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<ccherrett> schumaml: gimp -i -b '(chris "img_00000.xpm" "chris.png" "9")' '(gimp-quit 0)'
<ccherrett> that is command I was using
<schumaml> you got some parens wrong
<schumaml> move the save out of the let assigments
<Prophet> hi
<Prophet> how can i center a textbox?
<Prophet> or a layer?
<TheSheep> just move it where it should be
<Prophet> but i want to position it pixel precise
<Prophet> i want to have it in the middle
<schumaml> use "align visible layers"
<Prophet> then i have to make all other invisible?
<schumaml> yes
<TheSheep> pretty neat
<Muad_Dib> 2.3.what? :)

<Prophet> it doesn't work proper
<Prophet> it either doas nothing with the layer or centers it in the top left
<Prophet> ?
<schumaml> Prophet: read the manual
<schumaml> everyone who is uaing this plug-in does this, this is the reason why 2.3 has a new align tool :)
<schumaml> using
<Jinkguns> excuse me, how do I use fill with a color or pattern to fill in transparent?
<Jinkguns> like, turn a white space transparent
<TheSheep> Jinkguns: select it with the wand and then clear, either using ctrl+k or del, depends on version of gimp
<TheSheep> Jinkguns: the layer must have transparency to do that
<TheSheep> Jinkguns: you can add transparency image->layer->transparency->add transparency layer, or something like that
<runnera> are there any good sites out there that give a newbie an idea of how to use the gimp for websiet design (instead of photoshop)
<KomiaPoika> gimp isn't a web design tool
<runnera> KomiaPoika: don't some people use it to help mock up a website like ppl do in photoshop?
<runnera> or is there another oss alternative for that?
<ccherrett> runnera: I use gimp for web design all the time
<TheSheep> I usually use inkscape for that
<ccherrett> have for years
<TheSheep> and then gimp to do the actual graphics
<ccherrett> inkscape is much easier to use
<ccherrett> for web design that is
<ccherrett> my wife prefers doing her design in the gimp
<dindinx> runnera: try the tutorials on and
<runnera> ok, see, i'm not quite sure where to start. i'm a programmer, but i would like to get a few site designs going quickly without giving them to a graphic designer to do
<ccherrett> we just set our layout to 800 x 600 with some room at the sides and start creating your layers
<runnera> ccherrett: ok
<runnera> TheSheep: ok, so some people use inkscape for web design? i'll look into that
<ccherrett> start a new document at 1024x768 thn start layering your work
<ccherrett> runnera: it is fast and vector based so you can create curves much smoother
<ccherrett> the gimp will do.
<ccherrett> you will end up in the end using inkscape and the gimp
<ccherrett> rough it out in inkscape and then do final work in the gimp
<TheSheep> exactly
<runnera> ccherrett: ok that's awesome i hadn't known about inkscape to do part of the work with
<runnera> i just knew that some people must be able to do this without photoshop..
<TheSheep> lol
<runnera> seems to be an example of this
<ccherrett> schumaml: any idea what the problem with that script is?
<Muad_Dibber> until the day arises a new tool combing both powers arises :)
<ccherrett> Muad_Dibber: that would be cool!
<TheSheep> nah, I believe in 'do one thing good' philosophy
<Prophet> can i some how create pies of a specific angle
<Prophet> ?
<schumaml> ccherrett: I already answered this half an hour ago :)
<schumaml> you got some parens wrong
<schumaml> move the save out of the let assignments
<TheSheep> Prophet: I think you might be able to do it with gfig
<TheSheep> Prophet: it's somewherei n the filters
<ccherrett> schumal: sorry I missed that
<ccherrett> I will try it out
<schumaml> np
<ccherrett> schumaml: when I do that it gives ma an execussuion error
<ccherrett> (let())(save png)
<ccherrett> is that the right logic
<schumaml> you currently have (let((save png)))
<schumaml> you need (let()(save png))
<ccherrett> batch command: experienced an execution error.
<ccherrett> that is what I get when modified
<ccherrett> schumaml: I have (let()(save png)) and get execution error
<Prophet> no that does not have that functionality
<schumaml> ccherrett: I get "executed successfully"

