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<thev> openshh is the bane of my existence right now... I can't seem to uninstall it, and I can't get it updated so I can get on with proper system updates
<Ginsu_Squirrel> rsync~!
<Jimferd> cp -a /home /storage ?
<Kyuu> Jimferd: you dont have too, but it would save alot of space now wouldnt it :D
<tdr> Jimferd, yes
<Jimferd> k
<Ginsu_Squirrel> thev: whats wrong with it
<gimmulf> but im not even in the states and i would use a similiar system preventing someone to know which server they used
<Jimferd> ahh, so -a will leave a backup on my present / but will not start at boot time, correct?
<Gnork> And how exactly wouldnt they know what adress you connected from?
<thev> Ginsu_squirrel - it tries to compile after emerge --update world, and it is missing a library, or so it claims... libpam - but I emerged pam and libpam was installed
<Ginsu_Squirrel> Gnork: with tor you bounce off so many nodes...
<Ginsu_Squirrel> thev: unless you can give specific errors...
<mbishop> Gnork: tor isn't just like some regular proxy
<mbishop> Gnork: with a proxy, logs are given up and they have your info, with tor, it's like seemlessly streamed proxies
<thev> 1 second, I'll try recompiling and give you it

<Gnork> Feel free to explain more deeply :P
<Jimferd> So I am presently cp -a ing my /music to my secret huge hard disk, /storage, with cp -a /music /storage/music
<thev> Ginsu_Squirrel - configure: error: *** libpam missing
<Jimferd> them rm -r /music
<Jimferd> then cp -a /home /music
<Ginsu_Squirrel> thev: and the pam use flag for openssh is enabled?
<Jimferd> then mount /music as /home in etc fstab.
<Jimferd> Sound about right?
<Cutriss^cooking> Hi people.
<mbishop> Gnork: didn't I make mzbot show you the link to :P
<sherpa> hi, i just finished doing an emerge -e system and it says now 53 config files in /etc need updating and 1 config file in /usr/lib/X11/xkb needs updating.... what do i do?????
<gimmulf> what if traffic aint beeing logged and servers are highly encrypted preventing something from outside to wahtch the content? Im just playing with this idea and want to know the best way to setup a anonymous service without developing an application like tor
<thev> Ginsu_Squirrel - I don't think so... I mean, I never set it
<Gnork> oh yeah
<Ginsu_Squirrel> thev: well you should check then
<thev> Ginsu_Squirrel - you mean in my make.conf, or would it be someplace else?
<Kyuu> gimmulf: is there an issue with having the users use tor to get to your system and your system using tor for its internet needs?
<goldfish> sherpa: run 'dispatch-conf' , and go through it carefully.
<Ginsu_Squirrel> thev: emerge -pv blah tells you what use flags its using
<atzanteol> I have "/dev/ttyS0" symlinked to "/dev/tts/0", and "/dev/tts/0" symlinked back to "/dev/ttyS0" using udev 079-r1. Anyone have any idea what is configured wrong? I can't use "minicom" anymore...
<Ginsu_Squirrel> atzanteol: sounds like your configs might be messed... easiest thing to do is wipe /etc/udev and reinstall udev
<Cutriss> atzanteol: Delete ttyS0
<gimmulf> Kyuu: well tor is very slow when using it for the web
<Cutriss> Then MAKEDEV ttyS0
<Ginsu_Squirrel> Cutriss: that is no solution
<Cutriss> I had this problem earlier.
<Kyuu> gimmulf: then youll not have a very anonymous system
<thev> Ginsu_Squirrel - that's the weird thing... it keeps telling me there are no ebuilds to satisfy openshh when I try to do things manually with it
<Kyuu> gimmulf: something youd have to sacrifice
<Ginsu_Squirrel> thev: there is no openshh
<thev> obviously I'm missing something basic here
<atzanteol> Ginsu_Squirrel: Hrm. I'll give it a go. If I run "udevstart" afterwards will that repopulate /dev appropriately?
<thev> net-misc/openssh-4.2_p1 ?
<Ginsu_Squirrel> atzanteol: its possible
<Cutriss> Ginsu_Squirrel - It's both steps - delete ttyS0 then MAKEDEV ttyS0 - it fixed it for me.
<Cutriss> I had the problem myself today.
<Ginsu_Squirrel> thev: just net-misc/openssh works
<thev> that's the last thing on the emerge -ptuv world list
<thev> ok, I'll try that
<atzanteol> Cutriss: But won't udev just undo that the next time I reboot?
<Cutriss> I'm using udev.
<Ginsu_Squirrel> Cutriss: and then when you reboot, it'll be back to the way it was... being scrweed up
<gimmulf> Kyuu: but if im having 1000 users connecting thru my proxy and the server is protected with the best encryption. Why wouldnt it be anonymous?
<bit`> gimmulf, Kyuu ... sounds likea topic for #tor if it exist
<gimmulf> for them
<juckes> #tor exists
<bit`> ^^
<Kyuu> bit`: i agree :D
<thev> ok, it does have +pam - but I already emerged pam
<Ginsu_Squirrel> thev: then its a bug
<gimmulf> oki, just wanted to hear some ideas on this
<gimmulf> thanks
<thev> bugs... do I kill them, become their friend? Do I eat them? Raw or well done?
<thev> sorry, that was uncalled for
<Ginsu_Squirrel> http://bugs.gentoo.rog
<Ginsu_Squirrel> org*
<thev> I just don't understand why it's trying to emerge openshh in the first place
<thev> I don't even want it
<Ginsu_Squirrel> openssh is part of the base system
<thev> bah

