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<mugzie> um jason when installing fire fox i download it and it says on the instrutions #
<mugzie> Download firefox- from [WWW] , and change to the directory you downloaded it to.
<mugzie> #
<mugzie> Install it to /opt/firefox:
<mugzie> what do they mean and change it to the directory u downloaded it to and install it to opt firefox?
<_jason> Old: wherever you want, but if you want ot run it from anywhere you would put it somewhere in your $PATH
<roryy> Sandig: ubotu has a 'netinstall' factoid, not sure what that's about
<Sandig> roryy: forgot to mention, the only usb stick i have accessable to me is only 128mb
<Spec> Old: yeap, that .sh looks good
<mugzie> can someone help me
<roryy> ah
<Spec> Old: if you want to './cs1', put it in your home directory
<roryy> !tell Sandig about netinstall
<_jason> Old: erm that was badly phrased. If you want to run it without providing the full path, just the name like you do other commands, you would put it in your $PATH
<Spec> Old: if you want to type $ cs1, whever you are, put it in a folder that's in your PATH, type: echo $PATH to see your $PATH
<echobinary> anyone know what the turnaround is for nvidia drivers? specificaly when does the geforce 7300GS get support? :)

<roryy> Sandig: just to be clear, i've never used any of these -- just trying to point you in a hopefully helpful direction
<mugzie> can someone help me out
<mugzie> im trying to install firefox and im confused on this part
<mugzie> #
<mugzie> Download firefox- from [WWW] , and change to the directory you downloaded it to.
<mugzie> #
<mugzie> Install it to /opt/firefox:
<Sandig> roryy: no problem. what ya got?
<_jason> mugzie: don't paste here please
<mugzie> what do they mean change to the dierectry u downloaded it to and also what they mean instally it to /opt/firefox
<roryy> Sandig: check your privmsgs from ubotu
<Old> what i meant was, where should the .sh files be put in? I have the /home/cs1, then /home/cs2 etc, Is there a possibility to put all of the .sh files in a folder so it works everywhere, or do i have to put it in the folder i wish to run the ./hlds_run from
<Old> ?
<mugzie> o sorry jason i just wanted to point that out sorry but can someone help me
<_jason> mugzie: in less than 3 weeks, you will be able to upgrade to dapper and get firefox1.5 through the repositories
<Old> ex, the .sh file in /home/cs1 to run the /cs1 alias
<mugzie> o for real
<Sandig> roryy: checked. thanks for all your help.
<mugzie> so what u should just wait?
<_jason> mugzie: that is what I suggest
<mugzie> ok thanks
<mugzie> also what is mplayer?
<echobinary> will dapper have more hardware support?
<_jason> ubotu: tell mugzie about mplayer
<hanuma> is there any player for playing wmv files
<hanuma> ?
<Spec> Old: You should specify the full path to hlds_run if you wish to execute that script wherever you are
<alex_joni> roryy: does ubotu know about udeb's ?
<Spec> Old: you can put the .sh files in /usr/local/bin if you want to run them wherever you are
<mugzie> its because this firefox is slow for someodd reason i was wondering if i can get a faster browser or something
<Old> thanks
<echobinary> is this thing on?
<Spec> old: be sure to specify the full path to hlds_run though
<roryy> alex_joni: doesn't look like it
<Old> How Spec ? how would the line look if i speceficed the full path?
<Spec> where is hlds_run?
<alex_joni> roryy: any idea where I can learn about that?
<Spec> Old: is it in your home directory?
<roryy> alex_joni: hrm, sorry, no
<Old> Spec, /home/cs1
<alex_joni> roryy: ok thanks
<Spec> Old: so it's /home/cs1/hlds_run ?
<respaldos> holasssssssssss
<Old> no Spec, it is in /home/cs1
<Spec> Old: screen -mdS cs1 /home/cs1/hlds_run -game cstrike +maxplayers 12 -port 27015 +map de_dust2
<respaldos> el passd de ubunto... como se cambia?
<Spec> Old: hlds_run is an executable, and it sits in the folder /home/cs1?
<respaldos> en el root
<Spec> !ubuntu-es
<ubotu> Spec: I don't know, try searching at
<Spec> !spanish
<ubotu> Spec: No idea, try searching at
<Spec> gah
<Spec> !es
<ubotu> Hispanohablantes: Por favor usen #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, alli obtendran mas ayuda.
<Old> it's executable
<bipolar> ok. does anyone know a reason why the mysql server in ubuntu (dapper for me) does not support ssl? I thought that the licencing issues were taken care of....
<Old> Spec, I run ./hlds_run when i am in the dir /home/cs1
<Spec> Old: okay, then the command I gave you above is correct
<roryy> alex_joni: a not especially useful definition:

