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<Sho_> stevenm: More Gentoo stuff in the query, btw
<raptor> where can i access the logs in kopete?!
<Sho_> raptor: Right-click a contact in the buddy list and click "History"
<raptor> i don't have that
<raptor> :/
<caustiq> raptor: Ensure the History plugin is installed.
<SimAtWork> doh
<SimAtWork> 3 days after i get a mighty mouse
<SimAtWork> they come out with a blue tooth version
<SimAtWork> those bloody bastords.
<raptor> gentoo's fault
<Sho_> raptor: Let me guess, you're using Gentoo and the net-im/kopete package?
<raptor> damn useflags
<raptor> :P
<caustiq> raptor: If you're using gentoo (and I see you're in #gentoo) you need to enable the proper USE flag for net-im/kopete.
<raptor> ok ok, thank you

<Sho_> raptor: Yeah ... useflags for every damn plugin were an unpleasantsurprise
<raptor> i will enable everything :)
<Sho_> PhilRod: true dat
<SimAtWork> i dunno about sane defaults
<SimAtWork> but a "ask when this package is installed" option wouldn't hurt.
<Sho_> SimAtWork: And unprecedented, I believe - an emerge process is usually non-interactive
<SimAtWork> Sho_: doesn't mean it *has* to be.
<SimAtWork> Sho_: i don't see why it couldn't ask a couple of questions after the initial emerge command.
<Sho_> SimAtWork: In reality it probably does, because changing it would break a plethora of tools relying on stable output
<raptor> you should have the option to merge the package with default configure flags
<raptor> everything is disabled here
<SimAtWork> Sho_: well then a flag to allow those questions.
<aseigo> alright.. anyone have a 3.5 installation they could recompile libtaskbar for with a patch to test something for me?
<SimAtWork> although maybe --verbose --pretend is all you really need
<SimAtWork> it's just to much when you're installing 80packages at once
<Sho_> SimAtWork: Which nobody uses/knows about, and gets the stupid defaults again
<stevenm> aseigo, I could try to, but it will probably take a while (and in an hour I get off work)
<stevenm> aseigo, I could build it, then come back on later and say what happens
<aseigo> ok.. well, let me try just replacing libtaskbar on this machine and see if it works out =)
<stevenm> aseigo, alright
<ricardo> hi everybody...
<ricardo> does anybody has a simple script for reading rss in conky?
<PhilRod> Sho_, SimAtWork: BSD ports already does something like that - it'll ask you questions, unless you do 'make -DBATCH', in which case it just takes the defaults (I *think*)
<SimAtWork> PhilRod: sweet!
<SimAtWork> PhilRod: apt does too, at least at a basic level. it shows you what it'sg oing to do, makes some simple suggestions and asks "y/n".
<Sho_> PhilRod: I guess Gentoo's ebuild syntax should be augmented to require a line of documentation for every flag an ebuild uses, and an interactive mode could leverage that data to ask questions and save per-package flags to package.use
<SimAtWork> so you emerge apcupsd, emerge can say something along the lines of "generally you want the usb flag on when emerging apcupsd, you don't have it enabled currently" with a "continue y/n"
<PhilRod> Sho_: yup, that's what ports does
<SimAtWork> of course this entire discussion is in the wrong channel :)
<Sho_> PhilRod: Does ports retain global/per-package flags somewhere, or is it entirely a one-time-only/build-time thing?
<PhilRod> hrm, now that I don't know
<wallshot> depends on the port
<wallshot> oh you're not talking about ports
<wallshot> you're talking about portage
<Sho_> wallshot: We're comparing both
<wallshot> oh
<wallshot> freebsd ports have options which get saved in /var/db/ports somewhere
<wallshot> not all ports take advantage
<wallshot> some ports makefiles just want you to specify SOMEDEFINE=1 or something when you run make
<wallshot> older method from before make config and saved config options
<wallshot> kde uses new config options
<wallshot> so long as i don't wipe out /var/db/ports/kdebase/options, those ones i picked for that port remain even if i sync up ports tree
<Sho_> wallshot: One of the nicer things that Portage's flag system facilitates is that you can change the global or per-package flags and then do an emerge -N which rebuilds anything affected, in correct sequence and adding dependencies as needed, which is sort of what I was aiming at with the comparison
<lunitik> wallshot: haha... you're welcome :D
<chx> hi, i tried to google but found nothing on "writing to kio_svn not supported " -- how can I integrate then SVN into a KDE development environment?
<thiago> chx: use the command-line
<chx> *sigh*
<chx> not too comfy :(
<Theory> chx: have you tried kdesvn ?
<chx> would it be possible that if I save locally, an svn commit runs automatically? :)
<chx> Theory: erm yes, but how that's better for integration purposes than command line ?
<Theory> *shrugs*, I like the command line :-)
<chx> (and it's even buggy a little bit)
<Theory> are you trying to edit files directly though svn://
<chx> *shrugs* me too but i was so used to sftp integration

