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<kkathman> hussam: did you just check "all of KDE" and "KDE Desktop" then right click "update if newer" ??
<tech9iner> googling the video chipset on this damn lappy shows certain supported resolutions etc.. but be damned if i can convert 16bit to usable number i.e. 32,768 etc.. ugh

<shuffle2> what cddb url do you peeps use?
<hussam> kkathman: I updated the ones in blue ( the ones that need updating ).
<kkathman> tech9iner: Im reasonably sure of the number
<tech9iner> ty kkathman
<MoeGreen> hey benJIman
<kkathman> hussam - blue???
<hussam> kkathman: yast will mark packages that need updating in blue

<kkathman> hmm must be doing something wrong then
<benJIman> SuSEhelp: updatekde
<benJIman> follow those instructions
<kkathman> cant you do the same just by right clicking "all in this list" and "update if newer version"



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