<Old> Thank you
<martin__> HOLA
<roryy> !es
<ubotu> Hispanohablantes: Por favor usen #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, alli obtendran mas ayuda.
<martin__> como entro a ubuntu-es
<railk> /join #ubntu-es
<martin__> pero como entro al canal de ubuntu-es
<alex_joni> martin__: /join #ubuntu-es
<alex_joni> roryy: thanks..
<alex_joni> roryy: any idea where I should turn to questions about building a liveCD & changing the udebs on it? especially the kernel..
<roryy> alex_joni: not really, sorry. The mailing lists might be a good place to start
<martin__> como entro a ubuntu-es
<roryy> alex_joni: is this any good?
<roryy> martin__: /join #ubuntu-es
<alex_joni> roryy: I've already successfully used that one for adding packages
<Didimo> alguin que quiera intercambiar ideas
<railk> babelfish 4tw...
<martin__> #ubuntu-es
<railk> con /join
<Larsson-Sweden> I need an app to check my partition for errors, just like the one in the bootup that forces a check when it has been mounted 30 times.
<hollowlife1987> Larsson-Sweden: e2fsck i think its called
<Larsson-Sweden> hollowlife1987, it cant be used on mounted file systems.
<mikej> god bless myspace
<hollowlife1987> oh hmm
<Larsson-Sweden> It can be a gui, just want to check it, not repair anything.
<hollowlife1987> dont know then sorry
<roryy> Larsson-Sweden: can you boot from the livecd?
<odyssey> hello
<Didimo> hello
<Larsson-Sweden> A file system check was forced when booting Ubuntu. It said it found errors and that they where repaired. The fs is working and was working fine before the check. Do i need to worry?
<ed1t> im planning on installing ubuntu on my laptop....i got a 60 GB harddrive, how should i setup my hard drive? i want a dualk boot
<ed1t> dual*
<mikej> edit, the installer will walk you through it
<railk> heeelp plzzzz...
<mikej> assuming you dont have multiple sata hdd's its pretty simple
<ed1t> i know but like shall i share the data drive between windows and linux? or have seperate
<mikej> it has to make a partition
<mikej> it will take your drivse freespace and partition it
<mikej> most likely after resizing the windows partition
<mikej> so theoretically it wont touch windows
<mikej> then youll have a bootloader that will look at XP or Linux
<mikej> and you select
<ed1t> im gonna wipe everything and do it from fresh
<ed1t> scratch
<mikej> why
<alex_joni> ed1t: install the other OS first, and leave some space for ubuntu
<mikej> install XP first then
<mikej> yep
<mikej> can NTFS be writting over LVM
<mikej> or is LVM a completely separate file system
<mikej> written
<roryy> ed1t: linux and windows can read each others' partitions (for windows you need to get a tool). If you do want a read/write shared partition, set aside some space for a FAT partition (a few gig, say)
<alex_joni> mikej: LVM is not a FS afaik
<ed1t> so should i make windows partition NTFS or fat32?
<mikej> ntfs
<alex_joni> ed1t: the big windows partition NTFS, but make a smaller one FAT32 for data transfer
<alex_joni> linux has some issues writing NTFS
<prefect_> ed1t: you cant write to ntfs
<prefect_> (or, cant write to ntfs and sleep without worrying at night)
<alex_joni> prefect_: not entirely true, but adviseable ;)
<Ayabara> edit1: also there are ext-fs drivers for windows that you can use
<Ayabara> sorry, ed1t :-)
<mikej> so i dont understand LVM.. Right now my entire 36 hdd is LVM. Can I just install XP ontop of it, or will it have to convert
<ed1t> so say 20 GB for NTFS win partition, 20 GB for data disk Fat32, and 20 GB for ubuntu partition
<Ayabara> I use total commander under windows, and it has a ext/reiser fs-plugin that hasn't failed me yet
<alex_joni> ed1t: sounds good, but you might want a swap partition for ubuntu
<ed1t> yea
<Tonren> Hay guys.
<ed1t> ill add that too
<alex_joni> 20 G NTFS, 20G data FAT32, 18G ubuntu, 2G swap
<ed1t> wat about /user and /root dir for ubuntu



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