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<MissActek> theklone: hdparm /dev/sda ?
<priest> hm
<theklone> MissActek: yes
<priest> i guess repeating my question won't bring more attention to my problem ;)
<_ph> srm: hm, just compile it and modprobe it, no need to reboot
<MissActek> IO_support = 0 (default 16-bit)
<TuX_BuBling> how do i modify compilation options that are not available with USE?
<MissActek> readonly = 0 (off)
<georgyo> Hey, I seem to be having trouble with setting up gub to boot linux in 1280x1024. I used the video option after the kernel option according to the amd64 handbook.... However it still boots in 800x600
<MissActek> readahead = 256 (on)
<MissActek> geometry = 19457/255/63, sectors = 160041885696, start = 0
<cahoot> _ph: might want to install it too
<Fletch> How does EPATCH_OPTS="-l" translate into a patch commandline argument?
<srm> _ph: ok, but, now i have to ask for the appropriate commands ;) cant imagine howto
<AllenJB> srm: If you build as a module from the same source tree it will only (re)compile what it needs to - it won't rebuild the whole kernel unless it has to
<_ph> srm: well, 'make menuconfig' and set your options, 'make && make modules_install install' and 'modprobe <module-name>'

<cahoot> srm: unless you did run makeclean
<SchAmane> Linux schamane 2.6.16-rc5-nitro1 #1 PREEMPT
<theklone> MissActek: hdparm -t /dev/sda
<srm> AllenJB,_ph,cahoot , thats fine thank you
<rukos> is there a way to force x to lock (require a password) after being idle for y minutes without running xscreensaver?
<MissActek> Timing buffered disk reads: 196 MB in 3.01 seconds = 65.10 MB/sec
<_ph> Fletch: if you want to 'use the source', read /usr/portage/eclass/eutils.eclass ;-)
<Fletch> _ph, just need to know specifically what that option alters in the patch commandline
<Fletch> _ph, Im not actually using gentoo
<harryman100> rukos, look into xlockmore I think it is, or maybe xlock will do what you want, not sure about their status in portage though
<theklone> MissActek: looks good to me
<TuX_BuBling> how do i modify compilation options that are not available with USE?
<harryman100> rukos, from what I remember it allows you to execute an arbitrary command at the appropriate time
<MissActek> theklone: Maybe it's something else that is slowing everything down then.
<jtp755> what is the package for firefox jre?
<_ph> Fletch: isn't it passed directly to patch?
<Breeze> How do I set which files genkernel builds in the initrd image?
<Fletch> _ph, Nope
<_ph> Fletch: try asking on #gentoo-portage, they should know
<MissActek> Should I use the Silicon Image drivers under SCSI or under ATA for my 3112 SATA chipset?
<lowesch> MissActek: probably under Low-level SCSI drivers > SATA Support
<MissActek> lowesch: And not the one under ATA at all?
<starfighter> hi, I need to emerge bluez-firmware and I am told it is masked, how can I emerge it? I am running an opteron system
<jtp755> i have blackdown jre installed but firefox wont use it
<inf3rno> `ello all. anyone out there successfully getting [working, not just enabled ;)] 3d acceleration with a radeon x600 or other new PCI-express card?
<_ph> starfighter:
<inf3rno> or, anyone well versed in setting up a correct xorg.conf? i could really use a hand customizing mine for correct support for PCI-X, as i'm running into some weird issue's i've outlined at - thanks much for any help
<lowesch> MissActek: if it is a SATA Chipset do you just need the SCSI version, if your IDE/PATA chipset is the same select it too
<MissActek> IDE chipset is different.
<georgyo> Hey, I seem to be having trouble with setting up gub to boot linux in 1280x1024. I used the video option after the kernel option according to the amd64 handbook.... However it still boots in 800x600, my grub line looks like:
<georgyo> kernel /boot/kernel-genkernel-x86_64-2.6.15-gentoo-r5 root=/dev/ram0 init=linuxrc ramdisk=8192 real_root=/dev/hda3 video=vesafb:mtrr,ywrap,1280x1024-32@85
<marienz> Ferret: attempted to join #freenode? :)
<georgyo> anyone?
