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<Surfnkid> congrats mada!
<B1zz> when i try to run prefrence setting on firefox i get the following windows that pops up and gives me the following message:
<mada> triplep: omfg, i owe you a million, it flashed the splash screen!!!
<Surfnkid> super feeling
<triplep> word, i'm pretty sure nv is legacy
<mada> thankies Surfnkid, it is an incredible feeling
<mada> triplep: i guess
<cafuego> nv is open, not legacy
<Surfnkid> yep when i got my ATI going it felt good too
<Surfnkid> ok brb
<cafuego> legacy is nvidia-glx-legacy :-)
<pppoe_dude|away> pingveno, `
<triplep> where as nvidia is the official bin blob?
<mada> i'm on amd64, i don't know if that matters ... i have very little ubuntu experience, i am a long time debian user and i finally lost patience and just wanted things to work and here i am on ubuntu, same wonderful package management, but all the flawless desktop implementation i want
<cafuego> triplep: yep
<spikeb> no nv is the OSS driver

<pppoe_dude|away> pingveno, replace Master with PCM
<cafuego> triplep: for cards newer than geforce2.
<pingveno> As I said, not that it makes any difference :-P
<mada> ok, well i must go ... i vowed i would solve that before i slept ... thanks again triplep
<anuj> hi
<Geoffrey2> what exactly does that message "unregged" at the top od the screen mean?
<anuj> i have reinstalled ubuntu without formatting my computer...i need to know how to access the data that was on my system
<anuj> new installation was done in the free space.
<n30n> ok so i got wine from syaptic and i downloaded it and short story made even shorter idk what to do with it. normaly use right click and say open with wine right?
<pppoe_dude|away> anuj, do you know which harddisk you data was on?
<Etheri> Geoffrey2: follow the instructions in the link it gives you to register your nick
<pppoe_dude|away> anuj, for example, the size of the harddisk?
<anuj> total size of the hard disk is 40gigs, with one partition
<Geoffrey2> my nick is registered...supposedly
<pppoe_dude|away> anuj, ubuntu probably mounted you other harddisks in /media/somewhere
<pppoe_dude|away> anuj, oops sorry replace harddisk with partition
<pppoe_dude|away> anuj, ok n/m then
<Hobbsee> Geoffrey2: yeah, you're regged and identified - all unregged people are being sent to #ubuntu-unregged to register
<pppoe_dude|away> anuj, what is the problem exactly? you can't find them or you can't access them?
<n30n> cyphase: how do you do the * thing
<Hobbsee> n30n: /me blah blah blah
<cyphase> n30n, /me blah blah
<cyphase> :)
<Geoffrey2> Hobbsee, ok, for a while there was a message up in the channel name that said something about "unregged", and then it just vanished...
<n30n> hm
<cyphase> yea
<_nano_> could anyone suggest a good bitorrent client for gnome? (the existing one is not that good)
<incert important name here>
<n30n> _nano_: bitlord
<pppoe_dude|away> _nano_, try bittornado
<cyphase> _nano_: Azureus
<Hobbsee> Geoffrey2: yeah, when you came back in, you may have been forwarded to #ubuntu-unregged befor eyou regged?
<Hobbsee> !tell n30n about offtopic
<bliss_> hi
<cyphase> _nano_: it's in the repositories
<snoops> azureous _nano_
<n30n> _nano_: bittornado is good too
<snoops> err azureus*
<_nano_> cyphase: Azureus uses java right?
<bliss_> matthew: are you in
<n30n> Hobbsee: i was just having a moment ok??
<snoops> yes it uses java.
<Hobbsee> n30n: i kno w:)
<pppoe_dude|away> _nano_, yes
<cyphase> _nano_: yea
<cyphase> _nano_: personally, i use the default
<n30n> Hobbsee: i was trying out the * thing
<Hobbsee> n30n: i dont think most of the ops will put up with much today :P
<cyphase> it works fine for me
<Hobbsee> n30n: it's cool :)
<cyphase> n30n: don't over use it :)
<n30n> _nano_: yes
<schizoschaf> hi
<_nano_> i would prefer a client that's made using gtk ...lesser memory usage i guess since gtk libraries are already loaded
<pppoe_dude|away> _nano_, bittornado is nice and fast
<bliss_> installed fluxbox with with aptitude and xserver-xorg what else needs to be done to start fluxbox?

