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<Buddhiya> !xgl
<SuSEhelp> For XGL instructions check using xgl with 10.0 and before is not recommended but is possible, proceed at your own risk & For XGL video demos go here: & for Kororaa XGL LiveCD go here:
<stefan_> the printer is stopped when I print and the printer is off (CUPS) I must manually activate the printer (start) - why?
<sPiN> god damn vmware has some idiotic binding that is already widely used set to Suspend the vm!
<sPiN> bah im going for a ride
<frb-work> it has a lot of idiotic bindings
<frb-work> I just never hit any buttons on the ui
<duende> Anyone know how i can slow my fan down? I'm running 10.1 on my laptop and the fan is constantly going, but the system is cool. I even tried scalling my processor back to 800MHz and still she blows.
<PiTT> the little loading icon with the balls/spheres in suse 10.1
<PiTT> is that a file on the cd or installation?
<PiTT> if so, what format is it in? anyone know?
<}btorch{> anyone here using xen on suse 10.1
<SpooForBrains> oh dear. I thin I've just hosed a Linksys ADSL wireless router
<PiTT> no one knows the answer to my question?
<frediz> Hi ! did anybody encounter a pb when booting the install dvd (10.1) ? .. when X starts, my monitor cant display : frequency overrange...

<_fred> frediz: you can specify your displaymode when the install-dvd starts
<_fred> frediz: f3 or f4 or some f-key...
<_fred> frediz: or try to install without x... there is a ncurses-version of yast. also accessible over an f-key at the bootprompt...
<_fred> hey folks: compiz rocks :)
<_fred> so ****ing stable on my new nvidia...
<la-perr> xgl rolls
<frediz> _fred, mmm I install it through pxed, boot an initrd, linux, so ne real prompt after I give initrd/kernel. Is there any kernel option for that... Im going to try the F keys while booting before x starts though
<fernando> I'm trying to install compiz in my new nvidia, but no luck
<fernando> yesterday all worked great, but today all changed
<_fred> frediz: perhaps you have to set a different resolution in pxe-grub
<_fred> frediz: look at the gentoo-handbook at bootmanager-configuration.
<frediz> yep... googling for some info on this
<_fred> frediz: mom
<fernando> my xgl changed when I entered this line: "sax2 -r -m 0=nvidia". how can I undo that line?
<_fred> frediz:
<_fred> look for the fb-modes
<_fred> fernando: hum, iss dri working without xgl?
<fernando> fred: the driver worked fine before I installed xgl
<_fred> hu, strange
<fernando> fred: and yesterday xgl worked terrific, but then it crashed and I did that "sax2" line, and I can't undo that
<_fred> i had an ati x700, it was horrible. crashing all the time. have now bought an expervision gf7900 512mb. now everything works just great. so stable, so fast. i had no issues with installing the nvidia-driver and xgl
<fernando> I'm using a 6600GT, 256MB
<_fred> fernando: try to get dri working again without xgl, then switch xgl back on
<frediz> _fred, wow... actually I found an access to debug options in the installer, and there's vnc server I could start... I launched a java enable browser and got now on my browser on another pc the display of the machine I want to install... wow this rocks!!
<fernando> fred: ok, I'll try that
<_fred> frediz: hehe, great
<frediz> didnt even know this was possible.... wow wow wow :D
<YeTr2> !smart
<SuSEhelp> smart is a great package management frontend that supports many repository formats - more info on - The Guru build comes preloaded with Inst-Source, Non-OSS, Packman, Guru, and KDE supp repositories. Here is a spoon-fed howto:
<lovelyx> 9251 over
<_fred> oh fernando: don't use the xgl+compiz rpms from the install dvds
<_fred> fernando: these are crap
<_fred> fernando: try the ones from a factory-repository
<_fred> fernando:
<fernando> fred: ok. i'm using the ones from the repos
<fernando> fred: looks like I found the mistake. there is a bug with compiz+6600GT
<_fred> fernando: kk...
<fernando> fred: oh, do you think the guru's repos has the good compiz+xgl??
<_fred> fernando: no idea.. i manually download the packages i need from the factory...
<fernando> fred: ok, I'll download them directly then, just to be sure
<_fred> fernando: to get the gnome-window-decorator working, you have to update libnwnck as well
<_fred> at first compiz worked for me, but without the window-decorator ;)
<fernando> yes, it's strange but I have to use two lines in terminal (two compiz --remplace ...) to get the window-decorator
<fernando> maybe I must update that libnwnck thing
<bulent_okt> why dont you guys like the distro compiz+xgl?
<_fred> why should we?
<_fred> compiz and xgl are enhancements, not the reason to use opensuse ;)
<bulent_okt> let me ask other way, what is the difference
<bulent_okt> between Factory and the distro version?
<_fred> factory iss the current development-status
<_fred> unstable...
<bulent_okt> why do you prefer the unstable version then? I am asking to learn what i am missing by using the distro version
<_fred> i don't install an unstable version of opensuse
<_fred> i prefer the newer xgl+compiz packages
<_fred> the ones from the stable are unstable as well
<_fred> so the xgl+compiz packages from the unstable repository are more stable than the ones from the stable ;)
<bulent_okt> hmm, does glx or google earth work wt Factory xgl for example?
<_fred> jop
<_fred> tried it
<fernando> fred: ok, I'll restart X now. i'll be back now

