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<summatusmentis> bye
<zedkatuf|pda> poushag: what wag the ipkg info thingy?
<zedkatuf|pda> libetpan?
<zedkatuf|pda> wag/was
<summatusmentis> he left, I think
<zedkatuf|pda> ahh
<summatusmentis> but yeah, that sounds right
<zedkatuf|pda> can u look back at irc log on ur machine 2 c what the library was?
<summatusmentis> hold on, I'll see if it's still there
<zedkatuf|pda> k trying that now
<zedkatuf|pda> tnx
<summatusmentis> libetpan, yes
<zedkatuf|pda> k. tnxx
<summatusmentis> leaving
<zedkatuf|pda> snap
<zedkatuf|pda> sleep time

<Kevin`> i'm thinking of buying an sl-c3200.. what are the best places to get it form (i'm in usa), and how do you recover when I mess up the linux install on it (failsafe modes, jtag, whatever?)
<Kevin`> I suppose nobody is here at the moment then? :(
<NAbyss> Kevin`: I got my 3100 through, I'd imagine they'd have 3200s too.. as long as you don't overwrite the NAND recovery partition (i.e. don't force a big kernel into your 3200 when it warns you), you just use the standard method to reflash it. If you completely bugger it up, IIRC, there's jtag pins on the expansion port on the back
<NAbyss> You'd have to check with one of the devs here about the jtag though.. never used it myself
<Kevin`> how big is too big?
<Kevin`> and where can I get a jtag cable with the approprate connector (sounds rather hard to make myself)
<NAbyss> Kevin`: Not sure, it'll warn you when building with OE though if the kernel's too large.
<NAbyss> IIRC, it's around 1.2mb
<Kevin`> OE?
<NAbyss> Openembedded.. the thing that OZ's built from
<NAbyss> I've got no idea about the JTAG stuff.
<NAbyss> Kevin`: Ah, actually, after digging around, it appears that there's a ROM-bootable thing that'll restore your flash off a CF card without JTAG
<Kevin`> meaning I can't change it to break this function?
<Kevin`> url?
<Kevin`> it looks to me like that's made for c700, c750, c760
<NAbyss> Again, as I said, I have no experience with the JTAG stuff. I'm just going on what's out there.
<Kevin`> I mean, the rom restore
<hrw|gone> 2
<zedkatuf> ~convert 200 usd gbp
<zedkatuf> nope
<zedkatuf> not that command :)
<ade|desk> ~change 200 usd to gbp
<ibot> 200.00 United States Dollar (USD) makes 104.803 Pound (GBP) (from
<zedkatuf> ta :)
<ade|desk> np
<zedkatuf> ~change 257 usd gbp
<ibot> that doesn't look right
<zedkatuf> ~change 257 usd to gbp
<zedkatuf> :)
<ibot> 257.00 United States Dollar (USD) makes 134.663 Pound (GBP) (from
<zedkatuf> ~change 317 usd to gbp
<ibot> 317.00 United States Dollar (USD) makes 166.093 Pound (GBP) (from
<zedkatuf> ~seen poushag
<zedkatuf> poushag:
<zedkatuf> just symlink /usr/lib/ to /usr/lib/ IIRC
<Kerwood> Are there any guidelines for porting a small KDE app to Opie/Qt besides "Don't do it"?
<alan|philo> Kerwood: may i ask which app ?
<Kerwood> alan|philo: kcalc
<alan|philo> i don't do Opie, but i think there is a calc app for opie, isn't there ?
<Kerwood> alan|philo: Well, there's opie-calculator, which seems to be not optimum, especially for PDAs
<Kerwood> alan|philo: The calculator which comes with the Palm PDAs is my standard of comparison
<Kerwood> alan|philo: kcalc looks like a really good candidate
<hrw|work> Kerwood: palmos calc... very limited +-*/ something?
<Kerwood> hrw|work: Well, I guess I'm confusing it with the Handspring enhanced version, which had unit conversions, trig and logic functions, hex, octal, binary, etc.
<Kerwood> hrw|work: I sense that there is a gradual disillusionment among OE developers toward Qt/E?
<hrw|work> Kerwood: qt/e 2.x (which opie use) is going to dead end
<Kerwood> hrw|work: Trolltech is going where the money is, I guess...
<lostboy1> is there a ipkg command to see what dependency a package has?
<hrw|work> ipkg info package?
<lostboy1> thanks :-)
<lostboy1> any ideas on why iwconfig would segfault on a SL-5500 running OZ 3.5.4 with opie after performing an upgrade
<lostboy1> is all the info I can think of so far
<hrw|work> install hostap-conf?
<hrw|work> I will check it when find time
<hrw|work> it worked on my collie ;(
<lostboy1> it was installed, but no files were present, so i downloaded and re-installed
<lostboy1> I am wondering if it is because I am running root on loop image on SD card
<lostboy1> oh, and after i installed hostap-conf a second time, the /etc/pcmcia/hostap.conf file did appear :-)

