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<EvanCarroll> kaklzzz
<slapd> does anybody have a subroutine that will log stuff to a logfile?
<Botje> slapd: yes.
<slapd> can i use it?
<fridim> why for $foo (1..10) { print $foo } and not print $foo for $foo (1..10); ?
<shorten> Botje's url is at
<b0at> fridim: print for 1..10;
<Botje> fridim: because the second is a syntax error.
<Botje> for as statement-modifier doesn't take a variable binding
<fridim> b0at, yes i know, but in the case of $_ is used
<kismet_> if "$c->foo->bar" returns an array, how do i directly access the first element?
<b0at> Exactly!

<Botje> kismet_: like you would any other array!
<kismet_> $c->foo->bar[0]?
<yrlnry> You mean it returns an arrayref?
<yrlnry> Or a list?
<yrlnry> if the former, $c->foo->bar->[0].
<yrlnry> if the latter, ($c->foo->bar)[0]
<PepperBob> OT: does anyone know how to get rid of dead user sessions?
<yrlnry> Are those (dead (user sessions)) or ((dead user) sessions)?
<kismet_> oh thank heavens, i'm not completely nuts
<kismet_> thank you yrlnry!
<yrlnry> any time.
<PepperBob> i see me logged in multiple times on tty2, tty3 with a massive idle time.. ?
<PepperBob> it's (dead (user sessions))
<PepperBob> ;)
<slapd> thanks for the trivial logger
<Roderick> ps -t2 (dg) to get the shell's pid, kill -HUP pid
<Roderick> s/dg/eg/
<lenix> hey :) how could i get notified in mod_perl2 if someone aborts the connection while my (registry-) script is still running?
<caine607`> Hey all. I'm trying to dig up a (minor?) perl demigod named 'stupid' - any idea how I'd manage that?
<Botje> perlmonks?
<caine607`> Botje: ?
<b0at> Was that a response or just a punctuation handshake?
<caine607`> Botje: I do not understand your response.
<Botje> caine607`: have you tried looking on ?
<b0at> caine607`: It's a site.
<PerlJam> caine607`:
<caine607`> OK, I'm looking at it now.
<noige> PepperBob: well, maybe kill -9 `ps auxww | grep -U <idle username> | cut -c9-15` run that a few times, that will kill your session too though
<noige> if that was what you wanted
<caine607`> Botje: Is it just a popular perl site or is there some other reason to look there?
<noige> seems like it
<vasiliyb> gents, task came up... i have a perl script which gets executed by a mail server, which stores files to a local directory. i need to strip off any attachments , like .zip files, and do certain things to them
<caine607`> Last on there 13 weeks ago.
<vasiliyb> so if i have a file which has my message body of the email, and then the Content-Type: image/jpeg then the image... how can i get that file out? :)
<PepperBob> noige: kind off.. i try not to kill my active session...
<PerlJam> vasiliyb: ask
<Botje> caine607`: it's the biggest public perl forum I know of.
<Botje> vasiliyb: if it's email, use mime.
<ides> vasiliyb: look into the MIME:: modules, specifically MIME::Entity
<vasiliyb> Botje, so use Mime
<vasiliyb> ides, thank you so much
<chorny> MIME-tools ?
<ProN00b> hmm, are there some generic charset encoding modules ?
<ides> caine607`: $status = $c->aborted();
<ides> caine607`: where $c is your connection object
<hobbs> ProN00b: ... Encode? ;)
<ProN00b> like where i can specify a charset, set its significance and encode something only with those chars ?
<simcop2387> i don't know when how or why this got closed...
<ides> caine607`: or more simply $r->connection->aborted
<hobbs> simcop2387: gremlins
<ProN00b> like if i give it 01 it gives me a binary string
<simcop2387> GumbyBRAIN: 0110
<GumbyBRAIN> Encountering a false alarm on the order of mediocre and ****e.
<ProN00b> lol, what ?
<simcop2387> i don't know either
<simcop2387> GumbyBRAIN: 666
<noige> well maybe piping again to grep -v ttyX will exclude your existing tty, but you might be on tty2 so check the output of tty, then
<GumbyBRAIN> Perl::generate is also 666 by a variable name in scaalr context.
<markstos> I'm stumped on something that seems easy: I want to include an embedded newline in a file generated with Text::CSV_XS. I tried the "binary" and "auto_quote" options, but I still get an error. Any tips on generating CSV files embedded newlines ?

