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<PixieDust> my desktop lcd is apparently 16.7
<PixieDust> laptop is defintely 16.2
<zinx> 6 bit is more like 262144, not 16200000
<PixieDust> wtf
<PixieDust> zinx, is it really that big of a difference?
<zinx> they get away with it by saying the dither makes it "effectively" 16.2 mil
<zinx> PixieDust: yes
<PixieDust> they dither all the rest?
<PixieDust> damn
<PixieDust> i should hush up about my 8-bit screen then
<PixieDust> and just be satisfied
<zinx> heh, what screen is it?
<PixieDust> sceptre naga4 19"
<zinx> also, note that 8-bit LCD screens tend to have higher response times
<PixieDust> sceptre x9g-naga4
<naiad> im having trouble getting my dual head card to function the way i want. two crt monitors one connected throgh dvi with a crt adapter and the other on the crt head. in my x log i get one of the monitors showing up as @@@ (CRT-0) while the other is Dell P780. would this be why it's not working properly?

<PixieDust> lol
<PixieDust> its been completely discontinued, zinx
<naiad> one monitor come sup fine but the other is stuck in a very low resolution
<zinx> nice monitor, though :D
<PixieDust> zinx, its 19" 8ms
<PixieDust> but i'm not sure how accurate the 8ms is
<PixieDust> i think i see ghosting with my mouse
<zinx> response times are complete marketing bull**** at this point
<PixieDust> zinx, what is your supposed response time?
<PixieDust> btw, nvclock now has the ability to change pci id
<PixieDust> like softquadro
<zinx> so, supposedly 4ms
<PixieDust> OpenGL renderer string: Quadro FX 1400/PCI/SSE2
<PixieDust> strange
<PixieDust> zinx, you have a TN panel as well
<zinx> a 'TN' panel?
<PixieDust> yea, highly touted
<zinx> hmm, i'm not up-to-date on ewwil LCD tech
<PixieDust> heh, your response time is measured in grey-to-grey
<zinx> Twisted Nematic
<zinx> they're evil, yais
<PixieDust> im surprised my lcd is discontinued
<PixieDust> the nagaiii is there still
<zinx> TN == cheap! :D
<zinx> PixieDust: that means either it was too expensive to make, or it has horrible flaws
<PixieDust> zinx, it had some speakers in it
<PixieDust> i don't use them
<PixieDust> the naga v
<PixieDust> letme see
<zinx> yeah, i specificly got a monitor without speakers
<PixieDust> i know the naga v doesn't have speakers
<PixieDust> zinx, how come?
<zinx> i do not need cheapass speakers taking up space :/
<PixieDust> i can't even see where mine are
<naiad> anyone have @@@ show up in X log file before?
<PixieDust> they must be tiny an terrible
<PixieDust> damn, the nagav is $200, i paid $300 for my lcd like 7 months ago
<zinx> PixieDust: 'cause most have big wings on the side for them
<PixieDust> zinx, the only difference i see is no speakers in the nagav
<zinx> PixieDust: and cheap speakers tend to be *FAR* worse quality than cheap earphones
<PixieDust> the thing draws 50Ws
<zinx> wow, mine takes less :o
<[TACO]> mine can draw up to 400w
<zinx> [TACO]: sounds like a huge CRT
<PixieDust> a LCD?
<zinx> or a TV :D
<[TACO]> I was talking about speakers
<PixieDust> oh
<PixieDust> heheheh
<zinx> hah
<[TACO]> zinx was apparently :P
<PixieDust> nice
<PixieDust> haha
<PixieDust> one of the features
<PixieDust> "Consume 30~70% less power
<PixieDust> bologna @ 50W
<zinx> my monitor lists the max power consumption at 38W
<PixieDust> zinx, so based on the differences, do you think there is a horrible flaw in mine?
<zinx> PixieDust: *shrug*
<PixieDust> lack of speakers, new detachable base

