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<Fastly> so... i installed dapper and gave her a five minute tutorial...
<LoCusF> ok
<qrees> |Sivik|: I've posted you Xorg.conf, do you have it?
<Fastly> she has now taken it back to uni and the paranoia i had was that it wouldn't support her iPod, printer and ****ty alcatel modem
<|Sivik|> qrees: no i don't
<Fastly> all three working without hitch and installed automatically when plugged it
<Fastly> in
<Warbo> kbrosnan: Basically firefox works for a new user but not me. I have deleted .mozilla, .firefox and everything else I can think of with no luck, copied any files from /etc/skel and even from the other user's home (with the right permissions set)
<mada> CBW-tat: /boot/grub/
<Scorpmoon> whats sets ubuntu apart from all the other distributions? (unbiased answer plz)
<CBW-tat> ok, thanks guys, imma use partition magic real quick
<danielm> frank23, of cpufreqd?
<Fastly> she can't believe how easy it was and loves being able to do all the same things as before on a more responsive system without worries
<frank23> danielm: yeah
<danielm> frank23, so apt-get didn't do a thorough job, eh?
<Alex24NJ> Six hours into using Drapper Drake my sudo broke (running `sudo anything` just terminates with no delay or output). Any ideas what could have caused this?

<Fastly> so... if my illiterate sis can use ubuntu on her laptop then i think it's truely ready for the big time...
<gadek> On Amd64 I am trying to make Skype work along with other programs. If I play any other sounds while using Skype I get "/dev/dsp-1: Device or resource busy".
<rittyan> Guys someone who have mldonkey please help me why it doesnt starting but "mldonkey-server start" executing to last line w\o any error...
<Agent_bob> Fastly are you the propaganda bot of the day ?
<Fastly> no
<frank23> danielm: apt-get remove --purge packagename does the same as completely remove
<Alex24NJ> rittyan: I had problems with mldonkey too.
<Agent_bob> just asking.
<voraistos> Fastly: too bad its your sis, and not a girl who could end in your bed
<Hexidigital_> Fastly:: are you bragging about your sister being illiterate?
<CBW-tat> ok, how do i seltect which partition i want it on in the ubuntu setup
<rittyan> Alex24NJ: it complained about disk space, so I have it now... it can start from every user... but init-script doesnt work... wonder why...
<mkultra> hi
<Warbo> Fastly: I put it on my Dad's computer, but needed to compile eagle-usb modem drivers myself and added a custom bootup script. It works fine now (can't wait for packages of 2.6.16 kernel with eagle-usb included)
<Fastly> computer illiterate
<DShepherd> frank23: aptitude purge package is nicer :-)
<gadek> I unpacked 32bit version of into /usr/lib32, and tried skype_dsp_hijacker, but I keep getting:
<Ninjaa> Anyone help with my loss of sound since upgrade ??
<kbrosnan> Warbo, if you are using firefox from ubuntu you may want to do the complete uninstall
<wastrel> Alex24NJ: are you still in the admin group?
<gadek> ERROR: object './' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored.
<apecat> err hmm, how do i change locales to en_US.ISO-8859-15 in dapper?
<danielm> frank23, ok i will give that a try. also, initially X seemed slow under dapper. after adding the "radeon" driver to xorg.conf, it *seems* to be faster. is that plausible? before, things would render slowly.
<frank23> DShepherd: still haven't really used aptitude ;)
<GR4SS> hello can help with the error that you appearing?
<Fastly> voraistos, too right... although i have other tricks to pull on women i want to sleep with ...
<DShepherd> frank23: watever works :-)
<qrees> |Sivik|: how do you want me to post it?
<gadek> What's the problem with LD_PRELOADing 32bit libs on amd64?
<GR4SS> what it means this error? E: phpmyadmin: subprocesso pre-removal script returned code from exit of error 127
<Agent_bob> Fastly ubuntu is easier for the 'computer illiterate' they are not confused by how it is supposed to work -vs- how it does work.
<mkultra> does anyone know how to configure gstreamer-ffmpeg? I mean the postprocessing settings etc.