<noige> kill -9 `ps auxww | grep -U username | grep -v tty-you-want-excluded | cut-c9-15`
<caine607`> ides: Thank you for the help. However, I think that your answer might have really been intended for someone else...
<noige> you might be able to combine that grep, you would want to ask someone more experiences
<caine607`> Thanks folks.
<noige> s/experiences/experienced
<lenix> ides: thanks :)
<ides> cake`: **** you're right it was lenix, bad cut-n-paste on my part
<ides> damn nick completion
<simcop2387> GumbyBRAIN: lenix v. linux
<GumbyBRAIN> From what i've used linux instead of v/v.
<ides> lenix: no problem
<lenix> must have been blind ;)
<xp_> what is the easiest way to ouput all contents of a filehandle to another file?
<ProN00b> xp_, well, copy the file ^_^
<xp_> but with perl code :)
<Ani-_> There is File::Copy
<xp_> I have a file handle from an upload I need to put into an actual file
<ProN00b> core: File::Copy
<buubot> File::Copy was added to Perl5.002
<PerlJam> xp_: Are you using the CGI module?
<ProN00b> can't cgi do that ?
<PerlJam> xp_: if so, you need to read the documentation a little more.
<xp_> no I am using jifty, it gives me a file handle to the file uploaded
<xp_> I want to use it with the constructor for my $document = ooDocument(file => $fh); but it fails
<PerlJam> xp_: well, I know next to nothing about hos jifty works in this regard, so you'd do : open my $ofh, ">", $filename or die; print $ofh <$file_handle_from_jifty>; close $ofh; # caveat lector
<PerlJam> something like that
<PerlJam> with the appropriate binmode and $/ magic
<xp_> awsome thanks :)
<lenix> [error] Can't locate object method "aborted" via package "Apache2::Connection" at /data/ line 88
<lenix> mh
<caine607`> I'm back... now, don't take this the wrong way, but... is perl 6 out yet?
<Botje> caine607`: no. there is, howver, a "toy" implementation named pugs.
<Botje> i'm putting the toy in quotes because it's actually very useful and fast
<hobbs> but unlike a toy poodle, it's not very small ;)
<PerlJam> getting faster all the time
<markstos> fast ?
<caine607`> Botje: Wow. Is there any particulkar reason its not out yet? Or just general, well, whatever.
<PerlJam> caine607`: it's not finished.
<Botje> caine607`: the full story is on
<caine607`> Botje: Thanks.
<PerlStalker> Aren't they still designing it?
<markstos> Don't you mean ?
<caine607`> ok, I'm off to
<caine607`> Later.
<Botje> I don't know :[
<Botje> read both
<mmap__> What should be done if someone in your company copies software you wrote, changes some variable names and the format of the code and released it into production with their name as the author?
<yrlnry> Tell your boss.
<mmap__> my boss is a douche bag, wouldn't care..
<yrlnry> Then that's your answer.
<mmap__> perhaps
<yrlnry> Or you could tell the boss of the other person.
<yrlnry> But that boss is even less likely to care.
<hobbs> tell the new york times! They won't care either.
<ides> lenix: are you using both Apache2::Connection and Apache2::RequestRec?
<yrlnry> hobbs++
<mmap__> the guy who made the changes came from UNISYS environment, is also a douche bag ex-COBOL programmer, did a bunch of nasty things to the code format, changed symbol names to upper-caps (seriously) and made the code look awful
<lenix> ides: fixed it already
<ides> lenix: ah ok cool
<hobbs> mmap__: aren't you glad your name isn't on it then?
<mmap__> hobbs: interesting point
<xp_> PerlJam will that work on a binary file?
<yrlnry> mmap__:
<shorten> yrlnry's url is at
<hobbs> by the way, no, don't expect me to exit snarky mode any time soon. If necessary I'll shut up :P
<mmap__> heh
<adante> mmap__: i suggest you arise in righteous fury and conduct a guerilla campaign of office pranks against the offending thief - post results with pictures for all
<ides> mmap__: personally I wouldn't worry about it too much, but what *I* would do is make a point of saying, "Wow that looks a lot like I wrote months ago, only the style/syntax sucks" :)
<EvanCarroll> omfg ides!!!
<ides> the only way I would worry about it is if the other guy is getting props, raises, etc. for just ****ing up the work you did
<adante> i like my idea much more - according to tv, office pranks can only result in goodness, hilarity and the occassional murder
<SubStack> and arson



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