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<javanree> Are values like page size and such correct in that log you posted at
<tech9iner> afaik yes javanree
<tech9iner> we dont do syntax / command line / conf bits very well here sadly.. we're all gui dependent here ;]
<javanree> Have you tried using CUPS web interface ? In Konqueror : http://localhost:631 should bring up CUPS configuration screen. Login with root and root pwd
<tech9iner> hahah. #cups has like 3.25 nicks lol
<lunitik> tech9iner: 3.25?
<tech9iner> lame o joke lunitik on how sparse it is for chat hehe
<tech9iner> much less support/activity..
<lunitik> tech9iner: ask your question and wait a while
<tech9iner> iirc ive actually received feedback there like once in 5 yrs
<lunitik> tech9iner: #suse isn't much better for actual support :P
<staroin> hi all I have been having a problem with my kmail 1.9.3 where after I read a message it still reports it as not read. Has anyone else experianced this?
<tech9iner> well 1st 1.5 yrs in suse lunitik .. was great here.. but since broken tooo early 10.1 release its went south horridly
<lunitik> staroin: right clicking folder and selecting "Mark all as read" doesn't work either?
<shining> why does kde shutdown when there is still much power left, without even asking?
<tech9iner> hmm.. theres a chap in cups now w similar probs as mine too..

<staroin> lunitik: that works, but if I leave the folder then come back they are marked as not read
<lunitik> tech9iner: I was in there around 9.0 and don't remember it being much better
<shining> I can disable this, but it's the default, right?
<tech9iner> well suse has never matched me 1st 3+ yrs n #fedora .. but once least close ;]]
<tech9iner> last yr suse chnnl avgd 300+ heads.. down to 150-220 now..
<tech9iner> bad sign
<lunitik> tech9iner: #fedora was ok... intelligent people... just, distro itself isn't for me
<Brettles> hey guys, i'm having a weird problem with kde 3.5 which i just upgraded to, running on debian sarge. whenever i log out and back in again, kmail starts automatically. i've turned off session saving in the session manager, there's nothing in my .kde/Autostart, nothing in any xinitrc files, and i've gone through the rc files in ~/.kde/share/config and deleted kmail from all the startups, but yet it still starts automatically. i've turned off the sys
<Brettles> ...was causing it to start automatically. any clues?
<Alikus> !mp3
<tech9iner> aye aye .. loyal 4 life to fc lunitik .. it broke me nux migration cherries 4me.. but quite hi maintenance for mission critical pers/biz needs tho.. suse stole me away on these pts
<electronerd> Brettles: that cut off at 'off te sys'
<tech9iner> im here now due fc ppl ;]..
<Brettles> sorry, i'll break it up. using kopete for irc :P
<javanree> fc was a great idea, but I hate their release cycle... too unreliable for real use
<Brettles> hey guys, i'm having a weird problem with kde 3.5 which i just upgraded to, running on debian sarge. whenever i log out and back in again, kmail starts automatically.
<Brettles> i've turned off session saving in the session manager, there's nothing in my .kde/Autostart, nothing in any xinitrc files, and i've gone through the rc
<Brettles> files in ~/.kde/share/config and deleted kmail from all the startups, but yet it still starts automatically. i've turned off the system tray icon in
<Brettles> kmail as well in case that was causing it to start automatically. any clues?
<lunitik> tech9iner: Red Hat 7.3 broke mine... then I went to Debian... now I only meander away briefly and eventually come back home :P
<javanree> Brettles.... save a session manually with the proper settings
<Lynucs_Newbie> hello
<Brettles> how do i save a session?
<lunitik> tech9iner: longest I've been away from Debian in 5 years was something like 3 months
<javanree> Should be a button just above Log Out en Lock Down in the main K menu
<Brettles> only button above log out and lock down is switch user...
<pinotree> Brettles: you have to activat ethe manual session saving, kcontrol -> kde components -> session handling
<tech9iner> lol.. so you road out the 13yrold chanops with huge brains n tiny minds and tudes to match till debian realized FINally how horrid it was and did major cleanout of almost evry chanop / leader then last fall huh lunitik lol
<Brettles> in session manager at the moment, the selected options are "confirm logout" and "offer shutdown options" under general, "restore previous session" under on login, and "end current session" in default shutdown option. Also, under advanced, I have "kontact:kmail" as apps to be excluded from sessions.
<tech9iner> tried deb too last yr lunitik .. 2 wks n chnnl .. eh.. naw.. u can keep this distro if ppl r like that..
