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<linagee> wtf? sells *** toys?
<Quiznos> wasnt that her in TNG?
<arooni> quiznos: i do want my images in the db however
<Quiznos> arooni ok
<linagee> they're under "health and personal care"
<headmonkey> linagee, you should check out ebays hidden adult section....oddities galore
<arooni> quiznos: is there a way of having both?
<Quiznos> arooni send a proper */*
<Quiznos> from the cript
<Quiznos> script
<lenny__> arooni, look in the curl manual and search for a way to use/extract the Content-Disposition http header
<linagee> headmonkey: cum stained jock straps? lol
<linagee> headmonkey: i guess that would be the most normal thing in that section? lol
<lenny__> I don't remember exactly how to do that in curl, so you'll have to read on your own
<gufymike> question anyone heard of, if so any idea what provides it?
<headmonkey> like, "carrot with a vagina" that got bid up to $16,000 ... then cancelled ... then relisted with the description "please...whoever you are....come back and bid $16,000 ... i have your vagina carrot"

<jra> curl -I should help, but without some scripting/coding it's hopeless
<Quiznos> gufymike_: run strings.1 and nm.1 on it
<gufymike> I'm looking for it Quiz
<gufymike> Devhelp is dieing on me
<gufymike> (devhelp:22355): libglade-WARNING **: Could not load support for `bonobo': cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory (also same error for `gnome`)
<headmonkey> gufymike, thats not good
<oohal> not as bad as mv`ing libc
<Iron_Chef> does anyone have linux running on a tablet pc?
<headmonkey> oohal, yeah...thats a good one
<arooni> lenny: you can write out (-w) the content_type to stdout, but that doesnt help you name the file correctly
<linagee> headmonkey: you never responded. :)
<headmonkey> linagee, what ?
<linagee> they're finally showing that superman with the retouched **** on the movie posters? (it was too big.)
<gufymike> yum provides
<gufymike> Importing additional filelist information
<gufymike> No Matches found
<lenny__> arooni, another quick solutin that comes to my mind is use wget instead of curl
<linagee> wtf. why would anyone reduce the size of a penis on a movie poster? that should be illegal!
<gufymike> and Iron_Chef yes I have seen someone do that, its possible tho iirc there are a lack of apps that utilize it
<linagee> superman is no longer anatomically correct
<jra> locate libresmgr -> nada
<Quiznos> gufymike_: google +libresmgr +tar, be sure to read the neohapsis alert too, it's from April
<arooni> lenny: id love to, but then i have the gpl license to deal with :(
<gufymike> will do quiz
<Quiznos> yw
<headmonkey> personally, they should make superman a hot chick....not gonna pay to watch a male in tights for 90 minutes
<Quiznos> too late - new movie is being finished
<headmonkey> its not too late for still not gonna go see it or pay $$$ for it
<headmonkey> last movie i saw in a theatre was "powder"
<lenny__> rpm -qf /usr/lib/
<lenny__> resmgr-0.9.8-65.4
<lenny__> does this halp?
<Quiznos> mmm little redheaded girl Kathy Griffin
<Iron_Chef> gufymike: yeah there seems to be a bit on google, i've almost completely given up on lin/lappys, but am thinking of getting a new one and (hope) to get linux on it :-)
<oohal> headmonkey, now that is a good idea
<oohal> headmonkey, so your planning on downloading it? :( piracy is bad :P
<Quiznos> she's gonna be visiting in june
<headmonkey> that was in 1995 ;)
<gufymike> Thanks lenny__
<jra> last movie I saw was ice age 2
<lenny__> arooni, in the worst case, it's not that difficult to open a socket, send an http request and download a file. in many language if pretty easy. the you need can examine the http response and grep for "Content-Disposition: "
<Quiznos> i dont recall what i last movie was that I paid to see
<Quiznos> might be a star trek
<Quiznos> ten years ago
<Quiznos> ~10
<arooni> lenny: how can i use wget to download all <SCR> tags on a specific page
<tonsxchat> heh
<arooni> lenny: so that the images/stylesheets would be downloaded as well
<lenny__> don't remember at the moment, -r -m? some options specified in the man
<lenny__> or you can slap the html inside an non-validating xml library and extract what you want with it
<lenny__> like parsifal, which is a SAX lgpl library
<lenny__> quite easy to use and small
<linagee> thunderbirds. that's the name of the movie with the cute kid. :->
<jra> thunderbirds? isn't that with puppets?
<gufymike> lenny__: what distro/version and arch are you running?
<lenny__> the great SuSE
<linagee> jra: "look at me, i'm a teenybopper idol!"
<gufymike> great never as long as there is such a thing as yast