<frank23> danielm: maybe
<Warbo> kbrosnan: I have purged/reinstalled it a few times, but I don't think purging it removes user preferences (dot files in $HOME) which is the only difference I know of between the working user and my non-working user
<Alex24NJ> wastrel: Wow, according to `id` I'm not... How did I fall out of that group?
<Valentos> sux to be a linux noob
<voraistos> Fastly: yea, but ubuntu can be of help now
<danielm> frank23, hmm, ran the purge, nothing.
<|Sivik|> qrees: do you know what pastebin is?
<danielm> frank23, should i reinstall and then purge?
<wastrel> Alex24NJ: i think there's a bug with the user admin GUI
<|Sivik|> qrees: go to and post your xorg.conf there and then give me your url
<voraistos> Fastly: so u can get more women at same time. Multitasking
<SillyRabbit> Where is the "Pictures folder" ? My ScreenSaver cant find my pictures
<wastrel> Alex24NJ: i saw something like it before. here's my default groups list : adm dialout cdrom floppy audio dip video plugdev lpadmin scanner admin
<Hexidigital_> voraistos:: ubuntu hasn't helped me find women... now i just sit at home and play on my computers :)
<NoUse> SillyRabbit the pictures folder is whereever you put it
<frank23> danielm: not sure.
<CBW-tat> Hey guys, i got 2 partitions already, do i need to create more
<danielm> frank23, ok did that. odd, i now get no cpufreq interface found...
<mkultra> does anyone know how to configure gstreamer-ffmpeg? I mean the postprocessing settings etc.
<DShepherd> Hexidigital_: hehehe
<pike> Ninjaa: this is an example of what i had to do to fix sound: hopefully its something as simple as amixer settings..
<Warbo> CBW-tat: For windows and Ubuntu?
<SillyRabbit> NoUse: how do you set it then?
<qrees> |Sivik|: no :(
<Agent_bob> Hexidigital_ *-{
<Alex24NJ> How do I `usermod` without sudo??
<Fastly> "hey babe, come back to mine for a bit, we'll have a few drinks, get comforable.... and have an INSTALL FEST"
<mada> CBW-tat: well, you need the partition you are on and then blank space, you will create partitions during the installation
<wastrel> Alex24NJ: you'll have to boot into single-user mode

<mkultra> does anyone know how to configure gstreamer-ffmpeg? I mean the postprocessing settings etc.
<DShepherd> Fastly: hehehe
<CBW-tat> im wanting to keep winxp
<SillyRabbit> NoUse: this is in reference to the SCREENSAVER selection btw
<voraistos> Hexidigital_: Damn, each time i came to repair some girls's PC it finnished in her bed !
<CBW-tat> but i just created a new partition with partition magic
<CBW-tat> what do i gotta do
<Warbo> CBW-tat: Ubuntu should have at least 2 partitions, 1 for files and one for "swap" (swap is not actually NEEDED but it is very very useful)
<Hexidigital_> voraistos:: i should be so lucky :-P
<mkultra> does anyone know how to configure gstreamer-ffmpeg? I mean the postprocessing settings etc.
<Masqy> ok.. after 1.5 hours of make files... I finally got:/usr/local/lib/ undefined reference to `pango_x_get_context'
<Alex24NJ> That's one heck of a bug...
<TokenBad> I need to mount an ext3 partition..anyone tell me how to mount it in fstab?
<qrees> |Sivik|: What postebin is?
<Masqy> can someone tip about this annoying widgets2.6 library???
<kbrosnan> Warbo, ownership issues?
<mkultra> does anyone know how to configure gstreamer-ffmpeg? I mean the postprocessing settings etc.
<Warbo> CBW-tat: You may want to put /home on it's own partition as well (you are not limited to one partition like windows, which I think is bad practice)
<voraistos> Hexidigital_: the only thing u have to do is: 1, not talk to the PC, 2: not talk to the girl about the PC
<DShepherd> mkultra: sudo apt-get instal gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg . dont think you need to set up anything afterwards.. and stop spamming
<|Sivik|> qrees: go to the url that i gave you and then paste your info there, the url is
<richard> My Belkin F6001 wireless pci card works in dapper, but I'm only able to grab stuff at 1kb a second, max!
