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<VIm_Enforcer> i saw some article on digg that you can install wikipedia in ipod
<lo_tek> s/crows/crowd/
<PayphoneEd> Those commercials make me want to go down to Apple's HQ and just take a steaming dump in their lobby
<VIm_Enforcer> a neat birthday present :P
<PayphoneEd> Preferably right on their front desk
<headmonkey> PayphoneEd, but you know...the mac is a pc, being as smart as you are, you know its the OS being compared
<PayphoneEd> Of course _I_ know that
<VIm_Enforcer> heh, MacOS
<Quiznos> i never thought I'd see the day that Apple would join the darkSide(TM)
<PayphoneEd> But the bum**** rednecks and dip**** technotards don't
<VIm_Enforcer> compared to Linux it's...wait, you can't compare these things :P
<VIm_Enforcer> cause it's like comparing an elephant to an ant
<PayphoneEd> The majority of the public are stupid idiots, that's why Windows has the market share
<headmonkey> id stay away from the rednecks and technotards...unless they are paying you $75.00 an which point just smile and answer their questions until the sun goes down
<PayphoneEd> They see a commercial and hear nothing but what's in it
<Quiznos> oh oh, Spike TV changed the lineup again. ds9 is still on

<Quiznos> instead of tng
<PayphoneEd> These people think "ALL PC BAD" and want the overpriced, piece of **** hardware with the stupid Apple logo on it
<PayphoneEd> Just because the commercial tells them that
<headmonkey> PayphoneEd, excellent marketing on apples part
<PayphoneEd> They don't know what's inside any electronics
<VIm_Enforcer> let's hack the TV and advertise Linux
<VIm_Enforcer> no an easy task...
<headmonkey> sure they do, its a little city with a guy named tron running around server his user and trying to free the i/o tower from the mcp's influence
<PayphoneEd> headmonkey: Except nobody's ever watched Tron
<PayphoneEd> So that doesn't work either
<VIm_Enforcer> what's tron?
<PayphoneEd> See?
<headmonkey> PayphoneEd, im sorry...but being as knowledgable as you are, you should realize, its to your benefit that others arent...its a prime oppourtunity to prop yourself
<brotherJohn1234> lol
<PayphoneEd> headmonkey: See, I'd prefer they have more knowledge
<usn> good evening
<PayphoneEd> I don't give a **** about having an advantage over them
<VIm_Enforcer> PayphoneEd: you did watch it? then it's not 'nobody'
<VIm_Enforcer> :P
<headmonkey> PayphoneEd, im sure if you went to work at NASA...people would be calling you a rock-e-tard because you werent an expert on rocket engines
<VIm_Enforcer> hey usn
<VIm_Enforcer> or RTFM!!!
<VIm_Enforcer> an optin too
<headmonkey> because 9 of 10 times, it was a video game problem
<headmonkey> "my computers broke because i get to the ninth level of mystic, the animation gets choppy, what do i do to fix that ?"
<PayphoneEd> 8 out of 10 times it's something their stupid ass caused
<VIm_Enforcer> 'RTFM!!!' 'Wow what's that? a new cool game???'
<PayphoneEd> The other 2 are caused by Windows
<headmonkey> a playstation
<PayphoneEd> ...
<VIm_Enforcer> headmonkey: no...answer is, upgrade you hardware
<PayphoneEd> It's water... this time
<headmonkey> computers are for computing consoles are for playing games....thats why both exist with distinction
<VIm_Enforcer> headmonkey: but the techies need some R&R
<VIm_Enforcer> like CPU games
<headmonkey> a playstation
<VIm_Enforcer> hah
<VIm_Enforcer> nethack owns any playstation
<PayphoneEd> Everything owns Playstation
<VIm_Enforcer> but i want PS4 tho. with linux on it...
<koala_man> get a playstation linux kit and run nethack on it
<headmonkey> granted, its not as bad as it used to be, once upon a time, pc's really sucked for games
<headmonkey> now they just somewhat suck
<PayphoneEd> Computers are for internet, porn and emulation
<PayphoneEd> Consoles are for games
<PayphoneEd> The bonus is that emulation leads to games
<denstark> yay for porn
<headmonkey> perhaps the next mobo standard will have a graphics co-processor on it with some power
<lo_tek> ah, i'm getting closer and closer to installing that theme
<VIm_Enforcer> ownt, stu7
<VIm_Enforcer> :P
<stu7> lol
<PayphoneEd> headmonkey: No onboard graphics chip will ever be serviceable