<lowesch> georgyo: i didn't even know i could get fbresolutions on amd64 :)
<georgyo> I can't believe that I limited to 800x600
<lowesch> georgyo: just fire up X and it'll be fine
<Chrisid> my error when compiling kwin (i also get something like this for console)
<priest> dammit, even the things written in the bugreport don't help
<_ph> georgyo: setting vesafb is different from vesafb-tng. read on about fbsplash etc. and use vga= parameter
<starfighter> something I want to emerge (bluez-firmware) is masked by "missing keyword" I tried to list it on package keywords but it does not help (still masked) am I doing something wrong?
<Radtoo> starfighter: no, not really
<georgyo> Cool, lets see what I can do, thank you
<Radtoo> starfighter: but the ebuild doesnt have a flag for your arch... (amd64? ppc?)
<Radtoo> starfighter: This usually means that particular package doesn't work at all on your arch...
<starfighter> my arch is amd64 I guess (opteron)
<Radtoo> starfighter: If you still want to try, you can put x86 or ~x86 in /etc/portage/package.keywords, but again, it probably doesn't work
<FieldySnuts> blimey. I didn't expect a sort of spanish inquisition!
<FieldySnuts> <jarring music>
<starfighter> I do not see any indication on achitecture on the message
<SalsaDoom> FieldySnuts: welcome to freenode :D
<_ph> Radtoo: wrong. it means it hasn't been tested. -arch means it's bronek on that arch
<ericrw> hello
<Radtoo> _ph: ehm... well in practice, you dont have many -arch :)
<ericrw> anyone here know about running linux on the new intel macs?
<FieldySnuts> our two weapons are fear, open source, GPLv3... our THREE weapons, are fear, open source, GPLv3, ESR... bah our FOUR....
<SalsaDoom> ericrw: can't be done readily yet, they've got gentoo booting on it, but only in console IIRC. Soon
<starfighter> how do you specify amd64 in package.keywords?
<starfighter> lowercase?
<starfighter> uppescase?
<bssd> Answer qucik plz: dose a genkernel add I2C to the kernel by default!

<ericrw> SalsaDoom, I only need console.
<ReJ> starfighter: lowercase
<bssd> Answer qucik plz: dose a genkernel add I2C to the kernel by default!
<ericrw> and I'm not asking about readily ;-)
<bssd> Answer qucik plz: dose a genkernel add I2C to the kernel by default!
<ReJ> bssd: Depends. Normally it does not.
<SalsaDoom> ericrw: well, I don't think it was done easily yet. Still, someone made it work. I don't have any links for you though, but I imagine google has something.
<ReJ> bssd: Normally meaning on an x86 system.
<SalsaDoom> ericrw: I suppose ;D
<ericrw> SalsaDoom, I assume you don't know of an irc channel than ? :)
<SalsaDoom> ericrw: just for linux on intel macs? I don't think one exists.
<SalsaDoom> ericrw: My understand is that when it does work, it'll just be like regular x86. Only the bios is different really AFAIK
<ericrw> SalsaDoom, thats what I know as well.
<kerframil> back
<kerframil> oops, wrong window
<Ferret> marienz: Yeah, been told. :P
<Radtoo> _ph: Either way, you're right, but the difference is almost nil :)
<stjepan> why Gentoo isnt Linux Standard Base compatible? :(( Thats very bad :(
<starfighter> amd64 and x86 (with or withgout ~) are indicated as invalid atoms in package.keywords
<Radtoo> starfighter: ehm you also need the package name there - -
<starfighter> ? example?
<paq> hm.. i thought about giving gentoo a try on my new amd64 box and now see that the manual says stage1/2 install is deprecated.. will a stage3 install still recompile the whole system in the process (esp. glibc and gcc are of interest) or do i have to do anything special to achieve that?
<Radtoo> starfighter: cross-sparc-unkown-linux-gnu/binutils sparc ~sparc
<Radtoo> starfighter: only one arch is also valid, of course
<Radtoo> starfighter: (In the example I posted, its both sparc and ~sparc)
<starfighter> something like net-wireless/bluez-firmware amd64 ?
