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<sili_> hakakkaaka hakka
<bluebeard> is it better to go if($var) {program; return} die $!; #or to go# if(!$var){die $!}progam; return;?
<godling> sili_: I am going to bomb Riverside and you will be in it.
<sili_> JoshNarins: what could be more fun than transforming xml with xml?
<thrig> why, more xml!
<sili_> godling: i'm telling the feds.
<sili_> godling: you'll be sorry.
<sili_> thrig: yay!
<Botje> bluebeard: the second is more readable, if there's lots of conditions.
<mauke> $var or die $!;
<T-d-L> tybalt89: if I would delete the text in the Text widget??
<bluebeard> does it matter in the context of speed?
<JoshNarins> XMLsh only lets you type valid XML strings on the command line. And XMLmacs only lets you type Ctrl->XX commands that are valid XML. Programming XSLT in that would be better, sili
<thrig> speed? just throw hardware at the problem!
<Botje> pssh JoshNarins , there's actually an xmlsh.

<Botje> and it's actually really nice
<JoshNarins> stop kidding, Botje
<infi> bluebeard: If by "Speed" you mean "the length of time it will take you or other developers to understand and modify your spaghetti code in the future," then yes, it does matter.
<Botje> JoshNarins: well, xmllint --shell
<Botje> but still. :(
<JoshNarins> i googled xmlsh and I only found a sorta xmllint environement
<JoshNarins> :)
<JoshNarins> > export PS1=[$SHELL]
<bluebeard> heh, I meant cycle speed.
<JoshNarins> xmlsh> <more files="/etc/passwd:/etc/httpd.conf" />
<mauke> the speed of cycles is constant
<sili_> lies! what if the temperature changes
<bluebeard> how many cycles it takes.
<bluebeard> lol
<thrig> mauke: single gear cycles ridden by spherical cows?
<bluebeard> sili++
<tybalt89> one cycle/person, no?
<infi> why would they need to ride a cycle if they can just roll?
<mauke> thrig: yes
<mauke> that's what we want to find out
<thrig> it wouldn't be a cycle then, now would it?
<bluebeard> also, I meant op, not cycle.
<thrig> ahh, the truth at last
<godling> moocycle
<bluebeard> I have a CS degree in laim.
<godling> I wonder who is starring
<tag> man, I should really get a das keyboard for the office too...'cause I end up typing alot harder at the office, and then I come back home and pound on my das keyboard about 50 times harder than I actually need ot
<tag> to
<erider> you need to stop with the trojan **** ansimation
<thrig> tag: your cow-orkers will love you for it
<ansimation> trojan ****?
<Botje> mmm, cow.
<buu> This inventory system is incredibly irritating
<revlo> hi I got several lines in a text file like this; "1 234 21344 1234" (tab seperated :-( ) and I would like to get em into a multidimensional array like each line each tab anybody got a quick idea?
<erider> don't try me ansimation
<buu> revlo: split, readlien
<Botje> revlo: how is that hard?
<buu> readline
<buu> Readlien is something compeltely different!
<ansimation> wtf are you jabbering about?
<revlo> I dont use perl much sry :_)
<revlo> thx though
<bluebeard> qw("1 234 21344 1234")
<erider> I'm just letting you know ansimation
<Botje> open my $f, "somefile" or die "foo"; my @data = map [split /\t/], <$f>;
<ansimation> letting me know what?
<erider> that I see you trying
<bluebeard> if the data has no other white spaces inbetween.
<mauke> Botje: '<', 'somefile'
<Botje> mauke: pishposh.
<godling> who says pishposh?
<godling> Botje: are you british?
<thrig> Botje
<bluebeard> lol
<integral> heh
<bluebeard> holy crap I'm tired hungry and poor
<Botje> i'm belgish!
<godling> Belgian?
<bluebeard> I'm not even in college
<erider> :ansimation
<bluebeard> this is weird.

<godling> Awesome! My favorite detective is Belgian!
<JoshNarins> walloon or flamand?
<JoshNarins> ;)
<Botje> the good kind :P
<Botje> (flemish)
<JoshNarins> phlegmish
<JoshNarins> *cough* excuse me, sorry Botke
<thrig> it wouldn't be a gutteral language so lacking
<thrig> guttural. damnit.
<Botje> mmm, that's good gutter.
<ansimation> yes erider, it's a proxy...
<godling> wow, hardly anyone in Belgium speaks German
<erider> just stop it ansimation
<infi> hmm
<buu> Ohj noes, they're attacking me
<godling> buu: who is attacking what?
<buu> godling: The dark mage!
<Botje> terrorists?
<integral> the flying monkeys or the winged cereals?
<Ani-_> Don't worry. You are immortal!
<buu> PRobably
<godling> wtf is with all the kiddie abuse lately?
<tag> hum
<JavaDog> Hmm, how can I determine if a file exists?
<buu> JavaDog: -e
<mauke> perldoc -f -e
<JoshNarins> open the hard drive and sniff?
<integral> tie a hash to the filesystem and use exists
<infi> hah
<bluebeard> HO****, BAGELS!
<buu> I said that
<JavaDog> so.. if (-e "file") { }
<JoshNarins> yes, JavaDog
<godling> buu: script kids are useless
<godling> buu: I would like to smash them
<buu> Yes
<itsmeeh> must go today 2 gateway cx200x notebooks brand new in box, price 600 each message me on aim at ogd443 or msn at if interested.
<buu> It's too damned hard to level my healers up
<Botje> itsmeeh: **** off.
<Botje> are you *STILL* peddling your stolen crap?
<godling> buu: what are you playing?
<buu> godling: shining force
<linuxnohow> anyone played sin episodes: emergence?
<godling> buu: DUDE
<godling> buu: that game is older than old
<buu> godling: You'd think so, but it's only 10 orso
<godling> Ten centuries of peace ruled the land of Rune.
<buu> =]
<godling> man I'm old
<buu> godling: How the **** do you level healers?
<erider> so you have shell in huh? ansimation
<godling> buu: use medical herbs on the healer
<JoshNarins> erider <-- is a what?
<godling> buu: make them use it on themselves
<buu> godling: That gets them xp?
<godling> I can't believe I remember that
<bluebeard> I should make a CGI shell.
<bluebeard> because it'd be such a bad idea
<SubStack> and you should make it suid root
<bluebeard> YES
<godling> buu: any healing crap gives them xp
<SubStack> and you should use a javascript password box
<buu> godling: Notmuch
<bluebeard> screw javascript
<godling> buu: it's hard to level healers :P
<buu> yeha
<bluebeard> and psssh login box?
<godling> buu: there's that one spell that targets more than one
<godling> buu: the more people you get the more xp you get I believe
<bluebeard> why login, that's too much work
<godling> I forget though, it's been awhile
<bluebeard> straight root, windows style
<buu> godling: What do medicinal seeds do?
<bluebeard> they grow medicinal plants



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