<ccherrett> can I see your code?
<ccherrett> schumaml: yours works and mine does not :(
<ccherrett> I will have to compare the scripts. I already see some differences
<ccherrett> schumaml: found it. It was my execution of file_png_save. I was not passing it all the parameters.
<ccherrett> schumaml: thank you so much. You just made video screen capture a complete possibility for me under linux without mogrify :)
<dtm> hi all. how can i paste into a selection?
<dtm> i have one rectangular pattern and i want to cut out the shape of a selection that i have done in another window.
<dtm> in two different files
<dtm> hmm i'll paste one into the other as a layer and then select
<dtm> aha! that did it.
<dtm> i'm trying to take a tshirt that has wrinkles and contrasts and shadows and make it look like it's got a plasma texture
<JamesBong> hi there
<dtm> lol i just spent the last 6 hours making this image in gimp. his shirt was solid blue and there was one streak of lightning from a photo.
<dtm> and he was holding a ball cap
<JamesBong> how do you make circles within circles with a specific coloring order from a colorfile?
<JamesBong> I am trying to make the rings of a planet on a plane
<JamesBong> well that's what I want to do
<dtm> JamesBong: wouldn't that be with a gradient?
<dtm> JamesBong: a custom gradient like the cdrom one
<JamesBong> where would I find that?
<dtm> double click on the gradient tool
<JamesBong> which one is the gradient tool. I am using a german version :-)
<dtm> the one that creates a gradient ;) the one that looks like it's going from one color to the next
<JamesBong> ok got it
<JamesBong> but how do I set the colors in a specific order?
<dtm> look at the examples.
<dtm> keep clicking.
<JamesBong> :)
<JamesBong> dtm: isn't there a way to just load it from the file? Or do you realy have to click your way throught manually?
<Fred^> Hi
<Kristho> Hi!
<Kristho> Some place where I can read about the new features in 2.4?
<TheSheep> there is 2.4 already?
<Kristho> no, it's unmder development?
<schumaml> Kristho: the NEWS file
<Kristho> schumaml, thaks :)
<MegaByte> What is the best approach for coloring a pencil drawing under gimp?
<MegaByte> I use the pencil tool, but it feels slooooow
<TheSheep> I suaully just re-draw thw whole image on a separate layer
<MegaByte> TheSheep: Is redrawing *really* the best approach?
<MegaByte> TheSheep: Because I wanted to keep my handwriting and signature
<TheSheep> don't know, It gives very good results for me
<TheSheep> I use tablet, so it's pretty fast
<schumaml> if you can select the areas you want to color, you could also use the fill tool, of course
<schumaml> you may want to set a small feathering on the selections
<MegaByte> schumaml: It's a pencil drawing
<schumaml> hence the "if" in the first comment
<MegaByte> schumaml:
<MegaByte> this is the type of drawing I'm talking about
<MegaByte> Do you know of a fast way to color it?
<MegaByte> (And getting better results than this one)
<TheSheep> MegaByte: you can use the lasso tool to select parts of it (and quickmask to improve it) and then 'colorize' maybe
<MegaByte> TheSheep: Is the lasso tool the one whose caption says "select hand-drawn regions"?
<TheSheep> yeah
<MegaByte> TheSheep: But how exactly do I use it? It's a freehand selection tool
<TheSheep> MegaByte: yes, for example, you select an area that is supposed to be red, then 'colorize' it to red
<TheSheep> you could also use the scissors, they might be a little more comfortable
<MegaByte> The scissors don't seem to pick the shapes exactly
<TheSheep> yeah, that's why you can use the quickmask to correct them
<MegaByte> What is the quickmask?
<TheSheep> there is a small icon in the lower left corner of your image window
<TheSheep> if you press it, your image will turn red, except the selected parts
<TheSheep> you can now use brush to 'paint' the selection
<MegaByte> TheSheep: Interesting
<KomiaPoika> what other public and neat picture repository is there available, other than morguefile? (down atm) and not dirty with spoiling banners everywhere
<TheSheep> :)
<TheSheep> few hits from the top:,,,,,,
<TheSheep> there is some nice comparsion here:
<TheSheep> and don't forget about
<KomiaPoika> TheSheep: i'm looking for a nice place to make my pictures available to friends



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