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<coomac> and done
<FallenAngel> cool will try that
<FallenAngel> thats more turnign off the security on those ports though isn't it ?
<FallenAngel> ie will the port need an active service on it to be open ?
<coomac> the port will be closed (but not stealthed) unless you have traffic going through it
<FallenAngel> cool i'll give it a go that way
<FallenAngel> thanx :)
<coomac> np :)
<FallenAngel> saw that option when lookign in the gui dunno why i didn't try it
<FallenAngel> lol i tried everytign else haha
<coomac> hehe it took me a while to find it... it's too well hidden... as if they don't want people poking holes in the firewall
<FallenAngel> seperator is a coma or semi colon ?
<coomac> I believe space works just as well
<coomac> I'm not 100% sure on that though....
<FallenAngel> k
<FallenAngel> thanx

<FallenAngel> now to test :)
<JBirdAngel> hello, are there programs that are alternatives for quickbooks and quickbooks point of sale that can import and export quickbooks and quickbook point of sale files
<warrior520> JBird, did u try google?
<cenuij> land of the free!
<FallenAngel> nope failed but i coudl have done somethign wrong lemmie go over ti all again lol
<FallenAngel> brb
<daurn|laptop> hey
<daurn|laptop> i was just in yast
<monkey32> hello
<daurn|laptop> and i clicked joystick
<daurn|laptop> and it got stuck with the clock symbol going
<daurn|laptop> how can i un stick t
<daurn|laptop> :P
<coomac> JBirdAngel: I've heard of GnuCash... although I'm not sure how well it compares cos I've never used it
<JBirdAngel> coomac: okay thanks i check with a GnuCash channel i dont know how it compares, but it can import/export quicken files, but not quickbooks or quickbooks pos, thank you though :)
<monkey32> hello, someone knows where I can get a REALLY cheap hosting?
<monkey32> just for few html and css files, ???
<monkey32> *oops
<coomac> np JBirdAngel. Google will probably give you a ton more information on the other alternatives :P
<JBirdAngel> coomac thank you
<JBirdAngel> ill try that, i think i looked before or atleast looked at some forums that asked it
<monkey32> I mean REALLY cheap (maybe someone here can give me an small space) ;)
<FallenAngel> ok well I got it workin I think lmao my nat says ok but if i do the test it fails
<FallenAngel> haha
<FallenAngel> fixed it
<FallenAngel> the masqurading was throwin it off
<JBirdAngel> monkey32: is this just something you need up for a short time or u mean long term hosting, are you looking for a proper url or anything?
<monkey32> JBirdAngel: just an small page for my job`s friends, and it`s temporary, just 2 or 3 monts
<monkey32> but, as it implies trademarks, I can`t just make it in multiply or blogger
<tech9iner> JBirdAngel jumpn in here guv.. but dija have a look at kmymoney?
<monkey32> Term violation :(
<BKaj> howdy
<JBirdAngel> monkey32: why does that violate the terms? and so the page is for what exactly about your job's friends, and by job's freinds you mean your freinds from work?
<JBirdAngel> tech9iner: no i dont think so, ill do that thank you
<tech9iner> monkey32 godaddy has like 3.95 per month plan.. not sure if it'd fit ur needs.. but..
<monkey32> because It`s for work pourposes, and there`s a lot of logos, files, and mentions to a trademark
<JBirdAngel> monkey32: what is your work and what is the site then for? is this somethign you need access to be able to modify the page of and so on or something you just want put up?
<monkey32> JBirdAngel: and this page is to host information about the job, procedures, few XML files, news, stuff alike
<daurn|laptop> hey
<daurn|laptop> i've just finshed an install of suse
<monkey32> tech9iner: mhhhmm,... looking,...
<JBirdAngel> monkey32: so then youd have to access it to chagne the info right?
<daurn|laptop> but it froze while setting settings
<daurn|laptop> i had to restart
<daurn|laptop> now its asking for a username/password
<daurn|laptop> what are the defaults?
<aka_druid> heh
<aka_druid> tsc tsc tsc
<monkey32> JBirdAngel: surely, every week
<monkey32> twice at week
<JBirdAngel> monkey32: how much space do you require?
<BKaj> Hey gents I just found that Yareg utility that lets one read and transfer file sfrom Suse while working in windoze , if anyone is interested :
<KanRiNiN> OK. I compiled Tor from source, but Yast2's system runlevel tries to start it as torrc at boot, whereas it's now "tor" how do I change this?
<KanRiNiN> thanks.
<monkey32> aka_druid: what`s up aka? what`s the menu today?
<aTypical> I believe it's 'chilled monkey brains'
<JBirdAngel> monkey32: and you dont care waht the url is?
<monkey32> faster, free, easierBKaj: I prefer to install the driver for ReiserFS in Windoz, ()
<monkey32> faster, easier, and open