<Theory> rather than having a local working copy that you commit?
<chx> yep
<ricardo> does anybody has a simple script for reading rss in conky?
<Theory> chx: I believe this can be achived through the svn webdav extensions, and mounting the webdav path
<chx> Theory: that could also work, if there is a script which commits automatically on each save...
<lunitik> ricardo: install dcoprss
<chx> well, svn runs above webdav
<lunitik> ricardo: or just install akregator
<Tuju> Hi, what is dcoprss?
<Theory> they wrote some autoversionning foo a while back so you could treat it like standard webdav and have each write automatically committed
<ricardo> i know those....but i wanto to just show a few headlines with conky...
<ricardo> lunitik:
<chx> Theory: where can i find more?
<Theory> chx:
<lunitik> ricardo:
<lunitik> ricardo: wth... don't do that :/
<ricardo> lunitik: why?
<lunitik> ricardo: its annoying
<chx> Theory: I mount with fusedav? Or is there a kio dav?
<Theory> chx: see the 'next' link on that page
<ricardo> lunitik: dont agree....just wanna do it...
<chx> oh yes.
<chx> there is a webdavs.
<[TSK]> chx: esvn is a good svn gui for QT/KDE too.
<Theory> this all reminds me I need to get my autosvn scripts written
<kbrooks> CHX: for http, svn uses mod_dav
<kbrooks> chx: you misunderstand svn
<kbrooks> chx: you can use this: svn checkout svn://...
<[TSK]> So who here is familiar with kmenuedit and XDG menus?
<lunitik> [TSK]: Care to ask your actual question?
<lunitik> [TSK]: or would you rather wait around till someone pokes you for it?
<[TSK]> Either way works for me... 8)
<[TSK]> Well, the question is simple really... I know that using kmenuedit edits the XDG menus on a local (user account) basis, but is the ONLY way to edit systemwide XDG menus, by editing the actual XDG files in the /etc and /usr and other system folders, or using the KDE kiosk admin tools, or is there a handy GUI similar to kmenuedit for doing such things?
<[TSK]> I ask because the distro that I currently use (Mandriva) has decided to end-of-life their menu editing tool (menudrake) in favor of the "upstream tool for this purpose" (kmenuedit) rather than update it to support XDG.
<deadline-> hello guys, im using a laptop, just done installation of kde (finally) i canot see any battery status on my system tray, where/how do i do it please?
<deadline-> using freebsd 6.1, latest kde
<[TSK]> deadline-: You'd be wanting to look into the klaptop tools/daemon as a possibly useful bit of software.
<[TSK]> deadline-: If it's installed already, then it should be able to be enabled in the KDE control center.
<willwork4foo> lo.
<deadline-> hmm where in controll center please? im in it, but cannot find? which category?
<deadline-> [TSK] and sorry, but where is klaptop?
<[TSK]> I am not entirely certain. I installed in on a laptop about a week ago, but it was someone else's laptop, and he's not here. If it's not in the control center tho, then the package might not be installed. It should be a fairly simple matter to use your distro's software installer to find and install klaptop.
<deadline-> okay, klaptop is in the ports, im installaing now, after its done, it should come somewhere in controll center?
<mariux> yes
<mariux> kcontrol atleast
<[TSK]> looks like an alternative to KLaptop if klaptop doesn't work out for you.
<mariux> though i am not sure it will be in that kubuntu special control center, try running the command "kcontrol"
<[TSK]> There's still some fiddly bits involved in getting power management features working 100% on a laptop even WITH those nifty GUI tools installed, but there are tons of good howto's on the web about the more esoteric details of ACPI/APM/Power Management on laptops under Linux.
<SimAtWork> if acpi wasn't inherently broken it'd be a lot easier :)
<[TSK]> SimAtWork: This is too true, sir. 8(
<deadline-> you know, i had something strange, before i install kde my shutdown -p now, was working fine and it kill the power off, but now, after kde is up and running, its not working anymore, and it gives an error "acpi cannot get adrs" i think,, has something to do with kde?
<[TSK]> deadline-: That's just plain odd. I've not seen that problem before.
<deadline-> strange, i will configure my kernel for acpi, maybe it will reset things up.
<stevenm> aseigo, any luck on that patch?
<deadsouls> how can i get festival to work with akregator? (don't even know where to start - couldn't find anything)
<Sho_> deadsouls: Google for KTTS
<deadsouls> Sho_, thx :)
<Sho_> deadsouls: Basically you need to install the KTTS plug-in for Konqueror and enable it in Konq, which, because it uses khtml as well, will make it available in Akregator, too, and I believe KTTS uses festival
<deadsouls> cool. do u know if gentoo has that in portage?
<Sho_> deadsouls: hmm let me check what package my ktts files are in
<pinotree> kdeaccessibility
<deadsouls> ah. thanks :)
<pinotree> and kdeaddons for the konqueror plugin
<Sho_> pino to the rescue :)
<pinotree> :)
<mariux> when inserting a camera, i have no problem using it with digikam to get the images, but what if i want to use it as a removeable hd? how do i do that?
<mariux> i only see a camera in the media:/ ioslave but i cant see its files
<mariux> and also, there is no /dev device
<storyteller> Hello all
<storyteller> I installed libjingle, but when I try compiling kopete with --enable-jingle it doesn't see the libraries...has anyone had this issue?
<storyteller> I installed libjingle to /usr/lib
<storyteller> er../usr prefix anyway



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