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<lilbit> mjr, I see
<apokryphos> lilbit: what do you mean?
<jighead> Crescendo: sudo aptitude install apache mysql-server php
<hedos> Hello guys. What do you suggest as a good IDE for C++ development on Linux? I'm looking for something efficient to work on project with a lot of files. Integrated debugging support would be a plus, as well as auto-completion / info about functions parameters and that kind of stuff. Any suggestions?
<Jowi> Crescendo: the dapper-server cd has the option to install LAMP without any fuss. otherwise check out the lamp wiki
<TheGeek_> output=`gcc main.c -o program $(pkg-config --cflags --libs gtk+-2.0)` <-- when i put this in a shell script, i get errors from gcc
<frank__> lilbit: They say there will never be a non-free version of Ubuntu. Of course Canonical will want to sell service and support for Ubuntu
<garryfre> When they can get dark ages of camelot to run under wine, then maybe I might look at wine.
<Jowi> !tell Crescendo about lamp
<apokryphos> hedos: I hear KDevelop is very good
<garryfre> And I'll get a snowcone in hell on the way.
<Morrowyn> hedos, try eclipse wit the eclipse-cdt plugin or anjta or kdevelop, depending on your taste
<r00723r0> can someone help? every 20 minutes or so when im off the computer it suspends, anyone have suggestions?
<MrBallZ> hi, i'm trying to compile madwifi-ng drivers, I allready got , build essentials, gcc4 and linux headers, and madwifi needs AES so, apt-get loop-aes, and the module aes is loaded, but still i cant compile, when trying to compile, it says that AES is not enabled .... what can i do ?
<lilbit> apokryphos, well, I just get this feeing that eventually Ubuntu will go the way of Redhat and all the others
<hedos> Thanks for the suggestions guys.

<Some_Person> I use apache/mysql/php in Windows (and unrealircd/anope)
<LjL> Jowi:
<apokryphos> lilbit: well, Ubuntu have promised to "always be free" (as in liberty)
<geekosis> ok i installed amok and tried to run internet radio from playlist, it keeps on buffering and nothing plays ?
<LjL> Jowi: under "troubleshooting"
<garryfre> Not critisizing wine, but some games change faster than socks on smelly feet.
<Jowi> LjL: will have a look. thanks a bunch
<spikeb> redhat's distro is still free in liberty
<spikeb> hence the clones
<garryfre> l
<apokryphos> I doubt Ubuntu will bring out an enterprise version now
<Crescendo> Thanks a bunch, jighead
<garryfre> Liberty?
<apokryphos> or even in the near future
<mo0se> !ntfs
<ubotu> to automatically mount your NTFS partition: there is no write support for ntfs that is safe. <!winfstab>
<Warbo> lilbit: Canonical is only really there to give corporate customers some reassurance. I think Ubuntu actually loses some of Mr. Shuttleworth's money, but he makes so much from investments elsewhere that he doesn't mind. Therefore I think that Ubuntu will stay free, as there is not any business sense in it even existing, let alone being invested in heavily.
<h3sp4wn> MrBallZ: is that from todays svn ?
<spikeb> they already have an interprise version, that's what the LTS is.
<h3sp4wn> MrBallZ: (for madwifi-ng)
<r00723r0> can someone help? every 20 minutes or so when im off the computer it suspends, anyone have suggestions?
<Toge> hello again
<Toge> how can I create a .deb?
<apokryphos> spikeb: that you pay for, I mean. You pay for the support, not the actual product.
<apokryphos> Toge: using checkinstall
<Warbo> Toge: From source code you can use checkinstall
<Toge> thanks
<h3sp4wn> Toge: debuild -us -uc
<MrBallZ> h3sp4wn: its the tarball from todays snapshot ...
<Aesop> Heya all.
<apokryphos> Toge: but if you want to properly package debs, you'll have to learn a bit of stuff first.
<garryfre> Maybe there is some bios powersaving features that ye need to address so it don't suspend.
<LjL> Toge: that doesn't create a "real" .deb with dependencie and al, though
<Aesop> Does anyone have experience getting a USB HEadset (Logitech 250) to work under Ubuntu?
<ROBOd> hello
<h3sp4wn> MrBallZ: I tried it also (this morning and couldn't get it to build)
<garryfre> Some computers have a particular key combo to get out of suspension.
<proxi> #debian-es
<ROBOd> how do I configure the default system language?
<garryfre> Hammer to keyboard, tends to get it out of suspend mode.
<pianoboy3333> I'm trying to build the 2.6.16 kernel, how can I find out what processor to choose/which I have?
<ROBOd> there was something like dpkg-config locale ... but i can't remember the exact command
<iNiku> pianoboy3333: cat /proc/cpuinfo
<MrBallZ> h3sp4wn: hahahaha ... so what do we do ? did you try the svn ? ...
<garryfre> acpi if I recall.
<h3sp4wn> MrBallZ: I happened to have madwifi-ng-r1614-20060601 also which definately does build (with it being still in development it is unlikely to build properly all the time
<Warbo> Can anyone help me get qemu on the internet? User mode networking has always worked in the past, but now it has stopped, and tun/tap seems very confusing
<william__> how do I make VLC take over running avi files and what not?
<pianoboy3333> iNiku: ah, ok, I have hyperthreading on an P4
<apokryphos> ROBOd: sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales
<Warbo> william__: right click on the AVI file and select it as default in "open with"
<ROBOd> thanks apokryphos
<slimz> hi, does anyone know of a way to install dapper on a pc only hooked up to a television through s-video? when anything starts, the tv goes out of range
<MrBallZ> h3sp4wn: mmm... is that one working for you ... btw , do you know what version comes with dapper 6.06 ??
<garryfre> choose p4 processor.
<Warbo> william__: (in it's properties)
<Jowi> LjL: pretty sure that fixed it even though I have not rebooted yet. dappers fstab had some strange defaults for the vfat partition alright. thanks again :)
<apokryphos> slimz: alternate CD?
<iNiku> pianoboy3333: you'll want p4/686 with SMP support, then
<h3sp4wn> MrBallZ: dapper uses madwifi-old
<pianoboy3333> iNiku: yes, ok