<lo_tek> seems that suse lacked a few libs and header files and such
<headmonkey> PayphoneEd, the amiga was excellent in that capacity, so your statement lacks validity
<PayphoneEd> It's some kind of rule that onboard video has to suck
<lo_tek> at least suse knows how to set up wine! ;-)
<stu7> SuSE is usually very complete... or at least offers update files
<lo_tek> yeah
<VIm_Enforcer> lo_tek: how can an OS know anything
<PayphoneEd> SuSE is my suggestion for a starter distro
<VIm_Enforcer> :P
<defcon8> stu7, yast complete? roflmao
<headmonkey> it had the copper chip that shared clock cycles with the cpu, and some of the best games with the nicest animations ever
<lo_tek> but the missing ones were easy enough to get from the net
<PayphoneEd> It's where I started with Linux after being a Windows expert
<lo_tek> then the ol' chown, chmod, mv/cp commands and such
<stu7> defcon8 well... its not debian... but as close as a commercial distro has gotten
<lo_tek> what got you into linux, PayphoneEd? i'm curious
<VIm_Enforcer> PayphoneEd: the word 'expert' in conjunction with 'Windows' loses it meaning
<PayphoneEd> lo_tek: I honestly do not remember
<PayphoneEd> VIm_Enforcer: No, it doesn't.
<lo_tek> oh come on!
<lo_tek> you don't remember??
<VIm_Enforcer> PayphoneEd: i think so
<PayphoneEd> lo_tek: Not at all
<SR_bronze> Quiznos, excellent it's finally working in
<headmonkey> if pc's used dual ported ram and had a graphics co-processor that ran in sync with the cpu, it'd kick a game consoles but all over the place
<lo_tek> everyone remembers why they got inot linux
<lo_tek> s/inot/into/
<PayphoneEd> I guess you're wrong then
<PayphoneEd> lol
<PayphoneEd> Because I have no recollection whatsoever
<lo_tek> how long have you been doing linux?
<lo_tek> must've been a long time
<PayphoneEd> A little over a year
<VIm_Enforcer> PayphoneEd: the only thing you canbe Windows expert at, are networks
<lo_tek> and you forgot?
<PayphoneEd> Well, a bit over a year
<PayphoneEd> lo_tek: I have a poor long-term memory
<headmonkey> only a year ? your a newbie
<lo_tek> oh, puh-leeease! you forgot, riiiight
<headmonkey> a lin-tard ;)
<labuser> attention all linux users
<lo_tek> i've been doing linux for over five years and i remember
<VIm_Enforcer> headmonkey: me two months, so what :)
<PayphoneEd> lo_tek: I have a poor long-term memory
<headmonkey> VIm_Enforcer, ah, well PayphoneEd can harass you then ;)
<stu7> the only good Linux user is an old Linux user :-)
<labuser> to troll you
<PayphoneEd> I seriously, in all honesty do not remember.
<lo_tek> lol, labuser
<VIm_Enforcer> headmonkey: the time doesn't matter
<VIm_Enforcer> headmonkey: the things absorbed do
<pheorehs> hi
<lo_tek> from harvard, eh wot, labuser?
<VIm_Enforcer> headmonkey: and PayphoneEd has bad memory...
<VIm_Enforcer> :P
<headmonkey> VIm_Enforcer, you missed the previous being sarcastic
<lo_tek> how's harvard these days?
<VIm_Enforcer> headmonkey: me too
<VIm_Enforcer> :P
<VIm_Enforcer> hey pheorehs
<lo_tek> is it still flooding up there in hampshire and vermont?
<PayphoneEd> I can recall things I've learned well
<headmonkey> VIm_Enforcer, alright...get busy designing dual ported ram for pc mobo's then
<PayphoneEd> Events are another story
<labuser> if you werld please click the link to last measure
<VIm_Enforcer> headmonkey: now, cut the sarcasm off
<stu7> labuser... r u on something ? :)
<VIm_Enforcer> labuser: that's a shock site
<headmonkey> VIm_Enforcer, dual ported ram AND an fpga...that would so kick ass



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