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<intelikey> the ext3 fs journal maybe corrupt
<IB-> of what?
<r3z> I have used the admin users creds
<IB-> it just boots up
<Warbo> GuerillaTactiks: Either use XGL or Composite
<IB-> it's stuck before X is up
<DShepherd> ossie: not from the default packages for ubuntu.
<Phlexonance> I cant boot my win partition after installing ubuntu, see details here:
<BlueEagle> phlexonance: You can do what I do and that is keep windows on (hd0,0) just to avoid such problems.
<GuerillaTactiks> Warbo : You lost me, say that again
<DShepherd> ossie its not in universe or multiverse either
<johnga1t> should dapper ppc support airport extreme out of the box?
<Hannibal> it also scares me that it created its own extended partition, temporarily, and I don't want to reuse that for my stuff, but I can't remove it (cause it's running off it), and I can't add more because I'm up to the limit
<ossie> cheers DShepherd
<johnga1t> (or out of the iso, as the case may be)
<DShepherd> ossie: your welcome

<intelikey> IB- yes that would indicate a possable error in the boot image
<Phlexonance> BlueEagle, thanks for the effort, I could physicly rearrange the partitions, would take some hours though...
<luis_> how can I use timidity to convert a MIDI to WAV?
<samuel_> I am running 6.06 beta, I want the final but I am reduced to dialup speeds so cant download it
<IB-> intelikey: so i should reburn the image ?
<Hannibal> oh well, I suppose that'll be downloading a new cd then. Back to windows for a bit so I can torrent and burn stuff :-)
<Warbo> GuerillaTactiks: Either XGL (all of those fancy, wobbly window things) or just composite (an extension to X, letting you have shadows and fades)
<Hannibal> DShepherd: thanks!
<intelikey> IB- i'd sujest that yes
<gOOze> hello guys, ive been trying to upgrade my coreutils package the whole morning... its failing to upgrade to the newest version (i upgraded with dist-upgrade from breezy)error : unable to stat `./bin/dir' (which I was about to install): Permission denied any idea?
<IB-> intelikey: tnx
<GuerillaTactiks> Warbo : Where are these options
<intelikey> IB- and as slowly as possabel for best quality
<DShepherd> samuel_: oh .. ok. so what you going to do?
<richiefrich> ;rss add dvorak
<intelikey> possable
<richiefrich> wrong channel
<Warbo> GuerillaTactiks: I don't know of a guide for composite, I would have to walk you through it, but there is one for XGL if you choose that route
<samuel_> wait In guess.... till my cap renews next month
<idoru_> hello, what do i need to apt-get to enable avi playback in totem?
<Warbo> !tell GuerillaTactiks about xgl
<samuel_> maybe the shipit will arrive before that
<InfiniteNull> samuel_: you canhave the disc mailed to you, or have a friend burn it, etc.
<intelikey> IB- before you reburn md5 the image
<samuel_> my mates dont do geek, they on dialup lol
<rpedro> !tell rpedro about xgl
<InfiniteNull> lol... then shipit should probably work best
<intelikey> it is also possable that the dl misfired
<lobo> can someone confirm that the bookmark toolbar is missing in epiphany-browser. there is no menu entry for enabling it and it even can't be enabled with gconf-editor
<johnga1t> anyone have experience w/ latest dapper release and airport extreme for ppc?
<DShepherd> samuel_: hope you dont have to wait so long. we'll keep you informed on the changes and stuff. mean while.. you can check out the ubuntu site.. and look for screenshots and stuff
<mitchbw> hello every one
<ScreaminIke> how do i upgrade breezy from cd?
<samuel_> thanks man
<sibblegp> hey guys, quick question: I keep adding my domain to /etc/resolv.conf but after a little while, something edits the file and it disappears.....any ideas how to make it stay?
<MiniJames> hi
<MiniJames> can i export evolution to .csv
<MiniJames> if so, how?
<MiniJames> is there an export wizard for evolution -- ??
<IGD> are there any setup guides to getting my wireless network card connected to my router
<dsforsaken> how do i install gdesklets? when i type in sudo apt-get install gdesklets it says package not found
<piras1> IGD: whats the name of your wlan card?
<idoru_> hello, what do i need to apt-get to enable avi playback in totem?
<bimberi> ubotu tell igd about wifi
<Joe1011> How do I changed my network settings from ipv6 to ipv4?
<richiefrich> sibblegp have u over written it by chance ?
<Warbo> dsforsaken: Do you have Universe
<DShepherd> lobo: is it an epiphany-plugin
<ossie> anypne know the defualt mysql user/pass when it is install with apt-get????
<dsforsaken> Warbo: i unno, what is it?
<TokenBad> I just tried to install the nvidia graphics drivers and it totally messed my system up...anyone know the right way to do this?
<piras1> ubotu tell idoru_ restricted formats
<bimberi> ubotu tell Joe1011 about ipv6 disable
<Vez> has anyone used qtparted before, need some help here!
<sibblegp> richiefrich: you mean by myself? no, no need to sudo it
<errt> why hibernate or suspend doesn't work with nvidia? it works with nv driver. how do i fix it?
<Warbo> !tell dsforsaken about universe
<richiefrich> ossie u set that up yourself
<idoru_> piras1: i already read the wiki on restriced formats, and installed the packages, didn't help
<gOOze> :S is there a way i can manually uninstall a package? because im trying to unistall coreutils with apt-get and no go!!
<Joe1011> !ubotu disable ipv6