<zinx> PixieDust: You'll find out.
<[TACO]> I don't use LCDs
<[TACO]> not until they get a better refresh rate
<PixieDust> zinx, how? i've not seen anything or got a warning from the manufacturer
<naiad> can someone tell me if i'ts possible to use a dual head card with two screens and drag windows across?
<PixieDust> im even registered my screen
<zinx> [TACO]: mine seems acceptable for what I do
<[TACO]> zinx: I'm a hardcore gamer :P
<zinx> naiad: yes, but it's called 'TwinView'
<zinx> naiad: or 'Xinerama'
<zinx> naiad: or if you've got an ati card, 'Big Desktop'
<naiad> well i use xinerama, but flux stretches across both desktops
<[TACO]> zinx: is there a way to support regular text terminal and X on two different monitors?
<naiad> i basically want it to extend the monitor
<zinx> oh, i think it also goes by the name 'mergedfb' or so
<zinx> [TACO]: No.
<zinx> [TACO]: run an xterm on one.
<naiad> brb, upgrading nvidia drivers
<PixieDust> zinx, what sound card do you have now?
<zinx> PixieDust: an ensoniq 1370 and the on-board nVidia CK804 (an i8x0 based card apparently)
<zinx> they are both crap
<zinx> and i don't care \o/
<PixieDust> heh
<PixieDust> well
<PixieDust> i was gunna make a suggestion/offer
<PixieDust> 4Front OSS
<zinx> ALSA's working fine
<PixieDust> do you have multichannel support?
<zinx> multichannel as in 5.1/etc, or multichannel as in play more than one thing at once?
<zinx> i can't say i have a speaker setup capable of 5.1 :/
<PixieDust> the latter
<PixieDust> more than one source
<[TACO]> zinx: hehe
<[TACO]> zinx: never thought of it that way
<zinx> Debian comes by default in a config where ALSA programs use dmix
<zinx> as for OSS programs... well, I can use the other sound card :D
<[TACO]> zinx: impressive thinking
<zinx> aoss works for some, but not most... I have a hacked up version of it for use with TeamSpeak
<zinx> [TACO]: about which?
<[TACO]> using Xterm
<zinx> ah
<[TACO]> I always thought I would need to run X and then do something to do the console
<[TACO]> you did the exact opposite
<zinx> :D
<[TACO]> talk about a 180
<PixieDust> zinx, seriously though you should consider 4Front OSS, i have an i8x0 on my laptop
<PixieDust> zinx,
<zinx> PixieDust: as tempting as it is to use a proprietary driver that has to be recompiled manually every kernel package debian pushes out for unstable (and that's a lot, trust me), i think i'll pass.
<zinx> PixieDust: plus, i need ALSA for testing
<PixieDust> zinx, heh not even tempted by ttimo using it for quake4/doom3 ports?
<zinx> ALSA emulates OSS, but OSS does not emulate ALSA :/
<PixieDust> oss emulates alsa
<zinx> what?
<PixieDust> yup
<PixieDust> it does
<zinx> hah
<PixieDust> they call that part SALSA
<zinx> when did they add that?
<PixieDust> no joke
<PixieDust> not sure, but i know its there
<PixieDust> New ALSA compatibility library (libsalsa) now available - allows ALSA compatible audio apps to run on OSS and benefit from OSS features like Virtual Mixing and 3D effects. Read more about our SALSA approach on the OSS Forums
<PixieDust> its pretty nice
<zinx> hmm, oss3d for amd64..
<PixieDust> virtual mixing, i like it a lot
<PixieDust> i hate xmms, heh
<PixieDust> i refuse to use legacy gtk
<zinx> :P
<PixieDust> also xine-lib has high quality sample rate conversion algorithms
<PixieDust> straight from jcdutton @ alsa
<PixieDust> his mouth, rather
<zinx> xine's a multimedia player
<PixieDust> plays mp3s as seen in my shot
<zinx> which means it does videos, but it's a bit bloated for music ;)



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