<n30n> _nano_: bitltornado
<cyphase> _nano_: what's wrong with the default?
<schizoschaf> is there #ubuntu-1 now, or may i ask about breezy here?
<Etheri> _nano_: I'd avoid it if you can. I'm using Azureus but the sun JRE just chews up processor time and memory like nothing else
<n30n> _nano_: exect spelled right
<pppoe_dude|away> schizoschaf, ask
<_nano_> cyphase, it opens different windows for different clients...
<cyphase> _nano_: ah
<_nano_> oops
<_nano_> i meant torrents
<_nano_> :P
<_nano_> i think i'll give bitornado a shot
<cyphase> all on one desktop
<n30n> cyphase: i got bored of it already... lol
<snoops> how's the bittornado interface these days? Last time I tried it, it was as shockingly terrible as bram's own client
<schizoschaf> what might be the reason, when gnome starts in secure mode only, while in normal mode the panels stay blank?
<n30n> snoops: its ok
<_nano_> snoops: it was? :(
<Snowfairy> I'm trying to load a web typing game, but, it says unable to load data, I was wondering if anyone could see if it loads properly (on ubuntu) for them. Just not sure if it's my dial-up hampering it or what.
<cyphase> there's already freeloader..
<cdubya> bah, spoke too firefox is still busted....
<cyphase> but it's kind of eh
<cdubya> oh well
<Rabek> Does the alt install of Ubuntu include a compiler?
<bliss_> DBO: awake?
<n30n> cyphase: isn't that what synaptic is? or mabye i misunderstand you
<Rabek> For makefiles and such.
<cyphase> n30n: that's for package management
<_nano_> cyphase: yeah that would be awesome, a single client that could deal with everything including torrents, ftp etc
<snoops> ahh gosh is bittornado still only one window per download?
<schizoschaf> in which logfile would i find gnome startup errors?
<cyphase> n30n: i'm walking general downloading. from websites, torrents, etc
<cyphase> all in one client
<B1zz> whats it do cdubya
<cdubya> it hangs. big time.
<B1zz> im having some problems with my firefox as well
<n30n> cyphase: if you program the sourcelist it's pretty much unlimited isn't it
<chavo> Rabek, no, but sudo apt-get install build-essential will get what you need
<B1zz> ahhh
<snoops> you could try torrentflux _nano_..
<cdubya> B1zz, I've tried everything.
<cyphase> n30n: i'm not talking about synaptic
<cdubya> I gave up and it's ok.
<Siriuskr> how do i use a MD5SUMS to check a cd i just burnt
<Rabek> ... that is a long command.
<B1zz> heheh
<cdubya> was just hoping.......
<n30n> cyphase: i know
<ome> anyone know where the wine fake c is?
<snoops> that's a php and mysql based torrent client.. uses a web interface
<cyphase> n30n: yea, it is
<_nano_> snoops: thanks..would look into that :)
<cdubya> had heard good things about ff working on dapper, but no go for me.
<Matthewv> ome ~/.wine/drive_c/
<cdubya> that's ok though
<cyphase> n30n: and you could always install a standalone package without a repo
<n30n> cyphase: yes
<Etheri> say, there isn't a command like apt-get dependancies <makefile> or something is there?
<n30n> My wine installation=no worky
<B1zz> cdubya did you try the #firefox?
<cdubya> yeah, noone would even respond. I love channels like that.
<cdubya> heh
<ome> what does it mean if that directory dosnt exist?
<B1zz> heh yeah
<B1zz> me too
<pppoe_dude|away> cdubya, try sudo dpkg-reconfigure firefox-bin
<B1zz> after 2 days just now i got 1 reply
<B1zz> and now the guy stop talking
<ome> ive installed wine already but theres no drive_c
<n30n> Hobbsee: can you explain to me what i was doing off topic? I don't mean to be a bother
<B1zz> look at what Matthewv said
<Snowfairy> ome check ~/.wine/drive_c/



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