hello i am wondering how to set up a irc server can you help me?
<tristanmike> zaofreek, nothing to be afraid of, I wouldn't think
<NeoCicak> then i created a directory /home/cvs and change the group owner to "developers".. somehow my user cannot access that group, although i've chmod 770 for /home/cvs.. can anybody help me out please?
<crimsun> zaofreek: it wouldn't matter if you have N+1 copies of the same font (aside from the disk space used). The fontconfig library doesn't honor those duplicates.

<carthik> Seveas, that doesn't work for me - get errors - sorry :)
<tristanmike> zaofreek, yeah, what crimsun said
<xbox_sky> is there a way?
<xbox_sky> can I re-install kde thememanager?
<zaofreek> do they have to be listed in xorg.conf for fontconfig to find them?
<henramirez> a
<zaofreek> er..
<zaofreek> the whole font thing puzzles me, honestly
<timfrost> NeoCicak, you need to log out, then back in, to add the developers group to your list of active groups.
<NeoCicak> timfrost: how do i active the group "developers" ??
<NeoCicak> timfrost: oh sorry... i need to logout & login??
<Capro> I want to set up an IRC server on our schools network, which do you guys recommend
<Frebrd> anyone here say KDE is better
<slindsay> Hello all -- I'm having some trouble booting my Dell Latitude CPi (old Pentium 2 366 model) laptop with Breezy. While booting, I get to the "Initializing hotplug subsystem" line and the the computer hangs. This doesn't happen every time -- it seems to occur randomly. I've tried disabling acpi in the kernel boot options, but that doesn't seem to make a difference. Any suggestions?
<crimsun> zaofreek: it's actually really straightforward. You don't need to mess with any conffiles. Just drop your TrueType fonts into ~/.fonts, then ``sudo fc-cache -fv''
<Cyorxamp> Frebrd, KDE is bad in my opinion
<Frebrd> ok
<Frebrd> im using gnome
<xbox_sky> KDE is great in my opinion
<rambo3> its pure crap
<zaofreek> crimsun, they should already be installed...what i think i'm having problems with is msttcorefonts
<Kyral> anyone know how to correct Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock'?
<xbox_sky> I've used GNOMe before and it's terrible
<Frebrd> how so
<Cyorxamp> xbox_sky, your nick speaks as to why tho :P
<hyphenated> Frebrd: the KDE guys will probably be in #kubuntu
<Frebrd> yes i know
<NeoCicak> timfrost: it still says "permission denied"
<KDM> i do like kde, its a full featured desktop
<xbox_sky> Cyorxamp, come again?
<Frebrd> i just wanted ppls opinion on KDE
<zaofreek> i'm obviously missing some font, because some flash doesn't show text, when it should
<Cyorxamp> xbox_sky, you should know what I am on about :P
<zaofreek> but i'm not sure which font it is
<hyphenated> Frebrd: try #ubuntu-offtopic ;-)
<xbox_sky> I think so ;)
<tristanmike> zaofreek, what's the link and I'll see if I have the same issue
<timfrost> NeoCicak, does the command 'groups' list 'developers'?
<Frebrd> has anyone gotten a All in wonder card to work
<NeoCicak> timfrost: umm.. no....
<percen20> I am the onlyone useing linux on my network, but i want to connect to another computer on a windows network to share their printer how can i do that?
<zaofreek> is a good example
<Frebrd> any one know how to get an ATI Allin Wonder card to work?
<hyphenated> NeoCicak: group changes only take effect on new logins
<zaofreek> it shows absolutely no text at all for me
<NeoCicak> wait.. lemme try again...
<hyphenated> NeoCicak: you can 'fake' a new login by opening a shell and typing in 'bash --login'
<hyphenated> inside that new bash shell, the group changes should have taken effect
<gimmulf> Whats a good proxy service where i get full anonnymity? dont care if its costs but then it need to be fast
<tristanmike> zaofreek, I get no text either, just the main "GoodFellowsRecords"
<Seveas> percen20, system -> admin -> printing, select 'new printer', 'network printer', 'windows network'
<NeoCicak> hypenated:.... doesnt work for me...
<qt4x11> what file do i have to edit to stop root's email from going to /var/mail/nobody
<Frebrd> guess ubuntu doesn't support tv tuners :(
<hyphenated> NeoCicak: what changes did you make?
<NeoCicak> hypenated: lemme logout correctly... brb...
<percen20> Seveas, Thank you
<szronik> Frebrd: It does.
<Seveas> Frebrd, try bttv
<hyphenated> Frebrd: some of them work
<Frebrd> not mine
<aimaz> Frebrd: i've seen tv tuners working in ubuntu
<zaofreek> the other main problem is basically any music player on myspace
<hyphenated> my girlfriend's cheap PCMCIA one does
<Frebrd> AIWs no work
<rambo3> iits more matter of kernel
<cold> anyone know where ubuntu kernel header files are ?
<szronik> Frebrd: I have a AIW128
<Frebrd> how did u get it to wrk
<szronik> Frebrd: Well, I never did get the sound to work
<ateves> hi! i wanted to modify my root partition, so i ran a live CD and tried to modify the unmounted root partition with different tools, but the options to change it where always disabled
<NeoCicak> hypenated: just add the group... and add my user to that group. then using root, create /home/cvs.. and chgrp developers /home/cvs after that, my user still cant access /home/cvs (ive added my user to "developers")
<rambo3> there is search option in synaptic
<ateves> what's wrong?



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