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<iwkse> ok
<Mki> though i guess you could try the r300 drivers... no idea how good they are
<iwkse> so, when i was on slackware i used the ati and i got the 3d accel
<Distro^Junkie> any way to speed up samba shares between windows share and linux ?
<iwkse> but i just heard that linux drivers aren-t bad too
<iwkse> but they can-t have 3d accell
<goldfish> ootput: shopt -s extglob && mplayer !(*commentary)
<Jester> Hey guys, I recently bought a sound blaster audigy2 zs for the hardware mixing feature to be able to play games while on teamspeak. The problem is, whenever I talk in TS, everyone hears the game music as well, even louder than my own voice (I play with headphones so the music is definitely not louder than my voice). Somehow it seems the music on my comp is redirected to my microphone. Any idea what's causing that ?
<Mki> Jester, you'll probably need to tweak the channels in alsamixer
<Adriaan_> iwske, they are fine too.. if you want to be sure, try both (not at the same time ofcourse)
<aardvaark> Is there an easy way to fix the "You are not in the portage group..." message?
<roger55> aardvaark, yes
<Mki> aardvaark, gpasswd -a username portage
<roger55> aardvaark, add the user to the portage group:
<Jester> Mki: can you give me an example of a setting that controls that in alsamixer please
<roger55> aardvaark, like Mki said

<aardvaark> My system doesn't have gpasswd yet.
<Mki> Jester, im not sure what you've got there so i cant really... play around with them?
<roger55> aardvaark, are you trying as root?
<Jester> Mki: k. thanks
<aardvaark> roger55, unfortunately, no.
<DrChandra> aardvaark: Anything you need to do with portage you should do as root.
<Distro^Junkie> DrChandra, you any good with samba for window shares ?
<Mki> DrChandra, its quite handy to run -pv as normal user
<aardvaark> DrChandra: "su: user root does not exist"
<roger55> aardvaark, what are you doing?
<aardvaark> I'm trying to emerge packages, but I can't seem to get emerge to work.
<bacardischmal> abend
<roger55> aardvaark, you can only emerge as root.
<roger55> aardvaark, and how did you manage to have no root ?
<bsdfox> aardvaark, sudo sy
<bsdfox> sudo su
<bsdfox> roger55, ubuntu does it
<DrChandra> aardvaark: YOu need to follow the handbook until you have a system that is ready to do emerges. Something is seriously wrong, because you need a root user.
<roger55> bsdfox, and ubuntu has no emerge
<bsdfox> ... o?
<bsdfox> so?
<aardvaark> DrChandra, I seriously doubt that.
<roger55> bsdfox, so something is wrong with his install
<ackro> there is a root account on ubuntu
<Distro^Junkie> bsdfox, ubuntu uses apt-get and its different then portage and emerge
<DrChandra> This is not #ubuntu.
<roger55> aardvaark, are you still on the livecd or something?
<bsdfox> haha
<bsdfox> I'm just saying it's very possible to live without root
<TheCowSaysMoo> it's still the same principle - you install packages on your system and for that you need more privileges than your daily user.
<Distro^Junkie> TheCowSaysMoo, right
<aardvaark> roger55, I'm trying out an experimental version.
<DrChandra> aardvaark: Is this a fresh install, or are you trying to use portage on another system?
<roger55> aardvaark, ugh
<Distro^Junkie> its still root no matter how you put iy
<Distro^Junkie> it*
<Mki> aardvaark, grep ^root /etc/passwd .. it that doesnt return anything, something is very wrong :P
<aardvaark> DrChandra, on another system.
<roger55> aardvaark, and what is the name of that version?
<TheCowSaysMoo> Ubuntu uses sudo to coat that fact, and some people seem confused by that. But by following the gentoo handbook you'll get a root account, NOT a sudo enabled system.
<aardvaark> roger55: gentoo/cyg
<roger55> aardvaark, url?
<DrChandra> TheCowSaysMoo: aardvaark isn't following the handbook.
<piquadrat> hi! got a little problem updating to xorg 7.0. I'm on an ati, so I only want to install 7.0, not 7.1_rc2. How can I do this? I tried to mask 7.1_rc2 in /etc/portage/package.mask, which didn't realy help... anz ideas?
<HazyNRG__> Mki: ok, my onboard card is detected... but as eth1, can i change it to eth0?
<DrChandra> Do you have to create a root account for use within cygwin?
<roger55> piquadrat, check your /etc/portage/package.unmask !
<DrChandra> ... or does it come out of the box with one?
<aardvaark> DrChandra, not that I am aware of.
<Mki> HazyNRG__, easy way would be to load the on-board card's module before the pci module, or you could use udev
<aardvaark> roger55:
<roger55> aardvaark, I'm sure you;ll understand that we cannot support every crazy idea someone comes up with on some wiki.
<aardvaark> Mki, the grep ^root instruction doesn't do anything.
<aardvaark> roger55, of course.
<Mki> aardvaark, that means there is no root account
<roger55> aardvaark, User accounts and groups it says there
<bsdfox> aardvaark, it sounds like you're a *nix noob. maybe you shouldn't be ****ing around with crazy ideas
<roger55> aardvaark, so why didn't you do what it says?
<ackro> id root?
<roger55> bsdfox, watch the language in here please.
<piquadrat> roger55: I put all the modular xorg ebuilds in package.keywords as per Do I have to put them in package.unmask?

