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<infi> !m stephen_ sql statement syntax
<SQL> stephen_: (SQL Statement Syntax) :
<infi> the links on that page, perhaps?
<Xgc> Most all of the tutorials are ok for refreshing your memory. I'd probably run through several. For more details/complex SQL, you are free to ask here or in #sql.
<mareks> stephen_ you could always write you own database framwork... that way you would know how to use it!
<Crell> ah ha!
<Crell> Don't ask me why, but test@'%' wasn't working. I had to specify the host. It wouldn't work otherwise.
<stephen_> mmm yeah, reinvent the wheel
<leighm> greets
<leighm> anyone run mysql on a dualcore server?
<mareks> leighm, whats the issue
<TodoInTX> !tell me about memory usage
<SQL> But I don't know a thing about that.
<domas> leighm: yes.
<leighm> is it good? like, does it depend more on kernel support?
<leighm> just wondering what hardware to setup this new mysql server on

<leighm> ive got serialATA and a dualcore CPU
<uru> Can mysql's api be used asynchronously? Sort of like Windows' async sockets (calling a function when a query returns)
<Darien> no
<domas> uru: threads...
<Darien> you can open multiple connections
<Darien> but a given connection is sychronous
<uru> okay.
<uru> Thanks. I guess I can simulate it.
<dabaR> how do I set my root password initially
<dabaR> or if I lose it.
<Darien> well those are two different question
<Darien> s.
<dabaR> answer both if you can.
<Darien> run 'mysql_secure_installation' and it will secure your initial installation, including prompting you for a root password
<Darien> after that, do this
<Darien> !m dabaR resetting
<SQL> dabaR: (How to Reset the Root Password) :
<dabaR> Thank you.
<wizardx> Any help with searching a mySQL database with one Letter, such as showing all last names (lname) that start with M?
<uru> SELECT * FROM tablename WHERE lname LIKE 'M%'; or something like that?
<wizardx> oh, didn't know you could use Like...
<|Lurch|> i seem to be unable to find what key_writes and key_write_requests status variables really reflect. a number of web sites i've browsed say writes/write_requests should be less than 1 - on my server write_requests always equals writes... any pointers?
<uru> there are a couple functions that can be made to do that too.
<uru> Just read the docs~ =p
<wizardx> You got a link, uru?
<cYmen> What is the best way to find similar (except for the key) rows?
<thos9> is there a way to use a wildcard for an int in a where clause in mysql: "WHERE id = *" or something like that?
<wizardx> Or you could just choose all. "SELECT * FROM tablename"
<dabaR> pah
<dabaR> People ask a lot of sql syntax questions here?
<wizardx> thos9: Are you going to choose everyone who has an id?
<wwalker> Is there any way to change your mysql user password without putting it on the screen in plaintext? both mysqladmin passowrd and set password want the password in plaintext on the screen (and in your history)
<thos9> wizard, I want to fiirst look for a defined ID, if there are none, then I want to look for a defined category.
<wizardx> wwalker, you could do a php page, password.php, that changes it without printing out the results.
<wizardx> thos9: I've done this before.
<wwalker> wizardx: true, but I do all my work via ssh, not web pages
<thos9> wizardx: i figured I'd do that by setting the id to a wildcard in my code, and then doing an AND of that and the category field
<uru> id would be defined if it wasn't NULL right? =o
<thos9> or are there conditionals in mysql? I didn't think of that
<uru> WHERE (logic for is defined) AND (logic for is in a category)
<thos9> I guess I could be less lazy and customize the db access code that is generated for me by Dreamweaver
<uru> =o
<thos9> uru could you please be more specific? are you saying to use the key words "IS DEFINED" or what?
<wizardx> thos9: "SELECT * FROM tablename WHERE id = $idlookingfor AND category = $desiredcategory"
<thos9> uru, the problem is, what if ID is NOT defined
<uru> thos9, How do you determine how id is defined or not? Are you using NULL ?
<thos9> uru I could, it's up to me
<wizardx> through if's, of course.
<thos9> wizardx: ifs in code or in mysql?
<wizardx> code
<uru> thos9, well if you use NULL, then go WHERE id != NULL AND ...
<thos9> oh, well, I was trying to avoid that
<uru> Why avoid NULL?
<thos9> uru, but id ID is defined then I want to use that
<Darien> uru: != NULL doesn't work
<Darien> uru: nothing is equal to or not equal to NULL, because NULL is an absence of a value
<thos9> uru I was trying to avoid doing the if logic in my code
<uru> right, right~
<Darien> "WHERE foo NOT NULL"
<uru> anyway brb