<lunitik> tech9iner: umm, huh? most of the chan ops from 5 years ago are still there today
<Brettles> there's nothing else about sessions in there
<tech9iner> well pal0mine is like u.. ft loyal debian..
<tech9iner> all this via him..
<tech9iner> i know the 2 that banned me and were bratts are gone
<lunitik> tech9iner: who's that?
<tech9iner> pretty much a tactless channel when i tried their distro last yr lunitik ..
<javanree> Brettles, enable "restore manually saved session"
<Brettles> pinotree: ah, i see. i've just selected "restore manually saved session" and that option has appeared
<javanree> Then set everything as you want, select "Save session" and all should be well next time you start
<tech9iner> nonames mate.. id have 2 drop to 13yrold tact here to throw down names/nicks lunitik lol wink.wink
<Brettles> ok, brb
<lunitik> tech9iner: tactless? they just expect users to not be lazy
<lunitik> tech9iner: if you like handholding, there is always Kubuntu or Ubuntu propper
<javanree> lunitik, most Debian folks are pretty elitist, sorry to say it. Gentoo boys are similar. Glad to see the Buntu gang didn;t inherit THAT from Debian
<javanree> LOL
<lunitik> They like wasting time helping morons :/
<tech9iner> ditto javanree ..
<Brettles> hey guys... i just tried that save session thing and it didn't work, kmail still started up on login. i even did a ps axwww | grep kmail and grep kontact to
<lunitik> Personally, I enjoy helping people that will remember, and share that knowledge with others...
<Brettles> make sure it wasn't running in bg...
<lunitik> Not people that come back a week later "How do you do that again" :/
<tech9iner> moron usage always hugely bad sign
<javanree> Well at least the Gentoo folks are downright hostile... tried it there twice, wat a bunch of elitists. I know a fair bit of *NIX, use RedHat mostly so had some problems with the Debian ways
<javanree> Even very specific questions were either ignored or RTFM...
<lunitik> ~questions
<apt> remember, there are no stupid questions, just stupid people. <>
<tech9iner> 80% of ppl recall retain archaic cli bull**** .. and cant buy a clue that 20% ppl's brains dont work same .. has **** to do with being lazy.. laziness assumed by its very nature reflects teacher/leader/trainer ignorance and.or immaturity.. period..
<javanree> apt : exactly! I usually explained how I got there, what I wanted, what the goal was, how I *WOULD* have proceeded under RedHat and why I failed. Still no go...

<lunitik> tech9iner: There are companies that will let you pay them and not expect you to retain a thing...
<Brettles> hey guys... still having a problem with kmail starting automatically when i login to kde. anybody able to help me?
<electronerd> tech9iner: first, please use real words... I can barely parse what you're saying. Second, that'archaic cli bull****' is often easier for me to use than GUI tools...
<tech9iner> lmao.. no worries lunitik .. keep that for #debian.. alls well ;]]..
<tech9iner> for you yes electronerd lol.. for some no.. some brains work in pix.. not logic
<lunitik> tech9iner: you can't expect people that are doing things voluntarily to provide such support...
<lunitik> Although, the Ubuntu folks will ban you for expecting people to actually have a clue
<Brettles> pinotree: any more clues?
<lunitik> electronerd: easier? I don't know... certainly faster ;)
<tech9iner> true philanthropic volunteering.. beg to differ.. easy only volunteering goals.. but of course i agree.. .. as i shared smiln all the way lunitik .. alls well and no worries ;]
<electronerd> lunitik: easier, depending on what it is
<tech9iner> always and agreed electronerd ..
<electronerd> lunitik: especially things that involve long pipelines
<tech9iner> im one of 'those' ADD-addled brain type here.. can and have saved lives whilst my ''' normal ''' mates stood slack jawed in shock.. they have gifts i dont.. i have they dont.. alls well for all if community supports in reasonable limits entire group..
<tech9iner> ppl asking same hand holdings each week for a yr., diff story indeed.. some serious paid help needed..
<PhilRod> Brettles: which way round is it: kmail starts and you *don't* want it to, or kmail doesn't start when you *do* want it to?
<lunitik> tech9iner: I have been diagnosed as having ADHD, and I still manage to gasp and recall info :/
<javanree> Why lunitik? I prefer their way over the elitists in Gentoo
<Brettles> PhilRod: kmail starts, and i don't want it to
<lunitik> javanree: because they ban knowledgeable people due to not wanting users to remain dumb
<tech9iner> gui dependents being tasked for not recalling/retaining 'rpm -qa | ''''' ' cli's they might need 1ce per yr.. give them a break.. ;]]..