<ubotu> Joe1011: parse error: Try searching at
<sibblegp> errt: I'm having the same problem! I can't get my monitor to turn off!
<krazykit> errt: because it's proprietary, and that sometimes breaks stuff.
<ossie> did i ?? i cant remeber typing no passord richiefrich
<richiefrich> sibblegp u can diable sudo..
<DShepherd> lobo: are you taking about the smart bookmark extension?
<InfiniteNull> My Sob Story: When I recently formatted my hdd, I set it up with one partition that took 100/120 GB, and left the other 20 GB free for ubuntu once it upgraded...
<InfiniteNull> Today I installed 6.06 on the free space, and now when booting my comp, I get the dreaded 'Error loading operating system' message. What shall I do?
<GuerillaTactiks> Warbo : Seems a little difficult, and untested, isnt there an easier way?
<MiniJames> can anyone help me with evolution? I need to export my mail to .csv -- is there an export wizard
<piras1> idoru_: i can play them.. whats the error? do you have totem-xine?
<richiefrich> ossie no no u must set it
<Joe1011> bimberi: do I really need to diable ipv6 or just enable ipv4?
<richiefrich> ossie ill give u a cmd
<Joe1011> disable
<Warbo> GuerillaTactiks: XGL is a little unstable, but Composite is easier
<gnomefreak> !ipv6
<ubotu> To disable ipv6 read
<sibblegp> richiefrich: true, but I don't think that's there some cron job or something that repopulates that list?
<ScreaminIke> how do i upgrade breezy from cd?
<MiniJames> can anyone help me with evolution? I need to export my mail to .csv -- is there an export wizard
<lobo> DShepherd: ah yes. i mean the smart bookmarks
<IB-> gonnar eburn brb
<Warbo> GuerillaTactiks: First install xcompmgr ("sudo apt-get install xcompmgr")
<krazykit> GuerillaTactiks: but with an ati card, you lose hardware accel if you turn on composite, as i recall.
<richiefrich> sibblegp not that i know of
<FooBz> Hi
<Jowi> ossie: you need to set the password yourself (see !mysql for a link how to do that)
<ossie> richie fritch howe do i create a user on mysql
<idoru_> piras1: it says xvid isn't handled, so i guess i need xvid support
<MiniJames> can anyone help me with evolution? I need to export my mail to .csv -- is there an export wizard
<sibblegp> richiefrich ok, well, i'll let it stay for a little and see what happens thanks!
<g-nome> in the command: chown -R $USER:$USER $HOME/FILE, should i change the "$USER" to my username?
<bimberi> Joe1011: ipv4 is enabled by default
<DShepherd> lobo: and its no available in the tools-extensions menu?
<sibblegp> richiefrich: do you know of a way to make my monitor turn off even with nvidia drivers?
<richiefrich> ossie /usr/bin/mysqladmin -u root password 'new-password' AND for a user /usr/bin/mysqladmin -u root -h arch password 'new-password'
<FooBz> What can I do with Ubuntu? I can't install it. It does not detect my hardware.
<bryan> @search Dapper
<Ubugtu> There were no matching configuration variables.
<MiniJames> can anyone help me with evolution? I need to export my mail to .csv -- is there an export wizard
<tkjacobsen> !flash
<ubotu> Installation & troubleshooting for Flash is covered in
<g-nome> in the command: chown -R $USER:$USER $HOME/FILE, should i change the "$USER" to my username?
<bimberi> g-nome: no, the USER environment variable should be set
<MiniJames> can anyone help me with evolution? I need to export my mail to .csv -- is there an export wizard
<r3z> Anyone wanna help me with samba?
<GuerillaTactiks> warbo,krazykit I think Ill leave it, I dont want to mess up ubuntu like the countless times before
<tkjacobsen> !mp3
<ubotu> I heard mp3 is a patented format; to enable mp3 capability see
<GuerillaTactiks> warbo,krazykit Maybe another day
<richiefrich> sibblegp u mean a screensaver... xsreensaver or xlockmore
<errt> krazykit: any ideas how to fix it?
<g-nome> bimberi: what does that exactly mean?
<MiniJames> can anyone help me with evolution? I need to export my mail to .csv -- is there an export wizard
<bimberi> g-nome: you can verify with 'echo $USER'
<lobo> DShepherd: i'm sorry. i have imported my bookmarks from a backup and "show on toolbar" was not selected
<Warbo> GuerillaTactiks: OK
<Joetheodd> Hm, is there some reason I can't get in #ubuntu+1?
<Vez> when i try to partition my hdd i get an error message saying: ntfs is inconsistent. run chkdsk /f on windows then reboot it TWICE!
<****-richardson> anyone else having issues with ati drivers after upgrading to dapper?
<Tinned_Tuna> how do I format a partition as swap?
<sibblegp> richiefrich I've got my screensaver working, but even though I have it set to turn off the monitor, it doesn't do it....
<[BU]Brizz> Hey guys, is PostgreSQL 8.1 in universe?
<sabana> hi, somoene knows how activate javascript pn firefoz
<DShepherd> lobo: so does it work now?
<MiniJames> can anyone help export my email from evolution? I need to export to ".csv" -- is there an export wizard
<richiefrich> ossie try those
<lobo> DShepherd: yes. thx
<Bazzi> hey [BU]Brizz!
<Warbo> ****-richardson: My screen kept turning off suddenly
<sabana> *firefox
<bimberi> Tinned_Tuna: mkswap
<Tinned_Tuna> is it mkfs.swap?



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