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<Daveman> Yaakov :)
<Daveman> Yaakov++
<Botje> Yaakov++ indeed
<Botje> they're nice names
<Yaakov> Thanks, they seem to fit.
<Daveman> Yes :)
<Yaakov> Oh! OFFICE!
<Yaakov> *poof*
<Arathorn> hrm, does anyone know of any magic i need to do in TT to make [%- foo -%] style white-space chomping work?
<Daveman> heh
<Daveman> later, Yaakov.
<Daveman> Arathorn, do you mean, given a string '[%- foo -%] how would you remove the whitespace from it? o.O
<Botje> no, how do you let *TT* strip the whitespace :)
<Arathorn> well, according to the doc, if I do foo\n[%- bar %]\nbaz, it should get rendered out the same as [% "foo${bar}baz" %]
<Arathorn> uh, with [%- foo -%] in the middle, even
<Arathorn> as the \n's should get chomped away

<Arathorn> in practice (under catalyst, at any rate) it doesn't, so i'm wondering if anyone knows if there's magick involved in turning on PRE_CHOMP or POST_CHOMP or something before the [%- style syntax works
<wolverian> does TRIM do it?
<Arathorn> i think the TRIM filter will go and trim whitespace off the actual variable - rather than trimming the /surrounding/ whitespace from the [% expression %]
<wolverian> I had the same problem and I remember TRIM fixed it, but I could be remembering wrong. let me check if I still have that code
<nat> hi, if I want something witch is matching for ~= and, what shoud I write ? http://(www.)? ?
<sdakota> Hi guys
<BinGOs> vrooom. audi TT
<sdakota> Ugh. Have been sick for days.
<sdakota> ill *
<q[ender]> i feel awful
<wolverian> oh, I had a problem where TT inserted an empty line before the first line in the template, making the output invalid XHTML
<wolverian> TRIM => 1 fixed that
<Daveman> q[ender] :(
<Arathorn> wolverian: that sounds about right :/
<sdakota> Still a bit ill but it's getting better.
<Daveman> BinGOs :P
<Daveman> gumbybrain do you own an audi?
<GumbyBRAIN> Daveman: print "\n" will give you an event when some one or two of the kind of safe or refrigerator, in which he was in vain for something to change these hairs from a series of struggles, arrived at a tangent; and just at that day- that the sleeves of my own.
<Arathorn> i basically want to be able to do [% IF foo -%]\nthis\n[%- ELSE -%]\nthat\n[% -END %] - without having to do [% IF foo %]this[% ELSE %]that[% END %]
<Daveman> sdakota ^^
<Arathorn> which is ugly
<q[ender]> hahaha
<Arathorn> (intepolate out the \n's if you will :)
<Daveman> roffle
<q[ender]> waffle
<Daveman> waffles indeed!
<q[ender]> oh hell yeah man
<Botje> mmm waffles
<q[ender]> who doesn't love waffles
<BinGOs> iblechbot: stop stalking meh!
<sdakota> BinGOs: He's a private logbot. ;)
<Daveman> sdakota :P
<sdakota> Daveman :'(
<Daveman> :o
<sdakota> I'm feeling threatened now Daveman
<Daveman> q[ender], gimme 20min, first batch should be done by then :P
<sdakota> ;)
<sdakota> I was kinda thinking... I can make exes from perl scripts... but do Perl have win32 api things like windows, buttons, etcetera, too?
<sdakota> or am I forced to use ncurses there
<Botje> Win32::GUI?
<Daveman> haha
<Daveman> search cpan
<Daveman> I think you'll find something :P
<sdakota> Botje, yea, I kinda thought that, somehow...
<sdakota> Can't someone place a text bar and a button like on itself so we have to type 7 chars less each time?
<mmmmmmmmm> how to mkae exes from perl scripts?
<nat> ******* regexp ... what is matching and ????
<mauke> .*
<Kulrak> !http://(www.)?!
<Botje> i'm amazed at how many people can't figure out regexes or references with the amazing docs perl provides.
<sdakota> I was kinda confused about regexes - until I reached chapter 5 of the Camel. It's really clear.
<Botje> sdakota: heh, why not use keywords in firefox? :)
<Kulrak> Botje: they don't read 'em.. or in some cases, can't understand 'em
<Kulrak> cause they're retarded
<sdakota> I haven't completely read it, maybe that's why I think it's clear.
<sdakota> Botje, Keywords?

