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<tomm1> _AxS_: join #slack-paste
<thisbullet> swany: you get those?
<_bart_> Skenvoy, ebuild `equery w udev` digest
<Skenvoy> rgr
<Skenvoy> woot
<Skenvoy> compiling
<rsk> 8)
<_bart_> nasty bigs
<_bart_> *bugs :)
<Skenvoy> well that worked
<swany> thisbullet, yes, can you paste your X error as well.
<Odd_Bloke> Aargh! Someone shoot me before I next send /list to!
<thisbullet> swany: ok
<_bart_> Skenvoy, its a nasty work around on a borked package, dont do this a lot ^^
<_kaos_> if i am running a process in the terminal and i ctrl+z it, is there a way to send the output somewhere other than the terminal when i bg it?
<thisbullet> swany: get that?

<Skenvoy> yar, compromises having the whole verification-file-size thing not wotk
<Skenvoy> *work
<_bart_> exactly
<_bart_> udev broke twice in a row now...
<FieldySnuts> I am trying to use pages with java on them in mozilla-firefox- . I remerged it with the java USE flag. Turned java on in the prefs, then go to , near the upper right click on interactive, click on the interactive button after that, then nothing happens.
<FieldySnuts> if i click on install missing plugins, java runtime environment is listed. I do have a jre installed, what gives?
<thisbullet> swany: any ideas?
<AzMoo> Hey, does anybody know a lightweight archive program (zip, gzip, bzip2, etc) that has a gui?
<_AxS_> FieldySnuts-> maybe have to set up the JRE again to get it to install the plugins properly?
<_bart_> AzMoo, gui ? why !
<Nazgul> how can I edit prefix for an ebuild? something like PREFIX = 'str' in make.conf?
<AzMoo> _bart_, because I want something to happen when I click in rox ;)
<Garibaldi> Nazgul: generally you don't
<_AxS_> AzMoo-> i think you can find a gui that will use those, but i don't think you'll find an integrated solution...
<AzMoo> _bart_, I'll probably never use it.
<FieldySnuts> Nazgul: nope. though I don't know how you do it either.
<_bart_> AzMoo, pffft... console all the way for me :)
<tek_mage> how do i change where emerge looks for ebuilds?
<swany> thisbullet, which xorg version?
<thisbullet> swany!!
<thisbullet> oh
<thisbullet> :X
<thisbullet> swany: how do i know
<thisbullet> or check
<user00265> is 130F hot for a P4?
<DrChandra> Anyone know of a way to reorder the discovery of multiple ethernet cards? I have a GigE and a dual 10-100, and I want the GigE to be eth0. Right now, all I can do is leave off driver support for the 10-100s.
<thisbullet> user00265: imho yes :D
<thisbullet> idle?
<Garibaldi> DrChandra: I think you can do it with udev
<DrChandra> With 10-100 present, the GigE winds up as eth2
<user00265> thisbullet: under load. compiling firefox.
<FieldySnuts> user00265: no
<thisbullet> user00265: nah its doing a lot of work its fine
<Nazgul> Garibaldi: FieldySnuts because i'm trying to install a kde theme, and emerge place it out of the kde i think that's the reason if kde "don't see the theme"
<user00265> and it keeps climbing... 132F
<_AxS_> AzMoo-> what gui are you using for a file manager
<Kalmairn> DrChandra: Or, load the drivers as modules and change the order of the module loading.
<thisbullet> well watch it if it hits 150 i guess
<FieldySnuts> Nazgul: i don't know anything about that
<user00265> in any case, what would be recommended to replace stock cooling with?
<thisbullet> swany: how do i tell what version
<Garibaldi> Nazgul: if that were the case, there would/should be a bug report on
<DrChandra> Kalmairn: That's probably what I'll have to do. udev doesn't control eth cards.
<thisbullet> user00265: h20 (o:
<thisbullet> h2o*
<Garibaldi> Nazgul: my guess is, however, that something else is wrong.
<user00265> thisbullet: something that doesn't drain my already dry pockets ... of cash.
<FieldySnuts> user00265: removing the thermal paste with rubbing alchohol is a good start, then use a razor blade edge to apply a very very thin layer of artic silver III or better to the die of the cpu
<thisbullet> user00265: is it a dell or something?
<FieldySnuts> user00265: that's the main thing, it's usually not needed to goof with extra fans
<user00265> FieldySnuts: arctic silver 5 is around
<FieldySnuts> fine use that. do NOT cheap out on thermal paste.
<thisbullet> user00265: its not a dell is it?
<Nazgul> Garibaldi: I see in /etc/profile.env export KDEDIRS='/usr/' and not /usr/kde/3.5/ is it wrong?
<user00265> thisbullet: oh heavens no! I built it myself.
<Garibaldi> Nazgul: no
<thisbullet> user00265: ah alrighty hehe. cuz i discovered dell's disgusting proprietary heatsinks
<user00265> 122F
<user00265> it's fighting definetely

