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<vanten> i can't. bloody iterm!
<CoreDump|home> I'm running fluxbox on a VGA PDA that's whiy it's important to me
<vanten> nice
<CoreDump|home> vanten: np ;)
<lack> CoreDump|home: The only related option is to turn off "Workspace warping" which at least won't make windows jump to other WSs if you pull them out of the screen.
<CoreDump|home> lack: yeah, thanks. Already turned that off
<lack> The other thing you can do is turn on snapping, which makes it less likely you'll pull a window out of the screen...
<lack> ,snap
<lack> ,snapping
<fbot> set session.screen0.edgeSnapThreshold in your ~/.fluxbox/init file and then reconfigure fluxbox
<CoreDump|home> lack: it's actually not a problem when pulling the windows. It is a problem when a window opens w/ a geometry of say 800x600 while my screen is only 640x480
<vanten> ah, now i understand your problem
<vanten> youc
<lack> You could start the app, resize it, then use fluxbox's "remember dimensions" so next time it's the proper size...
<vanten> bloody lack, you where faster :D

<CoreDump|home> lack: vanten I already did that for quite a few apps, yeah. Some apps maximize beyond the screen on startup anyway
<vanten> they shouldn't.. :/
<CoreDump|home> ;)
<CoreDump|home> if I weren't so bloody addicted to windowmakers desktop-specific docks, I'd give fluxbox a go on my notebook ;)
<vanten> do you have so that you can click any window and resize them without reachingg a corner?
<lack> I think you can do that if you use fluxbox and fbdesk...
<lack> ,fbdesk
<fbot> plops icons on your desktop, url is
<lack> Nope, that's not what I meant...
<CoreDump|home> vanten: yes alt-dragging works fine
<vanten> good, can be handy i guess :D
<derangedrobot> how do i change the background image
<derangedrobot> its like fbgset somthing
<vanten> derangedrobot: fbsetbg
<derangedrobot> i cant remember
<lack> Ah, I meant fluxspace.
<lack> ,fluxspace
<fbot> fluxspace enhances fluxbox with some new desktopmanagment capabilities, could be found
<lack> You can get it to start specific apps depending on what desktop you're on.
<CoreDump|home> lack: wow now that looks nifty
<derangedrobot> thank you vanten
<derangedrobot> does fluxbox support gtk themes
<lack> gtk has nothing to do with fluxbox.
<derangedrobot> so... no
<ak|ra> fbot: windowmanager?
<fbot> A window manager is the software that controls the placement and appearance of application windows under the X Window System, a graphical user interface on Unix systems that enables a user to interact with a number of application programs simultaneously.
<lack> Depends what you mean by "support".
<derangedrobot> can i use gtk themes on fluxbox
<ak|ra> yes
<ak|ra> since fbox doesnt care
<ak|ra> about whats going on inside the windows.
<lack> Right, your gtk theme just won't affect the titelbars.
<ak|ra> and gtk is _inside_ the windows
<derangedrobot> oh ok
<derangedrobot> thank you
<lack> ak|ra: Time to make fbot's 'windowmanager' keyword more clear, perhaps. "A window manager is in charge of moving and resizing windows, and displaying the titlebars. NOTHING ELSE. It does not affect what is inside the windows in any way"
<ak|ra> yep, maybe :)
<nocti> that's what i'm wondering about
<CoreDump|home> lack: vanten In case you are curious:
<ak|ra> nocti: what? the concept of a wm?
<ak|ra> :)
<nocti> my gnome and kde apps still look like they're in gnome/kde even if im in fluxbox
<ak|ra> nocti: yep, you didnt get the idea of a windowmanager
<vanten> ttp://
<vanten> 18:37 < ak|ra> nocti: what? the concept of a wm?ttp://
<nocti> what do i tweak to make it more uniform like the fluxbox style?
<lack> nocti: The contents of your window has to do with the WIDGET SET the app author chose to use.
<lack> Most Gnome apps use gtk, most KDE apps use qt
<CoreDump|home> vanten: your client mixes up lines...
<nocti> ak|ra, so im just basically fscked in terms of designing the apps?
<vanten> yes i know
<ak|ra> nocti: basicly kind of :)
<nocti> so i have to tweak gtk/kde then?
<vanten> should see if its a bad port of irssi, or bad terminal
<ak|ra> nocti: 2 ways: either make the widget systems look like fbox or the other way around
<ak|ra> eg: there is a kde-theme called plastik
<lack> 3rd way: Just ignore the differences :)
<ak|ra> which looks a bit like the plastik-theme of fbox.
<nocti> ok, thanks guys
<errr> CoreDump|bbl:
<nocti> heh was about to say that