<javanree> lunitik, haven't seen that happen yet, that would indeed be bad. Although I'd still rather bet on buntu than gentoo to survive long-term. Like it or not, but with the money behind buntu they're here to stay...
<tech9iner> just look at usa public schools lmao.. case in pt.. treat all ppl same and.. wuallah.. failure..
<tech9iner> anyway.. talk bout me getting o.t of my own o.t. lmao
<lunitik> javanree: I pointed people at *exact* sections of man pages... and directed people at docs for their answer, and was banned
<tech9iner> manpages pssh lol
<javanree> that's very bad indeed...
<tech9iner> man pages were written by geeks for geeks.. very hard to parse for nongeeks indeed.. '
<javanree> Bull
<lunitik> I didn't just say "man foo"... I said "man foo, and type /somesection" :/
<tech9iner> left brained folks pssh at this.. right brained ppl know of which truth i speak..
<javanree> Most *NIX manpages are better than any Windows book I ever came across... the problem is with most people's analytic skills these days being below zero
<tech9iner> now thats nice of ye indeed lunitik ..
<tech9iner> ptg gui deps to manpages can be helpful.. or not..
<lunitik> tech9iner: what do you think things like yelp and khelpcenter do?
<lunitik> tech9iner: they're just a pretty wrapper for man and info pages
<PhilRod> Brettles: try renaming ~/.kde/share/config/ksmserverrc and ~/.kde/share/apps/ksmserver
<PhilRod> then restart kde
<tech9iner> lunitik mate.. roflmfao.. chill a bit chummie bouy.. lol.. im agreeing and complimenting u yet.. lol
<fir3st0rm> hi
<tech9iner> alls well n no worries here
<fir3st0rm> i'd like to open .rar files in konqueror. what package do i have to install? (debian sid)
<lunitik> tech9iner: in all seriousness though, you should try Kubuntu ... seems like its the kind of distro you're looking for
<PhilRod> lunitik: heh, khelpcenter does a little more than wrap man and info :-)
<PhilRod> like providing access to all of the kde documentation :-)
<lunitik> fir3st0rm: aptitude install ark (recommends rar, and will isntall it if you have non-free enabled)
<javanree> fir3st0rm, you need to have unrar on your system... and the location should be in your PATH, then ark can use it (and thus Konqueror)
<lunitik> install*
<fir3st0rm> unrar is installed...
<lunitik> fir3st0rm: ark? I think it provides some things for konqi to manage them
<tech9iner> tx tx lunitik .. appreciate the thot hehe.. just got me snailed 5 disc pack o kubuntu 3 days back lol wink.wink
<tech9iner> already dist'd 3 of them tho hehe
<lunitik> fir3st0rm: if you already have it via apt-get ... meh... you did it the hard way probably ;)
<javanree> Anybody know who maintains konstruct? The most recent one fetches a very broken ImageMagick :(
<fir3st0rm> lunitik: i don't want to use ark, i'd prefer the integrated function in konqueror
<javanree> fir3st0rm ... ark provides the kpart konqueror needs to handle it
<lunitik> fir3st0rm: like I said, afaik, ark provides the kpart
<lunitik> fir3st0rm: aptitude install ark
<fir3st0rm> ok *installs ark*
<lunitik> *not* apt-get ... else you get less functionality :/
<fir3st0rm> when i click on the .rar archive ark opens
<kronoz> kde 3.5.4 still not out?
<tech9iner> guessing the theory then of debug2 loggging is now attempt my test page prints / output then check these new indepth cups logs aye helpful javanree ?
<PhilRod> javanree: I think it's stephan binner, but there's a product for it on, so you can file a bug report if there's something wrong with it
<lunitik> fir3st0rm: change how rar's are handled
<fir3st0rm> and it says "An error occurred while trying to open the archive "
<javanree> Been messing with koffice 1.5.2 for 2 days now getting it to build, finding bug after bug (first Glib , which turned out to be a local build barf) now the ImageMagick crap (which is only found in an obscure post on the ImageMagick forum)
<lunitik> fir3st0rm: meh... you have free or non-free rar/unrar ?
<fir3st0rm> non-free
<javanree> tech9iner indeed... any command sent-received is logged, should give you a clue. The logs will however be HUGE (think dozens of MB's)
<lunitik> fir3st0rm: then it should work... idgi
<lunitik> fir3st0rm: you sure its not just a bad .rar?



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