<thev> BAH I say
<Ginsu_Squirrel> you never ssh anywhere?
<kelan> anyone ever successfully shrink an lvm partition before? `pvresize` doesn't seem to do anything and i'm wary of using `parted` from what i've read
<Cutriss> Ginsu_Squirrel: I'm running udev, and I've rebooted many times since fixing my ttyS0 symlink. What's different about my config that's making that work for me?
<Ginsu_Squirrel> kelan: the lvm tools will never change the size of the physical partition
<Kyuu> since when did coreutils need gettext support! >_<
<thev> Ginsu_Squirrel - I have no idea what shh is... shh... don't tell anyone
<Ginsu_Squirrel> Kyuu: i've never noticed that
<mbishop> Kyuu: a while?
<Gnork> For some reason, tor sounds very laggy
<Kyuu> Ginsu_Squirrel: i just updated...
<mbishop> Kyuu: almost all the coreutils have translations
<Ginsu_Squirrel> Kyuu: the new version doesnt build for me at all
<Kyuu> Ginsu_Squirrel: yah.. im going to have to patch for it or something
<atzanteol> Ginsu_Squirrel: Ahh, thanks! Removing /etc/udev and re-emerging helped. Should have thought of that myself... :-)
<Ginsu_Squirrel> Kyuu: i dont even get that far, i get other errors
<Kyuu> Ginsu_Squirrel: mine are all gt_*
<kelan> Ginsu_Squirrel: i thought that's what pvresize was for. the manpage says "resizes PhysicalVolume which may already be in a volume group and have active logical volumes allocated on it'
<Ginsu_Squirrel> Kyuu: thats what i'm getting too.. but i dont think thats gettext
<Kyuu> Ginsu_Squirrel: namely config gettext macros
<Kyuu> Ginsu_Squirrel: yar.. what else does "gt" mean
<Ginsu_Squirrel> i dunno
<Ginsu_Squirrel> but i have a bug report for it
<antarus> Ok, I'm trying rsync some files, using basically rsync -u -r --exclude *.rst, and it excludes any .rst files in any recursive dir, but not "." any idea why?
<adamt> Ginsu_Squirrel: how come everytime i look in the channel i see you speaking? :P
<Ginsu_Squirrel> kelan: all the lvm units are have nothing to do with the physical partition
<Ginsu_Squirrel> adamt: because i'm a bored college student
<mbishop> adamt: because he never shuts up
<rommel> heh... my answer was a lot less flattering
<rommel> crap mbishop took my answer
<rommel> lol
<Kyuu> mbishop: amen
<antarus> Ginsu_Squirrel, obviously you need drive :p
<antarus> Ginsu_Squirrel, go work on something ;P
<Ginsu_Squirrel> what am i gonna work on?
<Plouj> poor Ginsu_Squirrel
<rommel> hey you could develope a personality
<en0x> someone know how I can use activex under linux?
<Plouj> work on xgl
<Ginsu_Squirrel> i dont like flashy eye candy
<Plouj> en0x: wine
<rommel> lol
<Ginsu_Squirrel> it detracts from the purpose of linux
<en0x> anything other than that?
<Plouj> Ginsu_Squirrel: Linux is multipurpose
<Ginsu_Squirrel> Plouj: right... but the eye candy still detract
<Ginsu_Squirrel> s
<rommel> Plouj, yes but what porpose should you use and when
<Kyuu> Ginsu_Squirrel: please, write a *functional* frontend for cdrecord/cdrdao/growisofs
<Ginsu_Squirrel> Kyuu: i dont burn cds
<Kyuu> Ginsu_Squirrel: then start
<Plouj> Ginsu_Squirrel: start today
<Ginsu_Squirrel> what would i put on them?
<yubimusubi> Kyuu: what's wrong with regular cdrecord?
<Plouj> knoppix
<Plouj> and gentoo
<Kyuu> yubimusubi: its a pain if you want to do cdtext
<antarus> er...k3b? :)
<yubimusubi> Kyuu: Ahhh, okay...never had a need to do cdtext
<Kyuu> yubimusubi: and getting gapless recordings requires more fun
<Kyuu> antarus: i said functional...
<Plouj> Ginsu_Squirrel: write a good avi2vob converter
<yubimusubi> Kyuu: What about xcdroast? I've used it once or twice and it seemed to work...
<Kyuu> antarus: not uber-bloat
<Plouj> one that _always_ works
<Kyuu> yubimusubi: still a pain to use and a billion deps like k3b
<Ginsu_Squirrel> Plouj: i dont burn dvd ITHER
<Plouj> Ginsu_Squirrel: write a good desktop video recorder - with better performance than xvidcap, or improve it
<yubimusubi> Kyuu: Ah, good point
<juckes> Kyuu: have you tried bashburn ?
<LiquidAir> if i wanted to compile a package with debugging info, is CFLAGS=-g emerge x; the best way?
<Ginsu_Squirrel> Plouj: boring
<Plouj> Ginsu_Squirrel: are you a gamer?
<FieldySnuts> nothing wrong with it's performance.



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