<CBW-tat> warbo, im confused man
<Hexidigital_> voraistos:: not talk to the pc?? how else will i get it to listen?
<Warbo> kbrosnan: I don't think so as I have completely removed the preferences files, and they have been remade but I keep getting "floating point exception" in the CLI
<nnz> how to set system time n date from console?
<Masqy> is there a faq/how-to regarding amule compilation for ubuntu breezer ?
<Agent_bob> TokenBad /dev/hd?# /mount/point ext3 defaults 0 1
<CBW-tat> im on winxp right now, i got thbis partition, another partiton that i use for storage, and i got the new 1 i just created with partitoon magic...where do i go from here
<Warbo> CBW-tat: You should leave free space next to windows, and Ubuntu will sort out your partitions
<mkultra> DShepherd: I did that, and playback works, but it looks like ****
<mkultra> there is no postprocessing and the picture is much too bright
<qrees> |Siki|: it's there
<voraistos> Hexidigital_: My PCs have names ;) I talk to them sometimes, especially when they piss me off, i talk about trashing them. usually it works, so that means they kinda listen maybe ?! lol
<GR4SS> ninguem pra me dar um hellp?
<wraaa> does macromedia flash player work in ubuntu?
<mkultra> or does anyone know a better way to playback xvid/divx movies with ubuntu?
<qrees> |Sivik|: It's there :)
<pradeep> wraaa, yes
<Warbo> voraistos: Sadly my microphone doesn't work
<Hexidigital_> voraistos:: my pc gave me the finger once
<adammichaelroach> if i do iwlist eth1 scan it will come up with the list of available essids just fine, but gtkwifi and networkmanager will not bring up a list
<CBW-tat> warbo, did i need to create that new partition, or is there somewhere in the setup that give me a choice to create a new 1
<SillyRabbit> Screensaver help, please - where is the "PIctures Folder" ?
<Maynoth> what do you guys think about easybuntu
<Agent_bob> nnz ntpdate && sudo hwclock --systohc
<Ninjaa> pike. I dont think its that mate, i get this error when i click on the sound icon. "No volume control GStreamer plugins and/or devices found."
<mkultra> DShepherd: BTW, there is NO documentation whatsoever for gstreamer-ffmpeg
<Ninjaa> it worked find under breazy
<DShepherd> mkultra: ok i'm not sure why though
<voraistos> Hexidigital_: damn. iteeds iscipline.
<wastrel> !pt
<ubotu> Por favor use #ubuntu-br (/j #ubuntu-br) ou #ubuntu-pt (/j #ubuntu-pt) para ajuda em portugues. Obrigada.
<spikeb> yeah i have a keyboard that works under breezy but not dapper heh
<Hexidigital_> lol
<Warbo> CBW-tat: You should basically have: partition 1 Windows (ntfs), empty space (no partitions) and then tell Ubuntu installer to use existing free space and it will make what it needs to
<Fee^> anyone figure out how to make the volume controls unified with a quad speaker setup work on an sblive
<mkultra> DShepherd: should I install KMPlayer?
<NoUse> SillyRabbit which screen saver is this?
<DShepherd> mkultra: what are you using?
<Fee^> i have to manually adjust the rear independant of the front, and mute only mutes the front
<SillyRabbit> Drake
<jrattner1> Do i need to install ndiswrappers in order to ultilize my RTL-8139/8139C/8139C+ in Dapper?
<jrattner1> ?
<SillyRabbit> DShepherd: Drake
<mkultra> DShepherd: totem ...
<CBW-tat> ok, thanks warbo, thats what i needed to know
<CBW-tat> imma go try this
<crimsun> Fee^: you'll need to search the alsa-devel mailing list archives; someone posted a patch (that hasn't been merged) about a half-year ago
<Polypterus> Hi. How do I add SwiftFox to the panel in Xubuntu?
<DShepherd> SillyRabbit: what about Drake
<SillyRabbit> DShepherd: System->Preferences->Screensaver Pref
<Fee^> crimsun: thanks



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