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<paoleela> Hi. I have a question about artwiz fonts. I'm on KDE and so far I have my fontset about Bitstream Vera, which looks nice. Artwiz looks interesting and you fluxbox people use that more often.
<_markt> we do?
<paoleela> Some time ago when I used fluxbox a lot of flux themes were using artwiz.
<_markt> I'm still missing the question
<paoleela> Just want to know which artwiz fonts look good and readable for a desktop environment.
<_markt> why don't you just try them and see which ones you like?
<paoleela> Is there a base font a standard?
<Stalwart> paoleela: snap and anorexia
<Stalwart> i mean, they look good

<Stalwart> i use them
<paoleela> Yea maybe I just try. But it's hard to say, with fonts it's hard to decide but the comfort and feeling is hardly affected by fonts.
<paoleela> On gentoo there are these ebuilds:
<Stalwart> my comfort is provided by snap, anorexia and terminus
<paoleela> [N] media-fonts/artwiz-aleczapka-en (): Artwiz Aleczapko fonts
<paoleela> [I] media-fonts/artwiz-fonts (2.4): Artwiz Fonts
<_markt> just try them
<_markt> goodness
<paoleela> thanks, just to have a starting point.
<lack> paoleela: I think you want media-fonts/artwiz-fonts, not the other one.
<_markt> xfontsel
<paoleela> Basically gentoo has so many fonts ebuilds, hard to decide.
<Stalwart> easy
<_markt> too bad
<Stalwart> artwiz and terminus
<goldfish> emerge them all.
<tenner> yeah, ALL...this will take enough time
<Stalwart> not for 400mbit connection user ;)
<_markt> no, it won't; there really aren't that many
<paoleela> sony fonts, sun fonts, several bitstream packages, type1, ttf, ...
<tenner> is it just me or is the "i ask dumb questions instead of trying myself" day?
<_markt> half the font packages are duplicates in different sizes, anyway
<_markt> I don't know, tenner; this is my first today
<paoleela> Having all is not a question of installing. I remember a lot of years ago, then I used windows (long before) and coreldraw I took all 300 fonts and every letter or invitation I couldn't decide which font.
<_markt> paoleela: we don't care; choose a font you like; we can't tell you what you like
<tenner> one guy asked dumb questions about 1.5 hours and he didn't know anything
<_markt> the fact that you insist on making the decision harder than it is is not our problem
<paoleela> Stalwart: thanks for the hint.
<paoleela> bye
<Stalwart> o.O
<tenner> paoleela: seriously, how can other people say what you will like?
<tenner> this doesnt make sense at all

<tenner> to me (and some others) the artwiz fonts are not usuable for a term
<tenner> nor for anything else
<tenner> menu.title maybe
<tenner> besides that: you're on kde
<_markt> tenner: you're talking to yourself again
<alexmeyer> lol
<tenner> no. just no ones is responding
<alexmeyer> I am
<tenner> but i'm heard
<tenner> :)
<tenner> crap, you're right
<paoleela> In a window manager channel, design and font questions are a thing of interest. Even fonts require experience, concerning readability. I see myself switching every week.
<paoleela> It's like looking in a bad screen, after a while you don't notice anymore but feel uncomfortable:)
<_markt> no, they're not; they're never of interest because we can't tell you what you like
<_markt> if you're having technical problems with it, we can help
<paoleela> Yea but I knew in #fluxbox there are people who like artwiz, look at the subject.
<_markt> yeah, it tells you where to get them
<_markt> not whether or not you like them
<paoleela> :) ok
<_markt> would you like me to tell you where to get them?
<paoleela> emerge
<NightShadow> Hey
<NightShadow> Is it possible to use keycodes in the fluxbox hotkey file?
<goldfish> yes.
<NightShadow> And how would I accomplish this?
<_markt> with a keyboard
<NightShadow> I mean how would I tell it to respond to something like keycode 137?
<_markt> 137
<NightShadow> I expected a prefix or something
<NightShadow> Heh, thanks
<paoleela> _markt: My friend, I got a technical question:) Do I need the FontPath in xorg.conf in order to use artwiz? FontPath "/usr/share/fonts/artwiz/"
<goldfish> yes
<NightShadow> yea, that didn't work...
<_markt> I didn't have to change anything
<_markt> oh, it was already in there 8)
<tenner> might help



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