<user00265> anyway, I'll un-mount it later on today for some thermal paste removal/application session
<FieldySnuts> user00265: you wanna hear hot? my pentium M mobile 1.86GHz in my thinkpad T43 laptop has reached 180F. and IBM says that is "high but well within design". that's under full, extended load with the fan on high.
<FieldySnuts> user00265: idles around 143F...
<Nazgul> Garibaldi: the last question: do you know any enviroments to use with latex? :)
<Garibaldi> Nazgul: kile
<_AxS_> FieldySnuts-> yeah thinkpads run super-crazy-hot...
<user00265> FieldySnuts: my GOD
<silvercat> anyone know a lot about directfb? I want to use qingy.. kernel vesafb works, but not directfb..
<FieldySnuts> yeah. i was worried at first, used to 110F or below on my SMP desktop
<Nazgul> Garibaldi: ok thank you
<FieldySnuts> 3 year warranty, if the cpu blows they get to fix it. and I keep full backups...
<_bart_> OT
<FieldySnuts> true. thanks for the reminder
<user00265> well, the computer itself uses to idle at 118F, so I guess I am safe
<FieldySnuts> user00265: it's normal for it to rise slowly over months as the moisture in the thermal paste slowly evaporates, which is why you replace it. anyway, any further hardware stuff should be talked about in #hardware or something.
<user00265> FieldySnuts: correct.
<user00265> I wonder how fast the fan is spinning though
<FieldySnuts> lm_sensors can tell you that
<user00265> yeah, I installed them... but that's another story... the voltages are all messed up
<SoulOrb> Looking for tips on setting up email. Qmail, or postfix? Require IMAP, POP3, SMTP SSL, WEBMAIL, SPAM FILTERING. Any suggestiong appreciated.
<user00265> but the temp and the RPM of the fans are OK
<FieldySnuts> yeah sometimes lm_sensors doesn't detect them correctly, it's a black art.
<user00265> CPU fan @ 3308RPM
<_AxS_> SoulOrb-> exim, spamassassin, imap, squirrelmail
<FieldySnuts> most fans are 4800RPM, but maybe yours are 3300's, not sure
<_AxS_> maybe swap imap for another daemon that does imap and pop3
<user00265> FieldySnuts: I am looking into upgrading the stock heatsink + fan
<user00265> FieldySnuts: I really dislike the heat it generates specially if I hammer the processor without mercy daily
<SoulOrb> Axs thanks. Know of any how to's?
<_AxS_> not off hand, but i'm sure gentoo-wiki can provide...
<FieldySnuts> user00265: my educated opinion is not to worry about it until it hits 150. Pentium 4's run damn hot. #hardware might know better though ok lunch time.
<_AxS_> user00265-> is this a laptop? i'd recommend getting a cooling plate for it to sit on...
<user00265> _AxS_: tower.
<_AxS_> ah, n/m.. tons of options for that
<user00265> FieldySnuts: bon appetit and thanks.
<hedpe> whenever I copied a bunch of files over from my cd-rom drive they had only read permissions, so i added write with "chmod +w *" ... but whenever i try to delete them i get "Permission denied" ... what am i missing for remove permissions? They already belong to my user:group
<dracony> where can i find virtual packages?
<dracony> i need virtual/pam
<antarus|work> dracony: emerge virtual/pam
<dracony> and i dont want to update full portage
<_AxS_> dracony-> ? you mean --sync?
<dracony> _AxS_: yes
<_AxS_> man, you gotta --sync..
<dracony> _AxS_: i just want to have virtual/pam
<lesshaste> I just patched 2.6.16-rc4 with the mm1 stuff and did genkernel all ... it says Linux Kernel 2.6.16-rc4-mm12.6.16-rc4 for x86_64...
<_AxS_> the portage tree must be kept consistent
<lesshaste> this seems like an error :)
<dracony> _AxS_: not all portage (expensive internet)
<antarus|work> dracony: so "emerge virtual/pam" if you want pam
<dracony> antarus|work: i dont have that ebuild
<dracony> antarus|work: nor a virtual package
<dracony> antarus|work: how do i get it?
<antarus|work> dracony: what does portage resolve virtual/pam to?
<tomm1> how can i clean up a ctrl-c ed emerge? i did emerge links and noticed it was grabbing x stuff so i cancelled it, is there a way to undo everything that emerge links did?
<antarus|work> dracony: emerge -pv virtual/pam should give you a real package
<_AxS_> antarus|work-> i think his portage snapshot is way out of date...
<antarus|work> _AxS_: yes I know
<dracony> antarus|work: it says that nothing can satisfy virtula/pam
<user00265> <-- pretty messed "sensors" output
<dracony> antarus|work: how do i get that virtula ebuild?
<tomm1> how can i clean up a ctrl-c ed emerge? i did emerge links and noticed it was grabbing x stuff so i cancelled it, is there a way to undo everything that emerge links did?
<_AxS_> dracony-> why not grab the latest snapshot (.tar.gz) from the mirrors and extract that? shouldn't be that big when compressed...
<tomm1> _AxS_: its about 20mb
<antarus|work> dracony: you want sys-libs/pam
<dracony> _AxS+: i dont wanrt a new portage, just an ebuild
<antarus|work> unless you aren't running linux
<dracony> antarus|work: i have sys-libs pam
<dracony> antarus|work: i need virtual/pam
<antarus|work> dracony: then emerge virtual/pam should work
<dracony> antarus|work: it doesnt understand virtual/pam
<_AxS_> dracony-> the problem is the virtual/package files require all the package files that provide them to also have entries that say they provide virtual/package
<antarus|work> dracony: then just emerge sys-libs/pam



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