<errr> that stuff drives me crazy
<errr> maybe I spend to much time on freenode, but I just dont care what people are doing or when they will be back
<CoreDump|Z> then ignore the *nick* change? Itss not like I am running some bloody script to announce that I am gone...sheesh
<errr> no
<errr> disable it
<nocti> did ion3 did that scheme to the apps or did the guy config gtk, etc
<nocti> CoreDump|Z, rules dude, you have to follow them, unless you own freenode
<CoreDump|Z> sure, because you want it, lol. Check your attitude
<errr> CoreDump|bbl: follow the advise on the wiki.
<errr> its a rule
<ak|ra> nocti: there is no gtk app on that screeny.
<nocti> oh
<errr> CoreDump|bbl: Im telling you about our rules in here.
<nocti> well how did he make it look the same?
<ak|ra> nocti: the same?
<CoreDump|Z> well, frankly I wont change a thing for one channel. fare well. Oh and your op doesnt impress me at all.
<errr> what a douche bag
<nocti> CoreDump|Z, what it means is simply respect. other people get bothered by that (must be alot including me) or they wouldn
<nocti> CoreDump|Z, what it means is simply respect. other people get bothered by that (must be alot including me) or they wouldn't have made the rule
<nocti> heh too late
<errr> his bbl nick is still here for a min
<nocti> ak|ra, i mean the colors, fonts, etc...
<nocti> am i starting to be a troll? :) just tell me ok
<nocti> i just like flux's simplicity and when i open some apps like firefox, etc it looks soo like gnome and i don't know how to change that
<ak|ra> nocti: well, a troll is somethin else.
<viktor> the terminals on the screenshots seems to be something like "aterm"
<ak|ra> nocti: well, you change that by changing the gtk-theme
<ak|ra> fbot: switch?
<fbot> To change GTK1 and GTK2 themes, you need a theme switcher. Fbot recommends gtk-chtheme, for GTK2 and switch1 for GTK1, the urls: &
<lack> nocti: Then use 'w3m' and not firefox :)
<viktor> you can change aterm/xterm/rxvt's look in .
<viktor> oops; in your $HOME/.Xdefaults
<errr> ak|ra: your hotlink solution was much nicer than mine is
<ak|ra> errr: i was thinking about writing a little howto about that :)
<nocti> ah so you config each apps appearance individually... hrm... seems like work, but i guess worth it
<ak|ra> nocti: no.
<errr> ak|ra: did you block google too?
<ak|ra> nocti: different things.
<ak|ra> errr: no, google not.
<nocti> ak|ra, i mean the toolkit...
<ak|ra> nocti: there arent so many
<ak|ra> nocti: there is gtk1 gtk2 gnome and kde
<ak|ra> and qt
<nocti> or whatever
<ak|ra> but hey :)
<nocti> ok, where does ff belong?
<ak|ra> anyway, by adjusting the look of kde and gnome i think you ll get most of the used apps.
<ak|ra> ff is gtk2
<_markt> ff is chrome
<viktor> a fluxbox related question: does anyone know an alternative to fbrun?
<_markt> it will use gtk2 or qt
<ak|ra> _markt: qt?
<_markt> viktor: use a bloody terminal
<ak|ra> _markt: how can i enabled that
<nocti> ok that's what i need :) thanks
<errr> ak|ra: here is my stuff I use
<_markt> ak|ra: I don't know
<viktor> ;-) too much overhead (xterm; bash...) for starting simple apps
<vanten> did the little pda user find a solution?
<Zan> viktor, grun?
<viktor> Zan: isn't there something built-in (into fluxbox) ?
<nocti> viktor, how slow is your box then?
<_markt> why would we include fbrun if there was something built into fluxbox?
<Zan> viktor, no, fbrun is the closest thing
<Zan> btw, evening #
<viktor> thx
<viktor> cu
<tenner> hoy Zan
<tenner> how's going?
<Zan> Boring
<Zan> Duty halfway trough
<tenner> mhh
<paoleela> Hi. I have a question about artwiz fonts. I'm on KDE and so far I have my fontset about Bitstream Vera, which looks nice. Artwiz looks interesting and you fluxbox people use that more often.



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