<lenny__> I don't use yast, but the distro in itself is a cleaned-up redhat basically
<gufymike> not my snickers linagee XD
<Chicago> Are there any uses for the microsoft fingerprint scanners on their keyboards under linux?
<bsdirl> heh i kinda miss some of the games on suse
<linagee> gufymike: i guess he's playing space invaders?
<jra> hehe
<gufymike> something tells me not to click that linagee
<linagee> gufymike: it's
<linagee> long url
<linagee> check it
<gufymike> I saw
<gufymike> And If he is I wanna play damn it!
<Quiznos> i missed out on purchasing a fingerprint scanner from the Shack
<Quiznos> they shipped it back to warehouse
<xbmodder_lappy> how hard is it to make ink, that once exposed to moisture/light appears for 3-10 days, and then dissapears forever?
<bsdirl> I missed a $30+shipping g3 powermac *shrug*
<Quiznos> alright, that's three mentions! get over it
<Quiznos> i told you to get it!
<Quiznos> next time
<Quiznos> obey your inner Quiznos :)
<bsdirl> I have a slightly better deal in the works
<linagee> gufymike: fsck. there are a number of "fans" online
<Quiznos> ok
<bsdirl> my old B&w imac with all my old files for $40
<gufymike> :P
<bsdirl> with NO SHIPPING
<bsdirl> !
<Quiznos> k
<linagee> wtf. only i can eat Quiznos. :-P
<bsdirl> if... my buddy talks his daughter into parting with it.
<bsdirl> I don't think she uses it.
<bsdirl> we're gonna get an old PII or something, and make her an oldsk00l gaming box
<bsdirl> zsnes ftw y'allz...
<gufymike> [2006-06-05 00:42:39] <linagee> wtf. only i can eat Quiznos. :-P <_- thats right cause the rest of us know subway is better
<jra> whats the name of that lucas arts adventure emulator?
<gufymike> xrick
<gufymike> Thats a game tho
<bsdirl> scummvm
<linagee> gufymike: i knew it! brady corbet is gay! :o)
<bsdirl> it's on suse 8.2
<jra> thx
<linagee> gufymike: wtf is he doing so close to that other boy? :->
<gufymike> teasing you
<bsdirl> trying to be Ryan Seacrest :[
<linagee> gufymike: they're both shirtless and have shorts. he's practically riding him
<gufymike> Future Boy Toy linagee?
<Lovecraft> Nothing would be finer than to be in V .. !Cthulhu is Gay! !Cthulhu is Gay! !Cthulhu is Gay!
<linagee> gufymike: lol. yeah. i guess that's what he's doing. :->
<Lovecraft> shuddup you eediot
<gufymike> :P
<bsdirl> fyi, don't google "x screensaver" it isnt the same thing lol
<Quiznos> cbs pre-dawn news is finally on; it was golf alnight
<gufymike> hey who won the meorial quiz?
<gufymike> memorial*
<Quiznos> oops, misspoke; still golf
<Quiznos> on cbs?
<Quiznos> duno yet
<Quiznos> Petterson in the lead
<Quiznos> if you have satelite, you can choose a feed
<linagee> gufymike: that's always fun. he's going to be in a gay movie. so if you search for <actor's name> and gay in google, you don't get the rumors, only the movie links. damn.
<gufymike> Yeah but we cut the feeds for east coast on the three major networks no just cbs and nbc
<Quiznos> k
<Quiznos> back to abc
<gufymike> linagee, ad boyfriend to that query
<linagee> hrm....



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