<DrChandra> aardvaark: Look at "User accounts and groups", inthe Configuration part of that. YOu need to create accounts to support portage.
<roger55> piquadrat, no
<TomM1> has anyone tried the port of call of duty?
<aardvaark> bsdfox, spare me your garbage; I've got two gentoo systems up & and running. One of them has an uptime of 20 days.
<bsdfox> aardvaark, haha
<roger55> piquadrat, I just wanted you to verify you didn't by accident put them in package.unmask
<aardvaark> whatever.
<bsdfox> one of them has an uptime of 20 days foreal?
<Ghotcom_> Mki: svn copy <url> doesnt work, could it be another command ?
<bsdfox> I used to have a box with a 780 day uptime, but all it did is email and dns
<piquadrat> roger55> ok, now I got you :) It's in package.mask
<bsdfox> it didn't go down til the ISP went out of business
<aardvaark> DrChandra, how do you "fake a wheel group"?
<Arbiter> 780days? woow
<roger55> aardvaark, read your wiki page!
<DrChandra> bsdfox: /topic
<bsdfox> I think it was actually a couple more than that
<Mki> Ghotcom_, you tried with a directory after that? svn copy url dir
<bsdfox> what
<drphibes> thats a compile time
<_Lucretia_> anyone got the advent rdr-all card reader?
<DrChandra> aardvaark: Looks like they want you to copy the root group, and name it "wheel". This implies that Cygwin doesn't have a wheel group.
<_Lucretia_> it's usb
<Ghotcom_> Mki: a destination directory on my disk you mean ?
<Mki> Ghotcom_, yeh
<aardvaark> DrChandra, I did 'echo "portage:*:250:root,default" >> /etc/group'; is there something else?
<aardvaark> I also have 'wheel:x:10:root,portage,default'
<aardvaark> (The current user is 'default')
<DrChandra> aardvaark: Tehy also want a wheel group, and a portage user based on SYSTEM. (I'm readin the doc to you here, hint hint)
<jieryn> anyone running tomcat?
<Caster> i'm walking it
<Fieldy> jieryn: #gentoo-server maybe
<aardvaark> The first thing I did was copy the line from SYSTEM, and substitute portage. I did something similar for root and portage.
<DrChandra> aardvaark: wheel group looks good, compared to mine: wheel::10:root,normaluser
<jieryn> Fieldy: thx
<selutha> question is there an easy say to have a folder that saves the files in it in 2 diffrent places? like on on a mounted remote share and one on the local drive?
<Ghotcom_> Mki: yeah svn copy /home/ghotcom/Desktop/vanilla/
<Ghotcom_> svn: '/home/ghotcom/Desktop/vanilla' is not a working copy
<kaudio> when i do systen-config-securitelevel and i open port 22 it work but when i do whit this /iptables -A INPUT -p --dport 22 -j ACCEPT dont work i mean it dont open.... why?
<Fieldy> kaudio: try asking #iptables , too
<kaudio> ok
<nytr8> DrChandra, you from india?
<axxel> how do i shutdown the X11 server?
<NeddySeagoon> axxel, ctrl-alt-backspace
<DrChandra> axxel: /etc/init.d/xdm stop
<nicholas> ctrl-alt-backspace
<axxel> okay
<piquadrat> I got a little problem updating to xorg 7.0. I'm on an ati, so I only want to install 7.0, not 7.1_rc2. How can I do this? I tried to mask 7.1_rc2 in /etc/portage/package.mask, which didn't realy help... any ideas?
<Caster> eselect rc stop xdm
<Caster> u dont need to mask what is already masked
<Caster> u need to remove it from unmask
<marienz> piquadrat: don't use package.unmask at all.
<Mki> Ghotcom_, gah, svn checkout... not copy, sorry
<mijenix> did I need pam?
<systm> I have an x86 Live CD installer, do i need to get another for my AMD64 or will that one work?
<B-Minus> anyone running xorg 7.1 ?
<systm> i was
<systm> before :(
<Caster> by accident right
<DrChandra> piquadrat: YOu need to specifically unmask 7.0.
<systm> no really, i want to install gentoo over vista (IT SUCKS RESOURCES LIKE CRAZY)
<Caster> no u dont
<Mki> piquadrat, only emerge stuff that's ~keyworded, not hard masked and you'll get 7.0
<TomM1> systm: yep, thats what i did
<Caster> unmask it in keywords, not .unmask
<piquadrat> marienz: I don't even touch package.unmask. I use package.keywords as per
<DrChandra> piquadrat: echo "~x11-base/xorg-x11-7.0" >>/etc/portage/package.keywords
<aardvaark> DrChandra, does 'portage:*:250:root,default' seem sensible?
<systm> TomM1 do i need a special liveCD to install Gentoo, or can i use the default one?
<systm> for an AMD64
<Caster> btw there's no 7.1_rc2 in portage
<Caster> there's 7.1 final (and still hardmasked)
<TomM1> systm: Well if you have AMD64, use the AMD64 cd.



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