<lostboy1> hrw|work: which rom are you using?
<hrw|work> lostboy1: in collie? 64Mbit Flash Memory LF28F640BX
<hrw|work> like every collie
<lostboy1> i meant OZ or Hentges
<hrw|work> ah
<hrw|work> now it has OZ 3.5.4
<lostboy1> okay
<hrw|work> but do not ask when it was powered on last time
<darkschneider> hrw|work: suggestion: make the new rom smaller, cause it takes all the available space and you can't even change the root password (you can't write to any file even existing, cause of jffs2 write policy) note that ipkg have problems with no space too cause it can0t update package information files
<hrw|work> darkschneider: opie?
<darkschneider> yes
<hrw|work> darkschneider: what to remove?
<darkschneider> no idea :)
<darkschneider> take out even somethign small, at least one can then uninstall more files with ipkg
<darkschneider> i perosnally think that in 5600 case, since opieplayes does not work, removing it is a good plocy
<hrw|work> qpdf also out
<darkschneider> in the past only in one version opieplayer worked and only after editing of some files
<darkschneider> so since it is not workign out of the box removing it can0t be so bad.. many install mplayer and madplay /cause madplay uses much less cpu)
<darkschneider> parashot is probably to exchange with tetris
<hrw|work> rebuilding image
<darkschneider> parashot feature was use of audio, that in this case is not working, tetris feature is permanet highscore that probably is better wanted
<darkschneider> and the fact that the central enter key (the silver one on the sliding palle) does not work makes parashot quite complex to play :D
<darkschneider> apart that, GREAT WORK!
<darkschneider> i'm impressed... after years 5600 start to work as it should.. it did not crashed.. never
<darkschneider> a thing i noticed is that after a first reboot all the devices that were listed on the "network settigns" of opie disappeared
<darkschneider> i personally think now that most of the problems are opie related... and that some opie guy shoudl help us a bit by following the problems that are spotted
<hrw|work> -rw-r--r-- 1 hrw hrw 16302080 Aug 9 15:55 opie-image-
<hrw|work> better?
<hrw|work> 5.7M smaller
<darkschneider> much better :)
<darkschneider> lot of space and nearly no change in functionality
<darkschneider> i hate qt programming.. cause a very simple interface for madplay would be what is needed
<hrw|work> I removed all addons - now image is nearly like collie one
<hrw|work> no konqueror even
<hrw|work> read this package list
<darkschneider> yes i think that for testing that is a good pllicy, when everithing works, it can be asked what more needed
<darkschneider> modules are still missing? i can0t see them all in the list, but i was used to 2.4 list
<hrw|work> did not checked
<darkschneider> probably the serial modules should not be isntalled by default, cause sserial cable is rather rare
<darkschneider> if you are positive i'll write some of those things on the wiki page you did for the release
<hrw|work> serial_cs is in kernel
<darkschneider> kk, probably some other thing use it's infrastructure
<darkschneider> ok, back studing (automatics... ), will work on the wiki discussion later
<Laibsch> Hi, has anybody ever tried to install altboot on a Cacko ROM to boot to OZ?
<Laibsch> The Cacko system is a 2.4.18 kernel. Shouldn't it work?
<hrw|work> maybe
<Laibsch> hrw|work: I guess that means nobody knows.
<zedkatuf|pda> poushag: could u post ur comment/Q here kids r using my desktop box atm & I can't see tge screen :)
<Tomoe> lol
<poushag> zedkatuf, i just saw your post on oz: 'just symlink /usr/lib/ to /usr/lib/ IIRC' - on my system these two are not symlinked to each other - are you sure they are on your Z?
<poushag> yeah my little ones have their own pc - but for some reason my son (16mo) always wants to sit on my lap and watch the cursor move or look at my hands while typing
<Laibsch> Does altboot really not support the SL-C860 or is it just untested? CoreDump|afk?
<poushag> my daughter now 5 started using a reaaallly old pc (486!) when only 2 and after a month was a mousing wizard - with a regular old mouse too
<hrw|work> Laibsch: altboot support all zaurus models now
<Laibsch> OK, good to know. ping CoreDump|afk, please update the website. Thank you.
<zedkatuf|pda> poushag: yep re libetpan symlinking:
<zedkatuf|pda> ls -lsa* 0 lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 17 Jun 22 21:55 -> 576 -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 582896 Jun 18 13:57
<zedkatuf|pda> poushag: was there another Q too?
<poushag> zed, well yeah - can you run * find / -name '*ompi*' *
<poushag> sry too many asterisks
<poushag> find / -name '*ompi*'
<zedkatuf|pda> k, trying now
<zedkatuf|pda> ....doing an ipkg list on sthng else too aaaaat same time so ma take a while :)
<poushag> k zed, i hope you will be around in about 45 min or so - i gotta eat and get the kids lunch
<summatusmentis> if I were to flash to OPIE, from GPE on my 5500, could I use the same zImage?
<poushag> summatus, yes - its the kernel and does not change not matter what window manager or X you put over it
<poushag> you just change the initrd.bin file and, optionally, the cardfs tar
<poushag> (if you use hentges rom he also provides matching cardfs with many useful apps)
<arm-bar> hello, I cannot seem to find a ipk for rxvt, xterm or aterm. Is there one avalible under opie?
<Kerwood> Alright, I gave opie a good try on my terrier (C3200), but decided to install gpe over it due to the better apps available.
<Kerwood> So now things are working fairly well, except that when the screen goes dim it never "un-dims" in response to a tap or keypress
<Kerwood> Also, the Date/Time setting app starts and immediately quits. So, before I submit a bug report I'd like to know if it's just misconfigured.
<webmind> arm-bar, aren't those X apps ?



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