<Radtoo> starfighter: If you dont specify any arch, it's the current one's unstable arch
<ericrw> SalsaDoom, found the info. seems to work fine
<ericrw> SalsaDoom, but it does need a kernel patch
<_ph> paq: just follow the handbook and it will be ok.
<paq> _ph, will it recompile glibc and gcc?
<Radtoo> starfighter: Nope... as I said, the ebuild doesn't have anything with amd64 in its keywords
<SalsaDoom> ericrw: If I was crazy enough to spend that much on a laptop just because it has a white case I'd sure be interested in that :D
<stjepan> Do you mind that Gentoo isnt compatible enough with other distros (or other distros not compatible with Gentoo)? Gentoo is much different than other distros.
<cweilema> has anyone got the "urgent hint" to work for gaim using fluxbox?
<_ph> paq: probably yes, but anyway shouldn't make a difference, really
<ericrw> SalsaDoom, I'm getting a MacMini
<Radtoo> starfighter: That -in practice- very often means that said package doesn't work at all. But if you want to try nevertheless, you need to specify some keyword that actually exists in the ebuild
<SalsaDoom> ericrw: they're a rip off ;D
<shadow255> stjepan: it all depends what you're trying to do
<ericrw> SalsaDoom, why?
<Radtoo> starfighter: with bluez-firmware it's x86
<paq> _ph, well, i want to apply some obscure glibc patches so it does matter to me
<ericrw> SalsaDoom, they're cheap, small, and quiet.
<ericrw> (and they run OSX)
<ericrw> (if you want OSX)_
<starfighter> something like net-wireless/bluez-firmware x86 ?
<_ph> paq: to do that you'll have to use custom ebuild, and in this case you'll have to emerge that ebuild manually
<SalsaDoom> ericrw: they're not cheap, thats why. They're very expensive for how lousy the hardware is.... I don't think much of OSX (and I work in an Apple certified vendor.)
<starfighter> ok, trying
<paq> _ph, ok, but i can simply emerge glibc and this will consequently trigger a "make world"?
<kerframil> paq: the simple answer is if you use a stage3 tarball then it's up to you to rebuild glibc if needs be.
<stephelton> there any reason i shouldn't use hardened-sources on an amd64 system?
<SalsaDoom> I like the mac keyboard with the 16 function keys ;P
<paq> kerframil, thanks
<shadow255> stephelton: ask on #gentoo-amd64, better suited for your question
<stephelton> shadow255: mmmm thanks
<_ph> paq: it will only emerge glibc, it won't rebuild your world (and it would be rather 'emerge -e world')
<Agathezol> anyone know of a cmd line mailer that doesn't use sendmail?
<paq> Agathezol, "mailer" as in what?
<kerframil> paq: nothing triggers a "make world" in that fashion. common practice is to run emerge -auDN world after fiddling with USE flag settings. in this way, everything that can be updated is and packages that are subject to adjustments in USE flag policy will be rebuilt also. and yes, emerge -e world would do the lot.
<paq> kerframil, thx again, sounds good
<filleokus> Guys i have an "odd" qusetion. Im learning to edit video in linux, and how strange this might sound, i dont care about. I need free movie clips in good quality, that i can practice to edit on. any one that know a site or so..
<Agathezol> paq: something that would replace this in a script: mail -s"subject" dest@addy <<END ....END
<rabidfurby> filleokus: maybe
<paq> Agathezol, you could use qmail-inject if you're running qmail...
<Agathezol> paq: I could write a quick and dirty to do it, but if there is one in portage already that saves me time.
<paq> Agathezol, what do you want it to use instead of sendmail?
<Agathezol> paq: not running a mail server
<paq> Agathezol, so you want it to talk directly to a remote smtp?
<kerframil> that isn't sendmail - that's mail-client/mailx. why not just install it?
<Agathezol> kerframil: it uses sendmail to speak smtp
<Agathezol> paq: yes



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