<Botje> yeah
<sdakota> botje, how to set those up?
<sdakota> botje, Oh nvm, i'll search the options myself. :)
<Botje> go to
<Botje> bookmark that
<Botje> and fill in cpan in the keyword field
<sdakota> Botje, Oh, can't.
<Botje> then you can just go cpan XML::Simple
<sdakota> botje, I mean, I can't find it in the options. I'll try that
<Botje> and it does the search for you!:)
<mauke> sdakota: manage bookmarks
<sdakota> Funny.
<mauke> if you know the name of the module/function, use
<Botje> they're just regular bookmarks, with the keyword field set
<Botje> i've got lots of keywords, eg for wikipedia, imdb, google images, RFCs
<sdakota> can I add it to the search bar too?
<sdakota> hehe
<sdakota> i'm freaking out my sis
<Botje> meh, why use the search bar :p
<Botje> I just leave it set to google all the time
<nat> thks Kulrak
<sdakota> she's mad at me cuz she wanted to watch tv and I was watching the tv
<Botje> although there's probably a CPAN engine somewhere
<sdakota> MEH??!! when I fill in cpan test in the url bar I go to
<sdakota> the name of the bookmark is 'cpan' just as you told me
<mauke> I never use the search bar, only ctrl-L g whatever
<mauke> not the name, the keyword
<Botje> sdakota: did you fill out the keyword field?
<mauke> the name can be whatever you want
<Botje> it's the keyword that counts :)
<sdakota> I just bookmarked - I can't see any keyword field.
<sdakota> Note that I have the dutch version.
<sdakota> So I can't get the exact translation.
<mauke> it's in Bookmarks>Manage Bookmarks...>Quick Search here
<sdakota> when I add it as a bookmark, I see a window containing "Add a bookmark" "Name" "Add to:" "OK" and "Cancel", quite freely translated
<mauke> yeah, you need to open the bookmark manager
<Botje> yes. you need to set the keyword manually, via properties
<sdakota> oh, handy :-)
<sdakota> but it looks like it only shows the first result
<Botje> only if it finds a direct math, here
<Botje> *match
<sdakota> oh, ok ;p
<sdakota> hey you're right
<sdakota> nothing::nothing opens... nothing ...
<Botje> *blink* :p
<Botje> mine finds sub::assert::nothing :)
<Daveman> :p
<sdakota> botje, yes, but it doesn't open it ^_^
<Botje> eh, it only sometimes does that :(
<Botje> very rarely, in fact
<sdakota> Daveman, I just called my sis 'zielig kutje' and she got so mad that she walked towards me, tried to be impressive (she's big by herself... but then also a lot in width), said "say that again? huh? well?" haha
<Botje> sdakota: .. at which point you open up tubgirl.Com and wath her recoil in horror? :)
<Botje> (oh yeah, um, don't watch it unless you like washing your eyesockets with bleach)
<hazard> Excuse me while I go commit suicide.
<Arathorn> if anyone was following my fun & games with whitespace chomping in TT from earlier, is the bottom line (combined with getting my line-delimiters right(!))
<shorten> Arathorn's url is at
<sdakota> huh?
<sdakota> Botje, nah, she watches these stuff every day.
<sdakota> Those really don't scare her off.
<sdakota> She watches harry potter every day you know.
<hazard> If tubgirl doesn't bother her, you are doomed my friend.
<sdakota> Every day a few times.
<sdakota> Not really. She's 17. Next year she'll hopefully move out.
<sdakota> She's quite nice... when I'm not at my pc. I think she's jealous. She has to do with a ****ty pc. But well, I payed 800 euros for this one, she didn't pay a cent.
<sdakota> For hers, i mean.
<Botje> right on :)
<integral> hmm, I wonder if this free vmware works in qemu...
<sdakota> Hmm
<sdakota> if I make a major program that uses loads of modules and loads of other perl scripts and loads of normal files to read from...
<M_A_K> I wish to change all references to /home/user to be just ~ in a folder recursively. I know that there is a way to do it at commandline with perl, but I don't know how.
<sdakota> and I juse pp -o majorprogram.exe ...
<sdakota> then what will be in the exe and what will I need to send with it? A everything including perl, B everything excluding perl etcetera, C only the perl scripts and the normal files, D only the normal files, or E nothing ?
<Botje> find . -type f | perl -p -i -e 'BEGIN{@ARGV=<>} s!/home/user!~!g'
<Botje> something like that



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