<daurn|laptop> so
<daurn|laptop> any1?
<daurn|laptop> what are the defaults for username/password?
<monkey32> reiserFS driver
<aka_druid> monkey32, nothin much... playing the guitar
<KanRiNiN> anyway to edit the boot services manually?
<BKaj> yeah I did it in wondows monkey32
<monkey32> installing ReiserFS driver in windowz let`s you use a linux partition like a native win partition
<daurn|laptop> what are the defaults for username/password?
<frb> mmm... mango pork
<aka_druid> frb, which one is the username?
<BKaj> Yareg stands for , YetAnotherReiserSF tool :)
<daurn|laptop> any1?
<aka_druid> daurn|laptop, btw your installation is fscked
<daurn|laptop> please?
<daurn|laptop> ?
<monkey32> JBirdAngel: weep
<monkey32> * oops, wrong channel
<monkey32> *
<monkey32> * ahhh! /me hates gaim!
<monkey32> daurn|laptop: user and passwd for what???
<tech9iner> heya mates.. i bet there is some kinda bookmarks savvy site / service out on net for uploading and cleaning out old obsolete bookmarks maybe?..
<frb> aka_druid: neither, I made pork with onions, mango, and teriyaki stirfry for dinner
<daurn|laptop> whats the defult username/password?
<daurn|laptop> :S
<aka_druid> frb, nice
<daurn|laptop> i need to know
<aka_druid> daurn|laptop, there isnt one
<monkey32> aka_druid: I stand for the teriyaki! :)
<monkey32> daurn|laptop: what for???
<daurn|laptop> suse
<daurn|laptop> lol
<monkey32> daurn|laptop: root?
<JBirdAngel> monkey32: no offense, did you see my last two msgs?
<daurn|laptop> it won't allow root
<daurn|laptop> S:
<monkey32> JBirdAngel: srry, didn`t saw :s
<JBirdAngel> monkey32: its okay want me to repeat?
<monkey32> JBirdAngel: I need about 30 MB and...
<monkey32> I don`t care the url
<monkey32>, wold be fine
<daurn|laptop> lol
<daurn|laptop> thats easy to find
<daurn|laptop> :P
<monkey32> daurn|laptop: when u install suse, you choose that!
<monkey32> if you forgot: Knoppix attack
<daurn|laptop> it froze after installation
<monkey32> or reinstall
<daurn|laptop> as it was loading the choose a password screen
<daurn|laptop> :P
<monkey32> mhhmm, nice domain
<tech9iner> hehe
<JBirdAngel> monkey32: what is the job and what kind of things will be on this site specifically, wonderingi if i would deem it appropriate
<monkey32> daurn|laptop: maybe you made an encrypted partition
<JBirdAngel> or find it to be
<aka_druid> daurn|laptop, now you said it frozen during the installation
<aka_druid> now you say that
<aka_druid> why didnt you tell it before
<BKaj> nite all...sacktime here
<daurn|laptop> that IS during the install
<daurn|laptop> - sort of
<daurn|laptop> :P
<daurn|laptop> monkey32: whats the website to be used for?
<monkey32> daurn: knoppix --> mkreiserfs -f /dev/hda
<monkey32> suse cd ---> reinstall
<daurn|laptop> monkey32: whats the website to be used for?
<monkey32> JBirdAngel: wait a moment,... mhhmmm,...
<JBirdAngel> daurn|laptop: lol i thought that was me asking and i was thinking i accidentally said it again
<tech9iner> funny line.. donny asked how much cash n whats in your wallet and on your ipod?.. billyG: 'i dont have an ipod...' lmao
<monkey32> yupii!!!



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