<bulent_okt> is this a yes?
<_fred> yes
<bulent_okt> then i will upgrade to factory as well
<_fred> quake4 doesn't work
<bulent_okt> cool
<_fred> but all other things i have tried worked (glchess, bzflag, neverball)
<_fred> bulent_okt: don't upgrade your hole distro
<_fred> bulent_okt: only the packages you need...
<_fred> xgl, xgl-hardware-list, compiz and libwnck
<_fred> bzflag is funny: i can run a video on my desktop and start bzflag. bzflag uses a transparent background, so i see the hole desktop with the playing movie at the background in the menu of bzflag
<_fred> (only in the menu)
<snowglu> seems someones have fun with xgl?!
<_fred> yeah ;)
<snowglu> but i need other hardware I think :(
<_fred> snowglu: buy nvidia!
<_fred> ati sucks with xgl
<snowglu> _fred: some intel chips suck too
<_fred> i tried it on mobility radeon 9600 and x700pro
<_fred> both sucked...
<_fred> snowglu: xv doesn't work on intel, right?
<_fred> snowglu: do you have crashes with intel-gfx?
<snowglu> intel-gfx?
<SpooForBrains> weirdly I gather NVidia aren't particularly happy with the XGL project, vs. the whatever the other project was
<_fred> intel grafphics card..
<snowglu> oh, i thought an extra package :)
<_fred> -f ...
<_fred> hehe, kk
<fernando> fred: ok, the cursor's garbarge is gone
<_fred> SpooForBrains: i'm not happy with xgl too
<_fred> it makes eyecandy possible
<_fred> and i'm happy with it for now
<fernando> fred: but which package should I update for window-decoration?
<_fred> but the idea of running a desktop on an x-server which runs on another iss stupid
<_fred> much too unflexible
<_fred> fernando: xgl, xgl-hardware-list, compiz and libwnck
<fernando> fred: all right, thanx. lets see..
<_dave> no plug-in found to handle this resource (dvd:///dev/hdc)
<_dave> xine: found input plug in DVD Navigator
<scarn> !nvidia
<SuSEhelp> If you are not using YOU - Yast Online Update to setup your card, read carefully: || in SUSE 10.1 you can run "tiny-nvidia-installer --update" to install
<_dave> Can anyone suggest what to do with this??
<_dave> no plug-in found to handle this resource (dvd:///dev/hdc)
<_dave> xine: found input plug in DVD Navigator
<_fred> if you want to dynamically switch desktop-effects on or off you have to restart the x-server...... and this inderect accelerated glx - thing which is no true dri is also not really a great thing...
<_Iznogood_> install libdvdcss
<_dave> i installed libdvdcss and when I ./configure I get "no C++ decompiler found??
<_Iznogood_> well then you don't have gcc installed
<SpooForBrains> _dave: you need to install gcc
<_fred> install developement tools
<_dave> ok... gcc... i'll make sure it's there... thanks
<_Iznogood_> but _dave why do you need to compile stuff=
<_fred> to compile the packman-src-rpm? (i had too ;) )
<_Iznogood_> eh
<_dave> i might get that error when I try to ".make"
<_Iznogood_> rpmbuild --rebuild
<_Iznogood_> rpmbuild --rebuild src.rpm
<penguinplayer> hey guys.. for some reason. i updated a computer to suse 10.1 and now.. when it boots. it just says "booting from local drive" and thats it. it just sits there. any idea?
<yaloki> that's even gcc-c++, not gcc
<SpooForBrains> penguinplayer: it's bust
<yaloki> _dave: install gcc-c++ libstdc++ libstdc++-devel make
<_Iznogood_> yaloki: I'm not sure, but I think he just needs to get libdvdcss installed
<penguinplayer> what bust?
<penguinplayer> the hard disk?
<_Iznogood_> so I fail to see why he would need dev tools
<yaloki> !libdvdcss
<SuSEhelp> and for 64bit,
<mayim> what does "rpm" mean?
<_dave> i shouldnt need to decompile... i just want to install DVD support in SuSe 10.0
<_dave> 10.1
<FeatherMonkey> -dave:Hi just been following the thread take this is for vlc installation? Wouldn't a smart install be easier certainly made my life easier?
<fernando> _fred: should I uninstall the compiz & xgl packages first, or only install the new rpm's with Kpackage?



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