<william__> your awesome Warbo, thanks again
<frying_fish> iNiku: the 686 kernel has it built in anyway, so don't need something specific.
<Warbo> slimz: You could access it remotely through telnet or ssh (or even VNC for graphics) if you network it to another machine
<slimz> apokryphos : i tried, the dapper desktop cd works in safe mode, but then the display isnt configured properly and still goes out of range
<h3sp4wn> MrBallZ: if you want to use madwifi-ng with dapper you have to use wext (as apposed to madwifi) in the wpa_supplicant config (or else re-build wpa_supplicant)
<slimz> warbo : i cant even get it installed
<apokryphos> slimz: and what happens with the alternate cd?
<Warbo> slimz: Oh
<garryfre> There is a pre-built kernel for that too that should be auto downloading when it checks for updates.
<ROBOd> the ubuntu theme is not animated
<sadaiy> hey room
<iNiku> frying_fish: has what built in?
<sadaiy> i havea apriblem
<sadaiy> *problem
<MrBallZ> h3sp4wn: mmm can you explain more in detail ... or point to somewhere ? ... i want to have -ng so to also use aircrack-ng
<sadaiy> can anyone help me ?
<ROBOd> rolling over the buttons doesn't fade to the roll over state
<slimz> Warbo : the tv just cant display ubuntu, i think the refresh rate of the installer is too high
<apokryphos> !helpme
<ubotu> If you do not actually ask a question, we cannot actually help you. :)
<Crescendo> Statting mySQL database error: mysqld...failed.
<ROBOd> what's the problem?
<Warbo> slimz: You could memorise the right buttons :) (I have to do that on my MP3 player since I broke the screen)
<Crescendo> =\
<sadaiy> my wireless doesn't work on ubuntu
<Crescendo> How do I look at the syslog?
<apokryphos> sadaiy: have you read the FAQ?
<sadaiy> no
<sadaiy> i have intel wireless 2200bg
<apokryphos> sadaiy: you'll want to :)
<frying_fish> SMP capability
<slimz> Warbo : kind of defeats the purpose of having something set up as a media center ;)
<garryfre> !ndiswrapper
<ubotu> I heard ndiswrapper is a way to support Windows wireless drivers, but it is buggy compared to native support. More info at
<frying_fish> there's no longer the separate packages for 686 and 686 SMP
<iNiku> frying_fish: he's compiling his own kernel
<iNiku> frying_fish: and asking about the compile options
<Warbo> slimz: I meant learn the installer, and once it's installed access it remotely and then use that to set it up right
<mo0se> sound for ubuntu worked when it was on vmware... but not when i install it on a partition.
<mo0se> :(
<h3sp4wn> MrBallZ: Are you using network manager ?
<r3nd3r> why dont they reveal which irc channels those quotes from are from ?
<lilbit> any swat users in the house?
<slimz> Warbo : anything you can suggest to have it setup right? i mean as having s-video output as primary and only video output?
<iNiku> r3nd3r: think you've found one from here? :)
<shadeofgrey> okay guys heres a question for you..
<_bt> can anyone help me with that?
<r3nd3r> iNiku, nah
<slimz> Warbo : also, how would i find the ubuntu machines ip address on the network to vnc to it?
<anfangs> i have a pcmcia eithernet card that wasnt detected at install (may not have been securely inserted). I know the module name (axnet_cs) . How can I get my nic working? I used damn small linux to make sure the nic wasnt bad....
<Warbo> slimz: Sorry. I bought my dad a new graphics card so he could get DVDs on his telly, but I couldn't set that up right
<MrBallZ> h3sp4wn: pm ...
<apokryphos> _bt: it's always better to state the problem and then link out to additional links for extra info
<_bt> anfangs, sudo modprobe axnet_cs
<_bt> apokryphos, i did before, no answer
<Crescendo> How do I look at the syslog?
<shadeofgrey> now that ive dojne a fresh install of ubuntu on my primary disk and put grub in the masterboot record on hda1 what do i do with the old install on sda -- can i just do a regular format and thats it?
<Warbo> slimz: The IP address has to be set by you, or else set up some kind of DHCP server
<anfangs> _bt: ive done that... eth0 still not installed
<apokryphos> _bt: doesn't mean it's better not to =)
<MrBallZ> h3sp4wn: did you see the private message
<acke> CarinArr i got the jre .bin file. how do i install it? i am in a hurry as i will be out of internet access soon
<_bt> ok, sorry apokryphos
<_bt> "when using any of the tty consoles, they blank every 5 seconds for about a second. also the font is not too hot, it looks a bit squashed. can anyone help to resolve this?"
<inrelief> what do you all use for wireless network monitoring? nm-applet, or the deafult gnome network monitor?
<inrelief> ugh
<anfangs> _bt: the modprobe apparently had no errors in verbose mode
<inrelief> my packetloss is huge
<_bt> anfangs, re-insert the card and type dmesg
<inrelief> would broadcasting on another channel (for the wireless router) help my packetloss situation?
<SystemBomber> i use channel 17
<slimz> Warbo : the ubuntu machine connects to my xp machine which hosts the cable modem



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