<thos9> but I guess I will have to do that, stupid Dreamweaver
<dabaR> uru: you can use != NULL?
<dabaR> is not null would work, I think.
<dabaR> != null means nothing, cause null != to anything, not even null
<uru> my mistake
<|Lurch|> ok... how about Handler_read_rnd_next , can someone here explain how to track down the "bad" queries?
<thos9> i want to do soemthing like this:
<thos9> duh, i can use LIKE on an int field
<firewire> thos9 why would you use like on an int?
<thos9> firewire: so i will always get SOMETHING, but if either of those vars are defined, I will get that:
<thos9> it's for a page where you can define one of two URL parameters, or define neither, but in any case, will get a result
<wizardx> You could $_GET['variablwinurl'] for those, thos9.
<thos9> wizardx: what do you mean?
<wizardx> for the fake address and then "$message = $_GET['a'];" and on another line "echo $message;"
<wizardx> It would print out "hello"
<thos9> wizardx: ya, that's what I'm doing
<thos9> wizardx: did you see my code?
<wizardx> cool, I used that to work with mysql queries.
<wizardx> no, but I'm looking at it now
<wizardx> looks good
<thos9> wizardx: thanks
<wizardx> I'd set it to "8" is an else instead of setting it off the bat
<examancer> could I get some advice on my proposed DB layout?
<examancer> What I want to know has to do with the Tags and TagMatches tables...
<examancer> I'm trying to add the ability for users to add keyword tags to records in the Folders, Feeds, and MetaLinks tables... what I'm not sure is if I should just duplicate the tag everytime I tag something, making a one-to-many relationship from records->Tags, or if I should do it the way I show in the proposed layout...
<examancer> where I have a many-to-many relationship between Tags and the records, and I use TagMatch to complete the relationship and match them together, so I don't duplicate tags
<examancer> it would seem I would possibly save space by using the matching table, but I'm also adding complexity, which I don't want to do unless there is a performance/scalability advantage
<Andy298> i've got mysql installed, i can connect locally and using PHPmyAdmin but i can't connect from another host
<Andy298> i've got % for host
<Andy298> and reloaded the privs
<Darien> do you get an error?
<Andy298> 2003
<Andy298> also....
<Andy298> can't connect to mysql server on (10061)
<Andy298> .........
<Darien> can you paste the WHOLE error?
<Darien> never chop an error into bits and pieces
<Sneaky_Bastard> umm, pastebin please ?
<Andy298> thats all i get
<Andy298> its on query browser
<Darien> then I can't help you
<Darien> are you sure you're using the right password?
<Sneaky_Bastard> wait, that's a windows 10061 error code
<Sneaky_Bastard> hang on
<Sneaky_Bastard> Windows Sockets Error
<Darien> ok, so your MySQL server isn't listening on TCP
<Darien> check your my.cnf for 'bind-address' or 'skip-networking'
<Sneaky_Bastard> either that or the port is blocked in firewall
<Sneaky_Bastard> or the server is not actually running at all
<Sneaky_Bastard> (hence, not recieving connections on the MySQL port
<Andy298> how can i check its running?
<Darien> do what I just said
<Darien> if you can connect to MySQL via phpMyAdmin, the server is running
<Sneaky_Bastard> Andy298: is the MySQL server on localhost ?
<Sneaky_Bastard> if it is, then from the console to ps -A
<Sneaky_Bastard> and see if mysqld is listed
<Sneaky_Bastard> oh wait, he's on a windows machine
<Andy298> im not im on debian
<Darien> yes
<Darien> ok
<Darien> then do what I just said
<Darien> and restart the server
<Darien> and it will fix it
<Sneaky_Bastard> you got a windows 10061 sockets error on Debian ?
<Darien> Sneaky_Bastard: there's a difference between client and server
<Darien> ffs
<Sneaky_Bastard> I wonder if the error code is the same in normal BSD sockets
<mareks> ah connection problems.
<mareks> ha
<mareks> i have a favor to ask of group
<mareks> anyone want to take the time to show me how to setup good database tables to accomodate family tree?
<Darien> not I
<Andy298> the server is debian, im on doze



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